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Units   A01  Agastache Right-Qi Pill    US$8.08

Units    A02   Common Cold Tablet   US$6.45

Units    A03   Wang Lao Ji Cool Tea Granule   US$8.76

Units   A06   Mulberry Ginger Common Cold Tablet  US$6.64

Units    A07  Agastache Right-Oi Capsule  US$7.27

Units    A08  Honeysuckle Forsythia Toxin-Resolving Tablet  US$8.10

Units    A09: Andrographis Lactones Dripping Pill US$19.45

Units    A10: Agastache Summer-Heat Clearing Soft Capsule US$14.75

Units    A11: Inflammation-Reducing King Tablet  US$17.85

Units    A12: Influenza Pill  US$15.40

Units    A13: Forsythia Granule US$20.85

Units    A14: Anti-Flu Toxin-Resolving Granule  US$19.78

Units    A15: Common Cold Heat-Clearing Granule  US$19.58

Units    A16: Common Cold Cough-Suppressing Granule  US$19.45

Units    A17: Minor Bupleurum Granule  US$12.21

Units    A18: Dragon-Tiger Brand Heat-Cooling Pill  US$40.00

Units   B01   Inflammation Must Be Eliminated Capsule   US$17.02

Units   B02   Fire-Clearing Gardenia Ophiopogon Tablet    US$12.55

Units   B03   Jade Leaf Fire-Clearing Tablet   US$14.34

Units   B04   Bovine Bezoar Heat-Clearing Pill   US$15.57

Units   B05   Dandelion Soluble Preparation   US$18.76

Units   B06   Three Gold Jade Leaf Toxin-Resolving Granule   US$14.93

Units   B07   Isatis Sucking Tablet    US$9.06

Units   B08   Multiple-Ingredients Scutellaria Tablet     US$17.60

Units   B09   Multiple Dandelion Tablet    US$16.48

Units   B10   Once Clearing-Up Capsule  US$17.99

Units   B11   Multiple-Ingrients Isatis Granule   US$16.70

Units   B12   Auti-Virus Granule   US$17.00 

Units   B13   Dandelion Tablet   US$16.50

Units   B14   Lonicera Sucking Tablet US$17.85

Units   B15   Honeysuckle Granule US$19.45

Units   B16   Multiple-Ingredients Sarcandra Sucking Tablet US$14.75

Units   B17   Bovine Bezoar Toxin-Resolving Tablet US$10.05

Units   B18   Throat-Clearing Granule US$20.12

Units   B19   Throat-Clearing Pharynx-Disinhibiting Granule US$23.85

Units   B20  Three-Yellow Tablet US$10.45

Units   B21  Huatuo Pharynx-Clearing Tablet  US$15.75

Units   B22   Borneol And Borax Powder US$18.65

Units   C01   Mango Cough-Checking Tablet    US$14.34

Units   C02    Cough-Checking Pomelo Granule   US$22.60

Units   C03   Lung-Healing Formula    US$24.61

Units   C05   Poria Cinnamon Conghing Panting Calming Capsule    US$22.40

Units   C06    Cordyceps Fritillaria Cough-Stopping Gel   US$18.50

Units   C08    Lung Benefiting Capsule   US$21.75

Units   C09    Smoking Giving Up Efficacious Water   US$17.54

Units   C10   Common Cold Coughing Granule   US$17.50

Units   C11   Huanhuncao Granule    US$18.64

Units   C12   Drinking Friends Alcohol-Resolving Crystal   US$12.18

Units   C14    Lung Benifiting Tablet  US$18.79

Units   C15  Throat Inflammation Tablet  US$15.36

Units   C16   Ten Ingredients Gentian Flower Capsules  US$14.50

Units   C17   Phlegm-Cough-Cleansing Powder  US$11.50

Units   C19   Man Yan Shu Ning Herb Candy   US$ 15.65

Units   C20   Cordyceps Fritillaria Loquat Voice-Moistening Tablets   US$16.45

Units   C21   Lung Clearing Capsule  US$32.58

