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T-20 Herbal Products for Weight-Loss, Cosmetics, Cold-Bites, Hirsutism, Hircus, Skin Moistening (click for details)

T33: Xiuer Wight Reducing Tea   new

T32: Pu'er Tea  $85.00  new

T30: Green Thin Weight-Reducing Capsule $65.00  new

T29: Slimming Figure and Fat-Reducing Pill $25.00  new

T28: Kidney-Fortifying Hair-Producing Pill  US$51.35  new

T26: Kidney-Boosting and Hair-Producing Pill  US$45.25  new

T25  Lida  Weight-Reducing Meizi  Tea   $41.58

T22  Oil-Eliminating Hair-Producing Tablet   $28.00

T19  Snake Oil Hand-Protecting Cream  $12.63

T18  Cold-Bites Cream  $17.60

T17  Skin-Brightening Hair-Falling Cream   $22.04

T16  Hircus Clearing Liquid  $17.60

T15  Blood-Nourishing Hair-Flourishing Granule   $24.95

T13  Gastrodia Hair-Recovering Pill   $16.78

T11  Pearl Powder  $16.50

T09  Great Image Weight Reducing Tea   $24.32

T08  Alopecia Pill  $14.71

T06  Blood-Nourishing Hair-Producing Capsule  $14.73

T05 Beautiful Figure Quick Weight-Reducing Capsule  $22.00

T02  Toxin-Expelling Cosmetics Capsule   $43.59

T01  Nourishing Hair-Producing Tablet    $28.00


U-21 Herbal Products for Hemorrhoids, Hernia and Sweating (click for details)

U14: Aniti-Hemorrhoids Plaster   new

U13  Xiongdan Brand Suppository for Hemorrhoid   $15.49  new

U12  Hemorrhoid Tablet    $14.20  new

U11  Musk Hemorrhoids Suppository  $21.58

U10  Hemorrhoid-Transforming Suppository   $13.80

U09  Jade Screen Granule   $13.60

U08  Hernia Treating Belt   $87.86

U07  Notoginseng Hemorrhoids-Transforming Pill $14.93

U05  Hemorrhoids Quick Peace Tablet      $21.86

U04:  Xiongdan Brand Ointment for Hemorrhoid   $18.49   new

U03  Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment   $14.28

U02: Hemorrhoid-Solving Tablet      $19.65        new

U01  Deficient Sweat Stopping Granule   $17.60


V-22 Herbal Plasters for External Application (click for details)

V32  Notoginseng Plaster  US$9.45   new

V31  Magnetic Sticker Of The Miao Ethnic Minority Garden  US$12.89  new

V30  Bone Plaster US$16.56  new

V29  Musk Knocks-Falls Rheumatoid Plaster  US$8.60  new

V28 Snow Lotus For Painkillers Healthy Plaster  US$36.75 

V22  Yunnan Notoginseng Plaster   $4.56

V21  Shaoling Rheumatism Fall Sprain Plaster $2.60

V20  Rheumatism Plaster   $7.68

V19  Miao Nationality King Bone Hyperplasia Plaster  $3.60

V18  Far Infrared Ray Plaster For Shoulder Periarthritis  $12.80

V17  Double Effective For Removing Pains   $11.90

V16  Far Infrared Ray Plaster For Lumbago   $12.80

V15  Cooling Balm   $4.18

V14  Cooling Balm   $4.84

V13  Bone-Strengthening Musk Pain-Alleviating Plaster $6.86

V12  Fall, Boxing, Trauma Plaster  $5.22

V11  Painful Scapulohumeral Periathritis Plaster  $5.25

V10  Osteohyperplasia Plaster   $5.19

V09  Copious Virtue Loins Kidneys Plaster   $4.69

V08  Dog Skin Plaster  $17.51

V07  Extremely Efficacious Internal Dispersing Plaster   $14.45

V06  Warm Moxibustion Replacing Plaster   $14.60

V05  Notoginseng Pain Relieving Plaster  $12.46

V03  Channel-Opening Pain-Stopping Plaster   $15.62/1plasters

V02  Yi Zheng Pain-Disappearing Plaster   $15.72

V01  Fall Sprain Trauma Pain Plaster   $9.53


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