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Many friends and students in the world are interested in Chinese medicine now, but unfortunately, their time schedules or financial budgets have prevented them from coming here to learn TCM for a number of years or months. Therefore we encourage you to learn by yourself at home. We offer you English textbooks, A01 to A13 published by Shanghai TCM University Press. If there is any puzzle when you learn these books, you can consult with our teachers. After you finish all the books, you could apply to take our distant test, then we will give you a certificate after you pass the test. If you wish to attend our distant program, the cost for the distant program is $980.00, including the textbooks fee, consulting fee, test fee and certificate fee.

Also you can come to our hospital to attend the short term training program to improve both your theoretical and clinical knowledge if you have time after you finish studying these books.

Hope more people in the world to know more about traditional Chinese medicine.








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