Units   C22   Root-securing Cough and Panting Capsule   US$18.15

Units   C23   Platycodon Coughing-Relieving Capsule

Units   D01    Spleen Nourishing Pill   US$14.67

Units   D02    Ass Hide Glue Blood-Supplementing Granule  US$22.00

Units   D03   Ten Complete Ingredients Great Nourishing Pill   US$13.60

Units   D04   Sanguisorba White-Blood-Cell-Increasing Tablet  US$17.51

Units   D05   Blood Producing  Capsule  US$26.00 

Units   D06   Golden Chicken Strongly Tonifying Pill US$18.20

Units   D07    Brain Working Element Capsule   US$18.95

Units   D08   Spleen-Fortifying Blood-Supplementing Granule   US$16.50

Units   E01   Ginseng Spleen-Invigorating Bolus  US$17.85

Units   E02   Wuling Capsule  US$21.75

Units   E03   Seven Leaves Spirit Calmness Tablet US$14.71

Units   E04   Spirit-Calming Capsule    US$18.75

Units   E05   Depression-Resolving Spirit-Calming Soluble Preparation  US$17.60

Units   E06   Anti-Brain-Weakening Capsule   US$22.08

Units   E08   QGA Spirit-Calming Heart-Tonifying Tablet  US$12.40

Units   E09   Sleep Comfortability Capsule  US$25.87

Units   E11   Spiny Jujube Kernel Spirit-Quieting Capsule  US$22.75

Units   E12   Brain-Supplementing Spirit-Quieting Tablet  US$21.35

Units   E13   Ginseng Longan Velvet Deerhorn Pill US$25.48

Units   F01   Ginseng Astragalus Sugar-Lowering Capsule    US$16.00

Units  F02   Sugar Urine Pleasure Capsule    US$18.52

Units   F03   Diabetes Disappearing Efficacious Capsule    US$19.76

Units   F04   Sugar-Reducing Efficacious Capsule    US$18.07

Units   F05   Sugar-Reducing Capsule   US$13.60

Units   F06   Fat-Reducing Effective Tablet    US$17.95

Units   F07   Jingzhu Fat-Lowering Toxin-Expelling Capsule  US$52.00

Units   F08   Sugar Vessel Comfort Granule   US$15.08

Units   F10   Fat-Reducing Slimming Tablet  US$18.65

Units   F11   Fetid Cassia Fat-Reducing Tablet  US$20.68

Units   F12   Sugar-Lowering Pill

Units   G01   Stomach-Fortifying Food-Digesting Tablet    US$14.46

Units   G02   Sausurian Qi-Smoothing Pill   US$12.10

Units   G03   Mo Luo Elixir   US$17.57

Units   G04   Wei-Tai¡°999¡±Capsule   US$16.43

Units   G05   Ulcer Formula Capsule   US$18.30

Units   G06   Six Ingredients Sausurean Capsule    US$17.97

Units   G07   Stomachache Calmness Tablet    US$21.82

Units   G08   Original Harmony Stomach-Adjusting Tablet    US$17.97

Units   G09   Stomach-Fortifying Ulcer-Healing Tablet    US$19.00

Units   G10   Stomach Recovery Capsule    US$19.76

Units   G11   Stomach-Warming Comfortability Granule    US$18.26

Units   G12   Stomach-Nourishing Comfortability Capsules    US$17.54

Units   G13   Stomach Peace Calmness Granule    US$21.52

Units   G14   Stomach Benefiting Capsule    US$19.90

Units   G15   Appetite-Promoting Food-Digesting Tablet  US$14.23

Units   G16   Stomach Efficacious Granule   US$22.00

Units   G17   Sausurean Amomum Stomach Nourishing Pill    US$16.50

Units   G18   Stomach Peace Capsule   US$13.87

Units   G19   Stomach Recovery Capsule   US$17.60

Units   G20   Stomach-Calming Tablet   US$14.35

Units   G21   Harmony-Preserving Pill  US$17.85

Units   H01   Hepatitis-B Rightness-Supporting Capsule   US$14.46

Units   H02   Leisurely Carefree Pill    US$16.43

