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Dear Dr.Ming - dear colleague,

Kindly excuse my tardily correspondence. I was invited to a congress in France. Well - my mother will be finished the treatment in 10 days. My mother told me that her muscle (arms and legs) will be stronger and her night/daytime urination is seldom. All in all - her condition - in
particular her psyche has definitely ameliorated. Well - that´s the current state. My mother told me that she would like to continue the treatment with your herbal formula. Is it possible?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,




Dear Dr.Sabine,

Hello again. Hope you have a wonderful day. We are sure you must be busy with your great work, please take care of your rest and health. We are very happy to enquire about your recent condition.

Have your dear mother finished her treatment? If you don not mind, could you please let us know if the herbal tea treatment course works for her? How about the result? What symptoms have been improved? Hopeful it would works well for you. If you don't mind, please let us know her progress. Thanks a lot.

Looking forward to hearing from you and peace and many successes to your noble family!

Dr. Ming 



Dear Dr.Sabine,

Thank you so much for your kind email and funds transfer by your credit card. It is very kind of you! Thanks a lot! We have posted your package by air mail today. It will take one to two weeks to your country in common condition, please notice it. Once you receive the package, please let us know. Thanks! (Since this is international shipping, so in very special conditions, there is a possible delay of the post-office delivery, thanks for your understanding and kindness.)

We have made 20 even dosages for you. A piece (dosage) a day. Please decoct a dosage once per day. The concrete steps are that first, put the herbal powders in a jar or a mug with about 1000ml to 1200ml water. Soak the powders for 20 minutes. Heat the water to the boiling point with strong fire, then make the fire to be mild and decoct (i.e., simmer) the herbal powders for about 30 minutes. When the herbal powders are being decocted, please frequently stir the powders and water with a stick or a scoop so that the powders will not stick to the edges of the jar and the powders will not be burned. This is very important. When the decoction is lukewarm, please filter the decoction with the cloth we offer you. Wrap the powders with the cloth and use the power of your hands to press the cloth bag till all the decoction is filtered out and the herbal powders become dry. In this way, about 400ml to 500ml pure decoction will be got. Please take 200ml in the morning. Take another 200ml in the afternoon after making it lukewarm.

During the period of using medicine, please take care the following things. Have more nutritious foods; have a due consideration to good rest; take less pungent or fatty foods; relax the mind. If you feel the tea is too much bitter, you could put a little bit sugar into the tea.

Also when using our products, it is better not taking other medications and treatment in the meantime.

By the way, we reported it as Chinese tea and food supplements, please notice it.

Your health is very important to us. If you like, our honor to be your permanent health advisor to you, your family and friends for free.

Best wishes to you!

Dr. Ming 



Dear Dr.Sabine,

Thanks so much for your trust and precious time to let us know your health information in details which is very useful for us to go through the correct diagnosis and treatment strategy. As to your ALS, from the Chinese medicine idea, it is due to spleen qi deficiency, deficiency of the qi and blood, the muscles fail to be nourished. The treatment strategy is tonifying spleen, enriching qi, nourishing blood and increasing muscles. As to your request, we will prescribe a herbal formula and make into 40 days herbal tea for you. The general cost for the 40 days herbal tea is $280.00, we could air shipping the tea to you. Is that OK?

As to the way to transfer your kind funds to us, you could use Western Union, or check, or bank transfer, or credit card online payment, please see

Please confirm you shipping address.Thanks!

With you a greedy recovery!



record #:1729     submit time:3/8/2006 1:46:43 AM    

Name: Monika

Gender: female
Marriage: married
Child-bearing: 3 children
Age: 59
Zip Code: 4824 Gosau
Country: Austria
Height: 1,71  tall
Weight: 62  in weight
Disease Period: 1year 6month  long

slight loss of hair
runny nose
stiff neck
chest oppression
shortness of breath
severe palpitations
cold sense on the back
stiff four limbs
muscle spasm of the body
swollen and painful joints of the legs
edema of the lower limbs
aversion to cold and cold limbs
day time sweat
sweat at night
frequent waking up during sleep
thirst and like drinks
like cold drinks
frequent daytime urination
urgency in urination
yellowish urine
frequent night urination
dribbling urine after urination
60 to 80 wrist beats per minute
nervous often
overthinking often

Major Complaint:
ALS progressive muscle weakness and paralysis slurred speech
Foods: I like everything (hot and spicy; soups, cheese, sausage). No smoke. Hobby: Needlework.
Laboratory Check:
haemogram: normal liver enzyme blood levels: not elevated Serum creatinine (0,58 mg/dl): norm.<1,10 uric acid (4,4 mg/dl): norm. 2,5-5,7 erythrocyte sedimentation rate: 3/8
Other Diseases:
Rilutek - no side effects
herbal tea for 40 days 



Dear Sabine,

Hello again. How are you doing these days? Hope everything is going well to you. What about your mother's health condition now? Please take care of your rest and health.

We are very sorry to disturb you. Are you ready to try our herbal tea for your mother's ALS? Thanks.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon and best wishes!

Dr. Ming 



Dear Sabine,

Thanks so much for your kind email. We know your mother's ALS. Hopefully, we could help her well. We could prescribe a herbal formula and make it into 20 days herbal tea for her to try the result. The herbal tea is $140.00 in all, we could air ship the herbal tea to you.

If you do not mind, please send us your mother's health information by reading and ticking off the items of patient form. Once we receive her health information, we will prescribe a proper herbal formula and make it into 20 days herbal tea for her timely. Is that OK?  or

Please confirm your shipping address, so that we could post the herbal tea to you directly and timely. Thanks.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon and best wishes!

Dr. Ming

To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 5:09 PM
Subject: ALS


My mother has been diagnosed with ALS - one year ago. The diagnosis was confirmed by another hospital (university). Since the last 6 months ALS is progressing very fast. Her symptoms are: progressive muscle weakness and paralysis (arms and legs) and slurred speech.
Currently she is treated with Rilutek. As self-medication she takes vitamins and nutritional supplements.

My mother lives in a little village in Austria and she is not able to come to your hospital.

My question: is it possible to buy your Herbal Tea?

I hope you can help us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon



Based upon our very successful help to many ALS patients, ALS is now one of the significant focuses of our hospital.


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