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Process to Attend Our Hospital and Costs for Our International Students






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The process of application for our international students is as follows:

1. Please email us one or two weeks earlier than the date on which you will come to our hospital.

2. It will take one or two days for us to check your application information after the application is received, and our staff will review your information. If the study program is available to you, we will respond to you.

3. Based upon your information of application, our staff will send you the invitation letter by email, so that you could get a three months or six months visa of L type or X type from Chinese embassy in your country. (L means tourism; X means study).

4. After you get your visa, you could leave your country for our hospital. Zhongfang is located in Huaihua City, West Hunan province, mid-south China, close to the internationally famous and beautiful tourist sites, Guilin and Zhangjiajie. As to how to come here, please check here.

Note: Administrative Measures About Formal InvitationLetter of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital

Almost all of our international students are excited to find that the costs for them to study and live in our hospital are favorable and affordable. The major costs that our hospital charge from our international students consist of three parts, i.e., Tuition Fee, Room Fee, and other small costs.

A. The first part of cost for you is tuition fee. It is decided by the time period and how many students come together in a group. The following tuition report form is for the time period below three months. As to the tuition fee for more than three months study program, it is lower than the standard below, please contact us for the price report. Thanks.

How many persons

Tuition fee in US$, for instance

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks











Three to Five





Six to Ten





Above Eleven





W* represents the amount of weeks that your study here.

For study here, four weeks make one month, five days a week, four hours a day.

B. The second part of costs is room fee, two kinds of rooms are available.

30 square meters, US$25.00 per day.

45 square meters, US$33.00 per day.

Each room has bed, air conditioner, color TV, washing room, Internet cable. For your security, please live in our hospital. You are not allowed live outside.

C. The third part, other various small costs we charge, including costs for textbooks, police office registration, daily life assistance, etc. The general cost in this item is below US$300.00 in all in a common condition.

D. The food will be covered by yourself. Most of our students like to cook by themselves in our public kitchens for free. We take them to supermarkets to buy things they want and they come back to cook here. If the student likes to order food here from our school¨s cook, please let our translator know one day in advance. Our translator will order meals for you.

E. Phone in the room: When you arrive, you will need to deposit RMB700.00 to make it work.

F. Service for washing clothes: Laundry by machine RMB5.00-20.00/piece; common cleaning by hands RMB20.00 (1-10 pieces).

G. Payment here is in US dollars or Chinese currency. You could pay us either by bank transfer, or Western Union or cashing through our local ATM's by your credit card, US cash or Chinese cash directly. Please do not take traveler's check which is inconvenient to cash here. Our local branches of Bank Of China will help you to conveniently take your money out by credit cards such as Visa Card and MasterCard.

H: Insurance: Even though China is a very safe country in the world, before travelling to our hospital, any friend is advised to purchase trip insurance in your city for your security. Since in China we are not able to buy this kind of insurance for you. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.  


Note: For the students coming from non-developed countries will get another 10% discount.

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