Units   H03   Gallstone Opening Capsule  US$15.84

Units   H04   Hepatitis-B Calmness Granule   US$18.11

Units   H05  Gentian Liver-Discharging Capsule    $18.56

Units   H06  Gentian Liver-Discharging Granule   US$22.00

Units   H07   Inflammation-Resolving Gall-Bladder-Excreting Tablet   US$12.14

Units   H08   Gall-Bladder Comfortability Capsule   US$18.67

Units   H09   Gall-Smoothening Stone-Expelling Tablet   US$19.78

Units   H10   Multiple Formula Gall-Opening Capsule   US$13.68

Units   H11   Hepatitis B Toxin-Resolving Capsule   US$14.60

Units   H12   Liver Calmness Comfortability Capsule   US$52.00

Units   H13    Hepatitis-B Toxin-Resolving Capsule   US$14.60

Units   H14  Liver-Protecting Tablet  US$18.50

Units   H15  Liver-Soothing Stomach-Pacifying Pill US$20.18

Units   H16  Liver-Recovering Capsule  $21.45

Units   I01   Intestine-Recovering Tablet   US$17.28

Units   I02   Intestine-Stomach Tranquilizing Capsule   US$18.91

Units   I04   Bowel Loosening Capsule   US$17.28

Units   I05   Colitis Pills   US$17.57

Units   I06   Hemp Seed Pill    US$13.12

Units   I07   Intestines Clearance Tea   US$22.35

Units   I08   Diarrhea Stopping Capsule    US$14.34

Units   I09   Sterculia Sucking Tablet    US$14.15

Units   I10   Root-Securing Intestine-Boosting Tablet   US$20.50

Units   I11   Abdomen-Calming Tablet   US$15.80

Units   I12   Six Ingredients Saussurea and Coptis Capsule   US$17.80

Units   I13   Multiple-Ingredients Coptis Tablet   US$14.68

Units   I14   Multi-Ingredients Bitter Wood Anti-Inflammation Capsule  US$15.35

Units   I15   Intestines-Moistening Pill  US$16.28

Units   J01   Baby's Especially Effective Pill    US$12.55

Units   J02   Children's Phlegm-Transforming Cough-Checking Soluble Preparation   US$17.72

Units   J03   Baby's One Plaster Efficacy    US$14.61

Units   J04   Spleen-Awakening Baby-Nourishing Granule    US$18.07

Units   J05   Dragon Oyster Bone-Strengthening Granule    US$14.87

Units   J06   Baby's Weight-Increasing Treasure Granule   US$19.78

Units   J08   Children's Lung Coughing Granule   US$16.04

Units   J10    Infants' Cough-Panting Granule   US$14.28

Units   J11    Infants' Throat-Clearing Granule   US$13.89

Units   J12   A Twist Of Gold   US$15.65

Units   J13   Infants' Spleen-fortifying Granule  US$20.65

Units   J14   Baby's Food-Dispersing Sticker  US$22.34

Units   K01  Women's Menses-Regulating Pill   US$10.18

Units   K02   Pain-Relieving Lump-Resolving Capsule   US$17.56

Units   K03   Notoginseng Dysmenorrhea Capsule   US$14.65

Units   K04   Flower Redness Tablet   US$16.82

Units   K05   Uterine Inflammation Preventing capsule   US$13.08

Units   K06   Golden Chicken Capsule   US$15.26

Units   K07   Motherwort Granule   US$17.08

Units   K08   Tangkuei Peony Menstruation-Adjusting Tablet   US $14.50

Units   K09    Uterine Blood Calmness Capsule   US$16.59

Units   K10   Beauty-Berry Leaf Suppository    US$18.56

Units   K11   Women Recovery And Calmness Tablet   US$11.00

Units   K12   Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill   US$10.58

Units   K13   Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill   US$11.69 

