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Z01:   One Plucking Openness Cupping Apparatus


Six plastic cups and a manipulating shaft.


Expelling internal evils such as wind, cold, damp, heat, toxin. Opening qi and blood, dredging channels, adjusting balance between yin and yang. Promoting metabolism, making the spirit vigorous, improving the functions of the immune system. Reducing hyperlipmia, high blood sugar to prevent conditions caused by these factors. Eliminating fatigue and refreshing physical strength.


1. Safe without the possibility of being scorched since the conventional cupping apparatus uses fire while this instrument acts by vacuum gas drawing.

2. Self-manipulating, easy to manipulate.

3. Adjustable negative pressure in the cup.

4. No any side effects.


This cupping instrument can be used to treat neurasthenia, scapulohumeral periarhritis, sequla of cerebral thrombosis, bronchitis, arthritis, cervical vertebra disease, hypertension, skin problems, rheumatism, asthma, insomnia, sciatica, pains, obesity, prostatitis, chronic lumbar muscle strain, etc.


Beijing Faming Kangtai Medical Instrument CO., LTD.


US$14.37/100 needles    

Z03: Single Use Acupuncture Needle 




Z04: Moxa Roll

Functions and Indications:

It is mainly used to warm the channels and free the network channels, boost qi and quicken the blood, relieve the inflammations, improve the local circulation, adjust the liquids, strengthen the immunity, enhance the ability of preventing various diseases. It is good at omarthritis, strain of lumbar muscles, lumbus and legs pain, hyperosteogeny, stomach duct cold pain, cough, facial paralysis, dysmenorrhea.


Burn an end of the moxibustion pole, directing to the region where should be treated, about 1.5cm to 3cm away from the skin. If the patient does not feel hot, the distance can be shortened and vice versa. Last for one to two minutes, the skin could become hot gradually, and then manipulate the moxibustion pole in the pecking way like a bird, close and away, for about three to five minutes, to make the patient feel hot inside the local skin but not much too hot. After the manipulation, the patient should lie flat for a while so that the herbal ingredients could flow over the body to cure the disease.


1. The patients in the situations of drunken, great anger, great surprise or fear, tiredness

and fullness mustn¨t apply it.

2. Those who are allergic to it should not use it.

3. Be careful when applying it, in order not to burn the skin. 

4. The pregnant women should follow the doctor¨s advice before applying it.


18 mm 〜200 mm 〜10 ampoules


Nanyang Chinese Medical Moxa CO., LTD.



Z05: Bamboo Cupping Jars


Can be seen above like the plastic cupping apparatus. A packet includes three cups.


three bamboo cups/packet


Suzhou Huanqiu Acupuncture Medical Appliance CO., LTD.



Z06: Acupuncture Hanging Chart 

This set of hanging chart has three pictures. The 12 major channels and the acu-points are included. It is in English and Chinese.



Z07: Acupuncture Total Body Model (In Chinese)

This model indicates most of the major acu-points of the human body. It is in Chinese language and made of plastic material. It is 50 centimeters in height.



Z08: Ear Model Of Acupuncture Points 

Ear acu-ponits are indicated in both English and Chinese. It is 12.50 centimeters in length.



Z09: Foot Model Of Acupuncture Points 

Foot acu-ponits are indicated in both English and Chinese. It is 15 centimeters in length.



Z10: Hand Model Of Acupuncture Points 

Hand acu-ponits are indicated in both English and Chinese. It is 12.50 centimeters in length.


Z12: Acupuncture Needle Bag

This small bag is convenient to take anywhere, ready for use. A set of acupuncture needles with different lengths are included in this bag. 



Z13: Acupoints Measuring Paper Plate (In Chinese)

This plate is used to calculate and measure the acupoint according to the theory of channel qi circulation. It is in Chinese language.

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