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 Some International Emails to Our Doctors

      is a treasure for this region, as it represents a model of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that has a potential to attract medical tourism; it could repeat itself (e.g. thru franchising) with some adjustments, in other parts of China and abroad, as a standard specializing in complex sicknesses, like ALS.

July 1st, 2017

Servais Lutz,  Switzerland.

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Attn: To all TCM staff

(Traditional Chinese Medicine) Red Star Road, Huaihua Red Cross Hospital, Huaihua City, Hunan Providence

My mother and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Professors, Doctors, Nurses, Translators, Security, Cleaners and all office staff for making our stay at the TCM Hospital a comfortable, secure and pleasant one. We believe that is all due to the great staff of TCM Hospital and the friendly people of Huaihua City.

We have never met such a genuine and welcoming group of people, like the ones at the TCM Hospital. You should all be very proud of your city and all the people which make it so welcoming.

Dr.Ming you should be very proud and thankful to all your staff at the TCM Hospital. This makes the recovery for all patients a pleasant one.

We wish you all the best in the future; keep up the great work TCM Hospital.

Best wishes,

Natasa and Aneta Stanic



Professor A/Salam Gerais

MD Frcog Flcs

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecoclogy

Faculty of Medicine- University of Khartoum

P.O. Box 102 Khartoum

Tel: 778977(office) -272600(Res)  Fax: 782786

At the airport we were met by the representative of TCM and brought us in the middle of the night to the centre when we found comfortable room. In the morning, the medical team discussed with us the program of treatment. For the whole period, it was started immediately and continued regularly for 46 days. There was about 20% improvement mainly in the limbs. The improvement would have been more if another disease was not discovered during my stay. We received good attention from all who were very kind-administrative, medical nursing, translators and other auxiliary staff.

The rooms were comfortable and cool, other facilities were very good, especially the internet. My four daughters and two grandchildren who came by turn enjoyed their stay.

It is my plan to continue treatment and come back for follow up.

Thanks for all

Prof. A/Salam Gerais



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We are from Afghanistan and we came to your hospital for my father treatment, and we are very happy from you all, from your doctors, guards, cleaners, translators and all staff in your hospital. We are happy from all and we hope your hospital will be a good and very special hospital in the treatment for every one.

Thanks. Masir Ahmad

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