Units   K14   Baicao Female-Inflammation-Clearing Suppository    US$11.98

Units   K15   Fu-Ning Suppository    US$26.78

Units   K16    Inflammation Clearing Capsule   US$10.72

Units   K17   Anti-Female-Infection Pills   US$16.24

Units   K18   Leucorrhoea Tablet   US$10.50

Units   K19   Post-Delivery Recovery Granule   US$16.59

Units   K20   Uterine Masses Eliminating Capsules   US$17.81

Units   K21   Menopause Calmness Capsule   US$16.40

Units   K22   Female Inflammation Recovery Tablet   US$12.96

Units   K23  Cervicitis-Recovering Suppository    US$17.52

Units   K24  Inflammation-Eliminating Suppository   US$18.46

Units   K25   Breast Masses Clearing Capsule   US$18.55

Units   K26   Rhubarb Wingless Cockroach Pill  US$12.15

Units   K27   Breast Recovering Tablet   US$11.76

Units   K28   Women's Treasure Capsule  US$9.46

Units   K29   Cinnamom Twig Poria Capsule  US$26.00

Units   K30   Stasis-Dispelling and Bind-Dissipating Capsule US$38.32

Units   K31 Flavescent Sophora Suppository US$23.15

Units   K32 Multiple-Ingredients Apricot-Hare Ears’ Wind Granule US$19.65

Units   K33 Hysteromyoma-Quieting Capsule US$17.95

Units   K34 Salvia Notoginseng Tablet US$12.62

Units   K35 Erosion-Dispersing Vaginal Effervescent Tablet US$14.56

Units   K36 Dispersing Mammary Aggregation Tablet US$15.75

Units   K37 Menopause-Quieting Tablet US$15.35

Units   K38 Bock’s Greenbrier Root Capsule US$17.85

Units   K39 Enrichment Angelica Pill US$12.65

Units   L01   Blue Swan Rhinitis Tablet    US$17.97

Units   L02   People-Strengthening Throat Tablet    US$14.08

Units   L03   Golden Throat Herbal Candy    US$14.34

Units   L04    Dr. Huang Loud Voice Pill    US$18.06

Units   L05    Laggren Granule    US$21.48

Units   L06    Rhinitis Pill     US$21.48

Units   L07    Ledebouriella Angelica Rhinitis Tablet    US$14.67

Units   L08    Watermelon Frost Lozenges    US$12.63

Units   L10    Dendrobium Night Light Pill    US$16.43

Units   L11    Nose Larynx Toxin-Clearing Granule    US$21.49

Units   L12    Screened Eyes Brightening Tablet    US$17.60

Units   L13   Sterculia Throat Treasure Sucking Tablet     US$15.84

Units   L14   Eyesight-Increasing Tablet  US$18.76

Units   L15   Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet   US$19.58

Units   L16   Eye-Brightening Rehmannia Pill    US$17.53

Units   L17   Xiong Dan Capsule    US$18.76

Units   L18   Loud Voice Throat-Clearing Candy   US$14.34

Units   L19   Throat-Inflammation Tablet   US$14.61

Units   L20   Teeth-Strengthening Teethache-Stopping Powder   US$16.24

Units   L21   Rhinitis Efficacy Tablet   US$13.11

Units   L22   Throat Pain Inflammation-Reducing Pill   US$12.48

Units   L23   Throat Condition Pill  US$8.80

Units   L24   Six Ingredients Pill  US$9.21

Units   L25   Pungent Aromatic Rhinitis Capsule  US$14.50 

Units   L26   Golden Throat Throat-Moistening Pill  US$14.20

Units   L27   Golden-Throat Voice-Restoring Pill  US$14.10

Units   L28   Teethache One Pill  US$8.00

Units   L29   Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet  US$18.89

Units   L30: Deafness Pill   US$37.00

Units   L31: Toothache And Inflammation-Reducing Tablet US$19.23

