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W-23 Herbal Products for Cancers (click for details)

W07  Compound Mylabris Capsule  $20.80

W06  Calming-Dispersing Tablet $25.80

W05  Cancer Disappearing-Calmness Tablet   $18.70

W04  Toad Tablet  $80.00

W03  Flammulina Velatipes Capsule  $27.80

W02  Little Gold Pill  $17.86


X-24 Herbal Products for Skin Problems and Scars (click for details)

X21: Rhodiola Patch-Removing Capsule US$52.19  new

X20: Tongue-Dropping Pill $22.80

X19  Psoriasis-Clearing Pill   $21.50

X16  Vitiligo Capsule   $14.41

X15  Psoriasis Dissappearing Tablet   $28.79

X14  Aloe Gel  $26.76

X13  Lavender Scar Removing Gel   $30.50

X12  Scar Eliminating Ointment   $19.44

X11  Zidan Psoriasis  Capsule   $24.44

X10  Skin Problems Efficacious Cream  $11.92

X09  Borneol Rhubarb Pleasant Skin Ointment  $16.48

X08  Compound Pill of Natural Indigo  $17.59  new

X07  Skin Hemorrhoid Clearing Ointment  $12.16

X06  Heat-Clearing Acne Tablet  $15.24

X05  Black Snake Itching-Stopping Pill  $13.56

X04  Vitiligo Pill   $24.00

X03  Skin Problems Blood Toxin Pill  $10.62

X02  Pearl Acne Tablet  $18.76

X01  Itching Skin Soluble Preparation $18.56


Y-25 Herbal Products for Vertebra and Bone Problems (click for details)

Y14: Bone-Strengthening Capsule  28.75   new

Y13  Capsule For Bones And Sinews $13.78  new

Y12  Hyperosteogeny Anti-Inflammation Tablet  $15.12  new

Y10  Notoginseng Trauma Pill  $16.20

Y09: Notoginseng Trauma Tablet $14.00

Y08: Bone Hyperplasia Pill  $16.50 

Y07  Huatuo Musk Bone-Connecting Capsule  $17.65

Y06  Bone-Hyperplasia Pain-Stopping Capsule  $19.95

Y05  Bone Immortal Tablet  $19.80

Y04  Vertebra Pain Calming Pills  $25.07

Y03  Osteohyperplasia-Curing Pill   $21.80

Y02  Neck Recovering Granule   $24.51

Y01  Anti-Osteohyperplasia Capsule   $18.65


Z-26 Needles, Moxas, Cups and Other Apparatuses

Z14   Ear Acupuncture Needles  US$8.21/tube

Z13  Acupoints Measuring Paper Plate (In Chinese)  US$8.21/unit

Z12  Acupuncture Needle Bag  US$19.78/bag 

Z11  Adhesive Plaster With Magnet For Ear Acupressure US$7.63/packet

Z10  Hand Model Of Acupuncture Points US$19.94/unit 

Z09  Foot Model Of Acupuncture Points US$20.21/unit

Z08  Ear Model Of Acupuncture Points US$18.78/unit 

Z07  Acupuncture Total Body Model (In Chinese) US$39.60/unit

Z06  Acupuncture Hanging Chart US$23.47/set

Z05  Bamboo Cupping Jars  $17.60

Z04  Moxa Roll US$22.00/10sticks

Z03  Single Use Acpuncture Needle  $14.37/100needles

Z02  Haci Five Elements Needle   $18.33

Z01  One Plucking Openness Cupping Apparatus   $48.80


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