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Zun Jing de Lai Bin Men, Nin Men Hao.

Welcome honoured guests. Today marks a very special occasion.

Thank you to Dr. Ming for choosing me to represent the patients of this new hospital. It is thanks to you, your family members, the doctors, the translators and all of the hardworking staff that have made this hospital a success.

We have witnessed the tireless work and effort during the past month. When we visited here in July, we were hesitant to believe that the hospital could be ready, but it was. We have seen the hard work of the Chinese to make this building possible. With the opening of this world-class facility, we are one step closer to bringing the power of TCM to the world.

As a patient with ALS, a disease that is otherwise untreatable, this hospital is a chance for hope, a chance for survival and a chance for healing. It was difficult to take the leap to come to a foreign country for these treatments. As international friends, we have already crossed many obstacles in our journey to this place. We have travelled great distances, some of us bringing family members with us. But for all of us, this journey has been a benefit. It is wonderful to experience the diverse culture of the Chinese nation. We are surrounded here by great beauty. I look around and enjoy the view of the mountains and the peaceful countryside. Listen to the sounds of the birds and insects around us. Gone is the noise of the big city, and this has made this place so much better for a relaxing experience.

The patients here have come to this hospital for healing, where no other existed for them anyplace else. And we are staying here because we are experiencing success. I was not able to pick up a heavy object with this hand before I arrived or to walk gracefully and now I have gained my strength back. Some of us have been here more than once, and that alone shows our faith in the effectiveness of TCM. We come from many different backgrounds but we are here together as a family in healing. I brought my husband and young children with me and the staff have embraced my family, we feel very cared for here. I have made new friends that are Chinese, and some from other countries. I expect that these friendships will last a long time.  

Dr. Ming has a great dream to help others, to help those in need.  As a businessman, he is also helping the growing city of Zhongfang, as the hospital will bring prosperity to people in this city. It will be a centre for working and healing for the local residents as well.

This hospital begins a new era of sharing information, to bring the wisdom of TCM to the rest of the world. This is also a great opportunity for teaching, to spread the knowledge of TCM to others so that many people worldwide will learn about the value of this ancient Chinese art.

We, the patients, feel very fortunate to be the first international friends to this hospital. It is my hope that we can help to spread the word about this amazing facility and that many more people will benefit from their treatments here. I am happy to say that we are in China.

Thank you to everyone for making our experience here a good one, we will treasure the memories forever.



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