Units   L32: Kidney-Supplementing and Tooth-Securing Pill US$32.12

Units   L33: Twenty Four Ingredients Voice-Moistening Sucking Tablet US$15.35

Units   M01   Recovering Your Heart Capsule    US$18.60

Units   M02   Heart Treasure   US$14.71

Units   M03   Boita Seed Heart-Nourishing Pill   US$13.05

Units   M04  Speedy Heart-Rescuing Pill   US$16.80

Units   M05   Brain-Conquering Calmness Capsule   US$18.79

Units   M06   Brain-Enriching Capsule   US$19.80

Units   M08   Compound Danshen Dripping Pill   US$14.80

Units   M09   Powerful Strength Brain Heart Recovering Capsule   US$17.60

Units   M10  Dizziness Controlling Capsule     US$16.50

Units   M11  Healthy Heart Tablet     US$18.69

Units   M12  Vessel Pleasing Granule    US$25.93

Units   M13  Gastrodia Headache Table   US$18.24

Units   M14  Head-Fortifying Qi-Enriching Tablet   US$17.60

Units   M15  Yin-Nourishing Hypertension-Reducing Capsule   US$14.93

Units   M16  Blood-Quickening Vessel-Opening Capsule   US$17.70

Units   M17  Bezoar Hypertension-Reducing Capsule   US$18.76

Units   M18  Eucommia Hypertension-Reducing Tablet   US$17.75

Units   M19   Healthy Heart Brain Capsule   US$14.26

Units   M20   Brain-Clearing Hypertension-Reducing Tablet  US$16.68

Units   M21   Embolism-Eliminating Meridian-Opening Tablet   US$18.76

Units   M22   Enriching Calming Pill   US$62.80

Units   M23   Dizziness-Stopping Spirit-Calming   US$18.76

Units   M24   Gastrodia Headache Efficacy Capsule    US$10.17

Units   M25   Double Redness Blood-Quickening Capsule  US$14.66

Units   M26   Corydalis Salvia Heart-Benefiting Capsule  US$17.80

Units  M27    Heart Brain Clearing Soft Capsule  US$16.40

Units  M28    Blood-Nourishing Brain-Clearing Granule   $16.32

Units  M29    Heart-Calming Granule  $22.00

Units  M30   Musk Anti-Embolism Pill  US$23.41

Units  M31   Coronary Heart Quietness Tablet   US$18.00

Units  M32   Compound Ligusticum Root Capsule   US$19.50

Units  M33   Ligusticum Root and MuskVessels-Freeing Pill US$16.50

Units  M34   Gold-Supplementing Capsule US$19.85

Units  M35   Vessel Freeing Granule US$16.50

Units  M35   Vessel Freeing Granule

Units   N01   Trauma Fall Sprain Tablet    US$14.93

Units   N02   Dragon's Blood Capsule    US$16.56

Units   N03  Yun Nan Notoginseng Capsule    US$14.56

Units   N04   Yun Nan Notoginseng Powder    US$17.28

Units   N05   Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule    US$16.43

Units   N06   Minor Gold Pill    US$18.20

Units   N07   Crouching Dragon Tablet    US$17.05

Units   N08   Corydalis Pain-Stopping Capsule  US$11.20

Units   N09   Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule  US$18.50

Units   N10   Corydalis Pain-stopping Capsule US$14.80

Units   N11   Trauma-Healing Efficacy Capsule  US$17.20

Units   N12   Chinese Knocks-Falls Pills US$14.62

Units   O01   Ten Thousands Tendons And Bones Opening Tablet    US$17.69

Units  O02   Rheumatism Nux Vomica    US$18.79

Units   O04   Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule   US$18.10

Units   O05   Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule    US$19.65

