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Administrative Measures About Formal Invitation Letter









Administrative Measures About Formal Invitation Letter of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital


Dear foreign friends, patients and students, greeting!

     In order to strictly adhere to foreign administrative measures and laws of Chinese government, to prevent illegal stay (detention) in China, we fixed the Administrative Measures of Formal Invitation Letter below. Please read carefully and ensure to be full compliance with it below.

1.     Before your arrival, please offer us your detailed personal information including occupation, age, aim for the trip here for treatment or study and how long will you stay here.

2. Before your arrival, please deposit US $3000-US $5000 as credit deposit for your smooth departure from China within confirmed date.

3. Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital will fully refund the credit deposit on the basis of collecting scan of stamped departure page on visa after you leave the Chinese customs.

4. The foreign friends have to mail back the original invitation letter to Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital in case they can not manage the trip here successfully for some special reasons.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding in advance!


                                                                           Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital

                                    March 1st, 2014.



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