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Record of Herbal Treatment Of Ruben from Sweden Improvement Of  MS



Brief Summary: On 17th Sep. 2009, Ruben from Sweden, who has suffered from MS, accompanied with the weakness of two lower limbs, urinary incontinence, tinnitus and poor vision for 13 years, was hospitalized in our hospital. He has achieved significant improvement after 33 days TCM treatment here.


Record of Hospitalization

Name: Ruben                                                                                                       Birthplace: Sweden

Sex: Male                                                                                                             Profession: Business man

Age: 49                                                                                                                Date of Admission: Sep 17, 2009

Nationality: Sweden                                                                                            Date of Record: Sep 17, 2009

Marital Status: Married                                                                                      Onset Season: Great Cold

Complainer: The patient himself


First Medical Record

Date: Sep. 17, 2009                                      Time: 19: 00 p. m.

Ruben, a 49-year-old man, has suffered from MS, accompanied with the weakness of two lower limbs, urinary incontinence, tinnitus and poor vision for 13 years, was hospitalized in our hospital on Sep. 172009.

Essentials for Diagnosis:

1. The patient has suffered from the urinary incontinence and the weakness of two lower limbs for 13 years, and has no ability to walk for 5 years.

2. In Sep. 2009, the patient began to feel the weakness of the lower limbs, urinary incontinence and vague vision. So he went to the local hospital for examination. He was examined by MRI at the local hospital (name unknown) and diagnosed as MS. The doctor told him there was no medical treatment but gave him interferon injection, twice per week and without other solution. After two months, he did not get much improvement. In 2004, the condition became worse with the weakness of two lower limbs and at the same time he had spasms of the muscles. He could not walk, so he stayed on the wheelchair. In order to search for further comprehensive treatment, the patient came to our hospital at 19:00 p.m. on Sep. 17, 2009. Since he suffered from this disease, his spirit and appetite were not good. 

3. T 36.7, P 88 times/minute, R 20 times/minute, BP 135/80mmHg.

4. He grew normally with common nutrition. His mind was clear. He had an expression of chronic illness and tiredness. His body was in a positive posture and he was cooperative with clear mind.

5. No thoracic deformity. Sound of breath was bilaterally normal on auscultation. No sound of pleural friction. Heart border was normal. Heart beat was 88 times/minute. Cardiac rhythm was regular. No pathological murmurs on auscultation.

6. The vision is reduced. He had tinnitus, urinary incontinence, and weakness of the two lower limbs. He had spasms of the lower limbs muscles. He could not walk and stayed on the wheelchair. The two lower limbs myodynamia level is of two degree.

7. Accessory examination: none.

Diagnostic Basis:

TCM: The patient has suffered from the weakness of two lower limbs, urinary incontinence for 13 years. Besides he could not walk by himself for 5 years. Liquid-blood depletion, deprived nourishment of the sinews and vessels are the main symptoms of this disease. Liver-kidney depletion, liquid-blood could not provide enough nutrition to sinews. The waist is the house of the kidneys, the kidneys govern the bones. Lack of the essence causes the limp waist and knees. Liquid-blood depletion causes the tinnitus, dizziness. The tongue is small and thin. Pulse is weak. So he was diagnosed with MS.

Western Medicine: The patient has suffered from the weakness of two lower limbs, urinary incontinence, besides he could not walk for 5 years. He had spasm of the two lower limbs muscular. He has reduced vision, tinnitus, two-degree myodynamia of two lower limbs. In 1996, he was diagnosed with MS by his local hospital.

Diagnostic Differentiation:

TCM: The patient's wilting pattern should be differentiated from impediment pattern. Wilting pattern is mainly characterized by limp, weak, and emaciated limbs with the numbness of the muscles. But the patient usually has no joint pains. On the contrary, impediment pattern is generally characterized by the joint pains. So they are not difficult to be distinguished.

Western Medicine: The patients MS should be differentiated from neuromyelitis optica. The symptoms of neuromyrlitis optica are limited to the lesion parts of the optic nerve and spinal cord. There are no symptoms of cranial nerve palsy, nystagmus, language disorders, ataxia, etc. So they are not difficult to be distinguished.

First Diagnosis:

TCM diagnosis: Wilting pattern

Symptom identification: Liver-kidney yin vacuity, obstruction of qi and blood .

Western Medicine diagnosis: MS

Plans for treatment strategy and nursing:

1. Routine care of traditional Chinese internal medicine.

2. Grade II care.

3. Accompanied by assistants.

4. Low-fat and high-protein diet.

5. TCM treatment strategy: Fortify the spleen and boost the kidneys, move qi and supplement the blood.

6. Herbal tea: one dosage a day and drink twice.

7. Acupuncture and massage: once a day.

8. Supplement each examination for admission.


Date: Sep. 18, 2009                                       Time: 11:00 a.m.

The patient had suffered the weakness of two lower limbs and urinary incontinence for 13 years. Besides he could not walk for 5 years. He needed the wheelchair to help him move the body. He had reduced vision and tinnitus, spasms on the thigh and limbs. He suffered a lot from this, liver-kidney yin vacuity. So he needed to enrich the liver and kidneys, and move qi and supplement the blood. So was given two special prescriptions. 4 dosages in total.


Date: Sep. 22, 2009                                      Time: 10:00

The patient's urinary incontinence had improved. In the night, he had no urinary incontinence and he can control urination for two or there times. During the daytime, the times of urinary incontinence also became less. But he still had the weakness of his two lower limbs. According to his latest symptoms, the prescription changed a little. 5 dosages in total.


Date: Sep. 27. 2009                                  Time: 10:00

The phenomenon of urinary incontinence had got obvious improvement. The patient can control the urination by himself during the night. Besides, he can stand up for twice to three times everyday with the help of holding up something. For each time he could insisted on there to five minutes. He still felt the weakness of lower limbs. So our expert team changed the prescription a little. 4 dosages in total.


Date: Oct. 1, 2009                                   Time: 10:00

The patient could control the urination. Urinary incontinence disappeared. The prescription was the same. To consolidate the effect he had 5 dosages in total.


Date: Oct. 6, 2009                                   Time: 10:00

The patient's symptoms were the same as before. Insecurity of kidney qi, our expert added sha fei zi 15g to the prescription. 5 dosages in total.    


Date: Oct. 11, 2009                                   Time: 10:00

There was no symptom of urinary incontinence. The muscular jumpings of the two lower limbs had got obviously improvement. The color of tongue is dark red. Based on the original prescription, our experts added some other herbs in it, such as, mugua (chaenoomeles) 10g, honghua (carthamus) 15g, huai niuxi (achyranthes) 10g, etc.


Date: Oct. 16, 2009                                    Time: 10:00

The patient's condition was stable. The weakness of the lower limbs was further improved. The patient could keep his legs for five to ten minutes. Based on the formal prescription, our expert added another one kind of herb in it.


 Date: Oct. 20, 2009                                    Time: 10:00

The patient has got obvious progress after treated by our experts for 33 days. He has no urinary incontinence. The phenomenon of muscular jumpings disappeared. The strength of the lower limbs has become stronger than before. So he decided to leave our hospital and go back to his own country.


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