Units   O06   Wind-Expelling Pain-Stopping Capsule    US$21.80

Units   O07   Rheumatism Calming Tablet    US$15.30

Units   O08   Pepper Rheumatism Plaster    US$14.00

Units   O09   Musk Wind-Eliminating Plaster   US$17.60

Units   O10   Sacred Rheumatism Capsule    US$27.56

Units   O11   Sacred Rheumatism Capsule    US$20.80

Units   O12   Wind Headache Capsule    US$32.15

Units   O13   Nerve-Stretching and Network Vessels-Quickening Pill US$35.12

Units   O14  Effective Plaster For Neck, Shoulder, Waist And Leg  US$25.80

Units   O15   Rheumatism Plaster US$15.00

Units   O16  Juanbi antibiotic pill  US$30.15

Units   O17  Pain-Wind Stabilizing Capsule US$15.25

Units   O18  Campo Peach Twig Tablet  US$13.75

Units   O19  Bolt-Dispersing Vessels-Freeing Tablet US$16.35

Units   O20  Wind-Expelling Bones-Outthrusting Pill  US$15.65

Units   O21  Rheumatalgia Tablet  US$17.69

Units   P01   Hua Tuo Re-creating Pill    US$23.04

Units   P02   Major Network-Channel-Quickening Bolus    US$27.87

Units   P03   Powerful Strength Gastrodia Eucommia Capsule    US$19.60

Units   P04   Life-Regaining of Brain Tablet    US$17.69

Units   P05   Apoplexy Spring-Returning Pill   US$18.09

Units   P06   Major Network-Channel-Quickening Pill   US$16.00

Units   P07  Hemiplegia-Restoring Pill   US$22.00

Units   P08  Brian Treasure Pill  US$16.45

Units   P09  Longsheng Leech Capsule  US$32.89

Units   Q01  Three Gold Tablet  US$14.00

Units   Q02  Prostate Recovery Tablet  US$16.43

Units   Q03   Major Toxicity-Defeating Capsule  US$18.00

Units   Q04   Four Ingredients Tablet For Nephritis    US$16.33

Units   Q05   Stone And Strangury Opening Soluble Preparation    US$26.56

Units   Q06   Prostate Spring-Returning Capsule    US$17.20

Units   Q07   Heat-Clearing Strangury-Opening Tablet   US$17.60

Units   Q09   Urination-Calming Peace Capsule    US$18.10

Units   Q11   Kidney Stones Opening Soluble Preparation    US$25.04

Units   Q12   Nephritis Recovery Tablet    US$18.50

Units   Q13   Five Types Strangury Pill    US$16.70

Units   Q14   Stone Expelling Capsule    US$16.40

Units   Q15  Strangury Clearing Granule   US$19.80

Units   Q16  Prostatitis Disappearing Capsule    US$22.00

Units   Q17   Stone-Expelling Tablet  US $15.00

Units   Q18   Prostate Urine-Blockade-Opening Capsule   US$26.00

Units   Q20   Stone-Expelling Granule   US$20.18

Units   Q21   Strangury Conquering Capsule   US$16.20

Units   Q22   Prostate Recovery And Comfort Capsule   US$18.76 

Units   Q23: Uremic Clearance Granule   US$36.20 

Units   Q24: Multiple-Ingredients Snow Ginseng Capsule US$45.32 

Units   Q25: Stone-Dispelling Capsules  US$20.56

Units   Q26: Prostate-Freeing Tablet  US$16.85

Units   Q27: Stones-Expelling Granule  US$15.00

Units   Q28: Prostatitis Pleasure Capsule

Units   R01   Complete Gastrodia Capsule    US$17.29

Units   R02   Zheng Qing Ganoderma Capsule    US$16.37

Units   R03   Gold Sun American Ginseng Capsule (Funingchun Brand)   US$14.60

Units   R04   Six Ingredients Rehmannia Pill    US$16.43

Units   R05   Funingchun American Ginseng Sucking Tablets (Shengfei Brand)     US$14.27

