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Improvement of MS for Maddy from Australia in Our Hospital, Huaihua, China. 









Visitor: Hi I am Maddy's Father and I was just looking at the website , Maddy is at the clinic getting treatment for MS
tcmtreat: Hello, the father of Maddy, this is Dr. Ming
Visitor: Dr Ming how are you I am so very happy with what you are doing for Maddy
tcmtreat: congratulations that you become the first one who chat with our system, since only this afternoon this system has been established in some pages of our site
tcmtreat: Our pleasure to be of help to your lovely daughter
Visitor: Another great honour that your hospital has given me, Mary is now on her way back to Australia and I will meet her in the morning
tcmtreat: Yes, Mary leave for Australia this morning, she is very much kind
Visitor: You and all your kind caring staff have worked a miracle with Maddy and I wont to tell evrybody I know
tcmtreat: thanks, this is our job
Visitor: I am sure Mary will be telling everybody how wonderful you all are
Visitor: And you are so very very good at your job
tcmtreat: thanks. May I have your name, please
Visitor: It is David Clark Maddy's Father and Mary's brother-in-law
Visitor: I must go now but I can only thank you once again for all you are doing for my daughter - good night
tcmtreat: Yes, I can remember as David since Maddy invited us to dinner last evening and I make the joke that many thanks to you since you pay
tcmtreat: Ok, I will take care of Maddy and will report her progress to you
tcmtreat: bye bye
Visitor: It is my great pleasure and I hope very soon you can come to Australia as my guest
tcmtreat: sure, sir
Visitor: I will speak tomorrow with Mary and I know one day soon we will have you in Australia
tcmtreat: thanks, my honor to visit your beautiful country and do something for the people that need our assistance for health
Visitor: You can help so many people in Perth Western Australia and they must know about you and the help you can give
tcmtreat: Ok, see you David
Visitor: Good Night my good friend Dr Ming
Visitor: I truly look forward to meeting you soon
tcmtreat: bye, good friend

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