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Hello Dr.

I hope that you and your family are doing well! I would like to give you some good news (about my nephrotic syndrome)- my creatinine (with
high blood pressure) has gone down a lot!  Last month it was 14.1.  And now, this month, it is 13.2!  That is a good sign, right?  I am very glad for that.  And so, just to give you an update, my hematocrit and hemoglobin are back to normal now (11 and 36) - however, I am still bleeding.  The gynecologist says that my uterus wall is a little bit thickened and that is why I am still bleeding since August 4.  And now, I don't have the allergic reaction anymore - I take two of the pills that you gave me in the morning at breakfast time.  You were right - this is a good result!  I am feeling more hopeful now since I see the good progress.  I am hoping that the good progress will continue.
Also, I will tell you that I must change my days to be in China because I have to take final exams for my classes in school.  So if it's ok with you, I would like to come to China on December 22, 2005 and I can stay until Jan 5, 2005.
Thank you very much for your help Dr. Ming.  Best wishes to you and  your family.


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September 20, 2005.

Dear Dr. ís assistant,

Thank you for your e-mail it arrived last Thursday and I must say it works
very good already (as to my ALS), but it is not to drink it is terrible but it helps!!!
I am very happy with your herbal tea.

Greetings also to Mr. Ming and to you


September 22

Dear Dr.
I do my best to drink it 2 times a day and it helps very good, I going very
well. I am very glad with your medicines it is top.

Greetings   H.H.M.

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Dear Dr. ,

Today I had my monthly exam with my oncologist, Dr.  After reading my CT scan & x-rays of the bones (about my lung cancer), he was most favorably impressed with my improvement and suggested I continue doing whatever I am doing, that includes my alternative treatments & herbs.

I am most pleased to have such a positive report and hope it continues with all your help.

I am still with the "TEA" and it looks like a few more weeks.  When I am finished with it I'll let you know and we can proceed from there.

Thank you again for being part of my team to make me better,

My best,


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I would like to convey my sincere gratitude towards
the members of TCM especially Dr.Ming .

Am very grateful that you people are so prompt to your
customers (patients) than any i have communicated with
abroad so far .

At this level therefore, i pray that you continue with
this kind motherly spirit you have exhibited to me
even to other customers.

This will enhance the growth of your company as a
whole through customer loyalty .

Dr. Ming am very grateful for everything so far, infect
i feel better already.

May God bless you Dr. Ming and Company

emmy z


Dear Dr. Ming,

Thank you for your email.  It's a warm day here in Melbourne.

I received my order a few weeks ago.  The Thousand Beautiful Gestures
have been extremely successful.  I have lost weight very
quickly.  I have also given capsules to two other friends and they are
also very happy as they have lost weight too.  Now I have more people
interested in the capsules and so will place another order today for
more capsules.
Do you have anyone distributing the capsules in Australia. I ask this
because I would be interested in distributing these capsules in

The hair nourishing lotion is also very good for my mother. 

I look forward to your response.


Nice to hear from you. Hope everything is well there. I was satisfied with
the quality of the herbs and hope to contact you again when I need to find
herbs that are not locally available.
Thanks kindly for your enquiry,


Dear Dr. Ming,

I ordered T07 (One thousand best gestures weight reduction capsules) in July.  This is my second week and I have lost 11 lbs.  I am so excited.

Can you email me and let me know the instructions on how you take the pills.  I have been taking 3 pills about 15 minutes before I eat breakfast and lunch. 

Thank you for your help,



Thanks for your nice email. The weather is uncomfortably hot here as well.
In response to your query, I have been quite satisfied with your product (R13: Powerful Body-Strengthening Capsule, and am interested to continue with them. I must pace myself financially, though. In the future, I would like to try more products for unexplained hypertension for my wife.

More later,


Dr. Ming and Assistants,
   Thank you very much for your well wish and concern. I have
received my books and I'm very pleased with them. In the near future
I am hoping to purchase the rest of your books for the Distance
Learning program. I am in the process of making plans to hopefully
come to China next year to take your 10 week course on TCM.  I am
hoping that by studying these books before hand I will have a better
understanding when I arrive.    Once again thank you for your
patience we me and I am  sorry not getting back to you sooner.



thank you for your kind email. I have seen some improvement and 3
bald patches have recovered. But the tea tastes very bad and makes me
feel sick, is there any other way to take the treatment? Do I need
anymore treatments or will the improvement continue?

Thank you



I want to thank you very much for the books I ordered and your efficient and courteous service.

I was very impressed with the book on Auricular acupuncture. It was of greater value then books I have seen that cost 5 times more.

May I trouble you for some advice?

I have arthritis in my neck and a bulging disc at cervical vertebra 5 that presses against the nerve causing severe neck and head pain. What auricular points can I stimulate for relief? What body points?

Which points for general pain in the left leg?

I am looking forward to your response and will certainly recommend your web site to all.

Thank you,



Dear Dr. Ming,

I have made the annual blood test to check the liver in june. The rate of enzymes is 41 which is less than the last year and which is in fact, almost normal. ( they say the "normal" is 30)

The heavy feeling on my right side has disappeared. From time to time it pricks but it is not often. I am about to finish the second portion of capsules. Should I take more of the same or something else now?

 I was very upset with the news that apparently my youngest baby  (she will be one year old in the end of august) has got the virus during the birth. The doctor that we have consulted won't start the occidental treatment with interferon before 6 years. Still if her rate of enzymes in september rests the same like in june ( around 200) he said he would prescribe a herbal medicine for her.

Do you have adapted treatment for small chidren? If you do, is it reasonable to start it without doctor's direct observation?

I will be very grateful to receive answers to these questions.

Best regards:


Dear Dr. Ming,

I have sent the money to reorder my medicine. I hope I see some improvement. I have noticed a small improvement in my condition since taking the tea. My swallowing is a little better and the peyronies lumps have gotten a little better and the peyronies lumps have gotten a little softer. My condition is caused by scerloderma a hardning of tissue caused by vascular constriction throughout my body. Currently there is no treatment for this disease in western medicine. For now it is confined to my esophagus. I have esophagites from the acid reflux witch I am taking protonix for. I was told if it did not heal it can become precancerous at some point in time. Also it can move to other organs, heart and lung which can be fatal the key to treating this disease is to increase blood flow to the tissues and soften the collagen and disperse the hard nodules that makes up the lining of the esophagus and the tunica of the penis. I hope this helps you in adjusting my formula. If you need any more information please feel free to email me.

Hope you can help.



Thank you very much. We've tested your products and it works. In my
case, losing hair is not in the genes and tried minoxidil and did not
work. I used your medicine (
T08: Alopecia Pill )and seen some difference and it appears like
my hair is getting thick and becoming fuller. Some people at work had
recognized. I am not sure how long the treatment is going to be but at
least I know right now that it will grow back. I will keep in touch
with the development with you. Again, thank you for the discount.



Hello again, thank you for your kind letter.  The Mulberry Leaf
capsules were very helpful and I have been able to bring my blood sugar
back to normal.  My family and I will definitely contact you in the
future for all of our health needs.  Thank you very much.



Dear Dr. Ming,


(As to my leukemia, CLL) I just came back from a blood test and the white blood cell count seems to stabilized but still on a slow climb.  Do you think you need to make adjustment to the medicine or I should stay on the same medicine you gave me.


Please give me you opinion.



Best regards,


 Susana Li   

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