Units   R06   Ancient Chinese Life-Nourishing Tablet    US$17.46

Units   R07   Anemarrhena Phellodendron Rehmannia Pill  US$12.78

Units   R08   American Ginseng Capsule (Golden Sun Brand)    US$14.05

Units   R09   Cinnamon Aconite Rehmannia Pill  US$13.11

Units   R10   Origin-Rectifying Capsule    US$19.02

Units   R11   Placenta Treasure Capsule   US$13.44

Units   R12   Pills for Tonifying Middle-Warmer and Qi   US$13.89

Units   R14   Lycium Chrysanthemum Rehmannia Pill   US$14.00

Units   R15   Thousand Pleasure Tablet $24.00

Units   R16   Tianqiang Gastrodia Capsule $18.50

Units   R18   Screen Vessel –Producing Capsule $17.00

Units   R19   Red Ginseng And Velvet Deerhorn Root-Securing Tablet US$16.95

Units   R20   Astragalus Granule US$17.56

Units   S01   Kidney-Tonifying Health-Strengthening Tablet  new  US$13.48

Units   S02   Turtle Deer Kidney-Tonifying Pill    US$14.93 

Units   S03   Sea Dog Pill    US$24.60

Units  S04   Men's Treasure  capsule  US$10.65

Units   S05   Kidney-Tonifying Brain-Enriching Capsule   US$18.76

Units   S06   Lumbago-Calming Capsule    US$17.05

Units   S07  Kidney-Tonifying Life-Prolonging Capsule    US$49.79

Units   S08  Lumbago Table    US$21.85

Units   S09  Golden Lock Semen Securing Pill    US$14.46  

Units   S10  Five-Seed Progeny Pill   US$18.69

Units   S49  Manyprickle Acathopanax Root Pill US$34.68

Units   S50  Kidney-Boosting Effectiveness Granule US$25.18

Units   S51  Five-Seed Progeny Pill  US$26.28

Units   S54  Sanzi Kidney-Strengthening Capsule US$32.15

Units   S56  Brain-Fortifying and Kidney-Tonifying Pill  US$38.54 

Units   S57  King Kong Pill  US$29.00

 Units   S59  Ant Powder Capsules  US$30.00

Units   T01   Nourishing Hair-Producing Tablet    US$28.00

Units   T02   Toxin-Expelling Cosmetics Capsule   US$43.59  

Units   T05 Beautiful Figure Quick Weight-Reducing Capsule US$22.00

Units   T06   Blood-Nourishing Hair-Producing Capsule    US$14.73

Units   T08   Alopecia Pill    US$14.71

Units   T09   Great Image Weight Reducing Tea    US$24.32

Units   T11   Pearl Powder   US$16.50

Units   T13   Gastrodia Hair-Recovering Pill   US$16.78

Units   T14   Spring-Returning-Flower Weight-Reducing Tea   US$14.66

Units   T15   Blood-Nourishing Hair-Flourishing Granule    US$24.95

Units   T16   Hircus Clearing Liquid     US$17.60

Units   T17   Skin-Brightening Hair-Falling Cream    US$22.04

Units   T18   Cold-Bites Cream   US$17.60

Units   T19   Snake Oil Hand-Protecting Cream   US$12.63

Units   T22   Oil-Eliminating Hair-Producing Tablet   US$28.00

Units   T26  Kidney-Boosting and Hair-Producing Pill  US$45.25

Units   T28   Kidney-Fortifying Hair-Producing Pill US$70.35

Units   T29: Slimming Figure and Fat-Reducing Pill US$25.00

Units   T30: Green Thin Weight-Reducing Capsule  US$65.00

Units  T32: Pu'er Tea US$85.00

Units   T32: Pu'er Tea

Units   U01   Deficient Sweat Stopping Powder    US$17.60

Units   U02: Hemorrhoid-Solving Tablet   US$19.65

Units   U03   Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment    US$14.28

