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R-18 Herbal Product for Tonification, Vitality-Improving, Fatigue-Improving and Epilepsy (click for details)

R20: Astragalus Granule US$17.56  new

R19: Red Ginseng And Velvet Deerhorn Root-Securing Tablet US$16.95  new

R18  Screen Vessel CProducing Capsule   $17.00

R16: Tianqiang Gastrodia Capsule  $18.50 

R15: Thousand Pleasure Tablet $24.00

R14  Lycium Chrysanthemum Rehmannia Pill  $26.00

R12  Pills for Tonifying Middle-Warmer and Qi  $13.89  new

R11  Placenta Treasure Capsule  $13.44

R10  Origin-Rectifying Capsule   $19.02

R09  Cinnamon Aconite Rehmannia Pill  $13.11

R08  American Ginseng Capsule  $14.05

R07  Anemarrhena Phellodendron Rehmannia Pill  $12.78

R06  Ancient Chinese Life-Nourishing Tablet   $17.46

R05  American Ginseng Sucking Tablets (Shengfei Brand)   $14.27

R04  Six Ingredients Rehmannia Pill  $16.43

R03  American Ginseng Capsule (Funingchun Brand)  $14.60

R02  Zheng Oing Ganoderma Capsule $16.37

R01  Complete Gastrodia Capsule   $17.29


S-19 Herbal Products for Men's Conditions (click for details)

S59: Ant Powder Capsules  $30.00  new

S57: King Kong Pill  $29.00  new

S56: Brain-Fortifying and Kidney-Tonifying Pill  $38.54  new

S54: Sanzi Kidney-Strengthening Capsule  $32.15  new

S51: Five-Seed Progeny Pill  $26.28  new

S50: Kidney-Boosting Effectiveness Granule  $25.18  new

S49: Manyprickle Acathopanax Root Pill  $34.68  new

S10  Five-Seed Progeny Pill  $18.69

S09  Golden Lock Semen Securing Pill  $14.46

S08  Lumbago Tablet  $21.85

S07  Kidney-Tonifying Life-Prolonging Capsule  $49.79

S06  Lumbago-Calming Capsule  $17.05

S05  Kidney-Tonifying Brain-Enriching Capsule  $18.76

S04  Men's Treasure  $10.65

S03  Sea Dog Pill   $24.60

S02  Turtle Deer Kidney-Tonifying Pill  $14.93

S01  Kidney-Tonifying Health-Strengthening Tablet  new  $13.48


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