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Yofoto Meridian Health Instrument---the most advanced low-frequency bioelectric therapeutic apparatus in China. It has multiple functions on dredging meridians, health maintenance, keeping fit, beauty and weight loss, etc. With scientific and rational design, it is easy to learn and use, safety without side effect. There are dual effects of treatment and health care.

Through the combined use of related products and the instrument, it is becoming essential to deal with sub-health and more than 70 chronic diseases. With sharp business acumen, more and more TCM hospitals, clinics, health clubs, Tuina centers, beauty and slimming salon are now using this technology.

Yofoto Meridian Health Instrument is gradually used as a complementary treatment and health tool for some families in China. It has greatly changed people's ideas and lifestyles about health and wellness. This instrument is seen as the health guardian of the 21st century. In this age of opportunity, revolution and challenge, who can accurately grasp the market pulse and choose the right direction, who will be the pride of the era.

It's very easy to learn how to use the Meridian Health Instrument and the study time is very short, only needs 15 days. 15 days' tuition fee is $935.00.

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