Units   U04   Xiongdan Brand Ointment for Hemorrhoid   $18.49

Units   U05    Hemorrhoids Quick Peace Tablet  US$21.86

Units   U07   Notoginseng Hemorrhoids-Transforming Pill   US$14.93

Units   U08  Hernia Treating Belt  US$87.86

Units   U09   Jade Screen Granule    US$13.60 

Units   U10  Hemorrhoid-Transforming Suppository  US$13.80 

Units   U11  Musk Hemorrhoids Suppository  US$21.58

Units   U12  Hemorrhoid Tablet  US$14.20

Units   U13  Bear-Bile Suppository for Hemorrhoid  US$15.49

Units   U14  Aniti-Hemorrhoids Plaster

Units   V01   Fall Sprain Trauma Pain Plaster    US$9.53

Units   V02   Yi Zheng Pain-Disappearing Plaster    US$15.72

Units   V03   Channel-Opening Pain-Stopping Plaster    US$15.62

Units  V05   Notoginseng Pain Relieving Plaster    US$12.46

Units  V07   Extremely Efficacious Internal Dispersing Plaster    US$14.45

Units  V08   Dog Skin Plaster    US$17.51

Units  V09   Copious Virtue Loins Kidneys Plaster    US$4.69

Units  V10   Osteohyperplasia Plaster    US$5.19

Units  V11   Painful Scapulohumeral Periathritis Plaster    US$5.25

Units  V13   Bone-Strengthening Musk Pain-Alleviating Plaster    US$6.86

Units  V14   Cooling Balm    US$4.84

Units  V15   Cooling Balm    US$4.18

Units  V16  Miaowang Plaster For Lumbago   US$12.80

Units  V17  Double Effective For Removing Pains   US$11.90

Units   V18  Miaowang Plaster For Shoulder  US$12.80

Units  V19   Miao Nationality King Bone Hyperplasia Plaster    US$3.60

Units  V20   Rheumatism Plaster   US$7.68

Units  V21   Shaoling Rheumatism Fall Sprain Plaster   US$2.60

Units  V22   Yunnan Notoginseng Plaster   US$4.56

Units  V28   Snow Lotus For Painkillers Healthy Plaster US$36.75

Units  V29   Musk Knocks-Falls Rheumatoid Plaster  US$8.60

Units  V30   Bone Plaster  US$16.56

Units  V31   Magnetic Sticker Of The Miao Ethnic Minority Garden  US$12.89

Units  V32   Notoginseng Plaster  US$9.45

Units  W02   Little Gold Pill    US$17.86

Units  W03   Flammulina Velatipes Capsule    US$27.80

Units  W04: Toad Tablet    US$80.00

Units  W05: Cancer Disappearing-Calmness Tablet    US$18.70

Units  W06: Calming-Dispersing Tablet   US$25.80

Units  W07: Compound Mylabris Capsule  US$50.80

Units  X01  Itching Skin Soluble Preparation    US$18.56

Units  X02  Pearl Acne Tablet    US$18.78

Units  X03  Skin Problems Blood Toxin Pill    US$10.62

Units  X04  Vitiligo Pill   US$24.00

Units  X05  Black Snake Itching-Stopping Pill   US$13.56

Units  X06  Heat-Clearing Acne Tablet US$15.24

Units  X07  Skin Hemorrhoid Clearing Ointment    US$12.16

Units  X08  Compound Pill of Natural Indigo    US$17.59

Units  X09  Borneol Rhubarb Pleasant Skin Ointment   US$16.48

Units  X10  Skin Problems Efficacious Cream   US$11.92

Units  X11  Zidan Psoriasis  Capsule    US$24.44

Units  X12  Scar Eliminating Ointment    US$35.44

Units  X13  Lavender Scar Removing Gel    US$50.00

Units  X14  Aloe Gel   US$26.76

Units  X15   Psoriasis Dissappearing Tablet    US$28.79

Units  X16   Vitiligo Capsule   US$14.41

Units  X19  Psoriasis-Clearing Pill   US$21.50

Units  X20  Tongue-Dropping Pill  US$22.80

Units  X21  Rhodiola Patch-Removing Capsule  US$52.19

Units  Y01  Anti-Osteohyperplasia Capsule    US$18.65

Units  Y02   Neck Recovering Granule    US$24.51

Units  Y03   Osteohyperplasia-Curing Pill   US$21.80

Units  Y04  Vertebra Pain Calming Pills   US$38.20

Units  Y05  Bone Immortal Tablet   US$19.80

Units  Y06  Bone-Hyperplasia Pain-Stopping Capsule   US$19.95

Units  Y07  Huatuo Musk Bone-Connecting Capsule   US$17.65

Units  Y08  Bone Hyperplasia Pill   US$16.50

Units  Y09 Notoginseng Trauma Tablet US$14.00

Units  Y10 Notoginseng Trauma Pill  $16.20 

Units  Y12 Hyperosteogeny Anti-Inflammation Tablet $15.12

Units  Y13 Capsule For Bones And Sinews  $13.78

Units  Z01  One Plucking Openness Cupping Apparatus    US$48.80

Units  Z02  Haci Five Elements Needle    US$18.33

Units   Z03  Single Use Acupuncture Needle    US$14.37/100 needles

Units   Z04  Moxa Roll    US$22.00/10 sticks

Units  Z05  Bamboo Cupping Jars  US$17.60

Units  Z06  Acupuncture Hanging Chart US$23.47/set

Units  Z07  Acupuncture Total Body Model (In Chinese) US$39.60/unit

Units  Z08  Ear Model Of Acupuncture Points US$18.78/unit 

Units  Z09  Foot Model Of Acupuncture Points US$20.21/unit 

Units Z10  Hand Model Of Acupuncture Points US$19.94/unit 

Units Z11  Adhesive Plaster With Magnet For Ear Acupressure US$7.63/packet 

Units Z12  Acupuncture Needle Bag  US$19.78/bag 

Units Z13  Acupoints Measuring Paper Plate (In Chinese)  US$8.21/unit

Units Z14   Ear Acupuncture Needles  US$8.21/tube  


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