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N-14 Herbal Products for Trauma-Healing, Blood-Quickening and Pains-Stopping (click for details)

N12  Chinese Knocks-Falls Pills  $14.62  new

N11  Trauma-Healing Efficacy Capsule   $17.20

N10: Corydalis Pain-Stopping Capsule  $14.80

N09  Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule   $18.50

N08  Corydalis Pain-Stopping Tablet $11.20

N07  Crouching Dragon Capsule   $17.05

N06  Minor Gold Pill   $18.20

N05  Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule  $16.43

N04  Yun Nan Notoginseng Powder  $17.28

N03  Yun Nan Notoginseng Capsule   $14.56

N02  Dragon's Blood Capsule   $16.56

N01  Trauma Fall Sprain Tablet  $14.93


O-15 Herbal Products for Rheumatism (click for details)  

O21  Rheumatalgia Tablet US$17.69  new

O20  Wind-Expelling Bones-Outthrusting Pill  US$15.65  new

O19  Bolt-Dispersing Vessels-Freeing Tablet  US$16.35  new

O18  Campo Peach Twig Tablet  US$13.75  new

O17  Pain-Wind Stabilizing Capsule  US$15.25  new

O16  Juanbi antibiotic pill  US$30.15 

O15  Rheumatism Plaster  US$15.00 

O14  Effective Plaster For Neck, Shoulder, Waist And Leg US$25.80 

O13  Nerve-Stretching and Network Vessels-Quickening Pill  US$35.12 

O12  Wind Headache Capsule  US$32.15 

O11  Wind-Dissipating Network-Quickening Pill  $20.80

O10  Sacred Rheumatism Capsule   $27.56

O09  Musk Wind-Eliminating Plaster   $17.60

O08  Hot Pepper Rheumatism Plaster   $14.00

O07  Rheumatism Calming Tablet  $15.30

O06  Wind -Expelling Pain-Stopping Capsule   $21.80

O05  Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule $19.65

O04: Juren Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule  $18.10

O02  Rhening Tablet  $18.79  

O01  Ten Thousands Tendons And Bones Opening Tablet  $17.69



P-16 Herbal Products for Apoplectic Sequelae (click for details)

P09  Longsheng Leech Capsule US$32.89  new

P08  Brian Treasure Pill  US$16.45  new

P07  Hemiplegia-Restoring Pill  $22.00

P06  Major Network-Channel-Quickening Pill  $16.00

P05  Apoplexy Spring-Returning Pill $18.09

P04  Life-Regaining of Brain Tablet  $17.69

P03  Powerful Strength Gastrodia Eucommia Capsule   $19.60

P02  Major Network-Channel-Quickening Bolus  $27.87

P01  Hua Tuo Re-Creating Pill   $23.04


Q-17 Herbal Products for Urinary Inflammation, Kidney Stones and Prostatitis (click for details)

Q28: Prostatitis Pleasure Capsule   new

Q27  Stones-Expelling Granule US$15.00  new

Q26  Prostate-Freeing Tablet  US$16.85  new

Q25  Stone-Dispelling Capsules  US$20.56 

Q24  Multiple-Ingredients Snow Ginseng Capsule  US$45.32 

Q23  Uremic Clearance Granule  $36.20

Q22: Prostate Recovery And Comfort Capsule   $18.76 

Q21  Strangury Conquering Capsule   $16.20 

Q20  Stone-Expelling Granule  $20.18

Q18  Prostate Urine-Blockade-Opening Capsule   $17.80

Q17  Stone-Expelling Tablet  $15.00

Q16  Prostatitis Disappearing Capsule  $17.60

Q15  Strangury Clearing Granule  $19.80

Q14  Stone Expelling Capsule   $16.40

Q13  Five Types Strangury Pill  $16.70

Q12  Nephritis Recovery Tablet   $18.50

Q11  Kidney Stones Opening Soluble Preparation  $25.04

Q09  Excretion-Calming Peace Capsule   $18.10

Q07  Heat-Clearing Strangury-Opening Tablet  $17.60

Q06  Prostate Spring-Returning Capsule  $17.20

Q05  Stone And Strangury Opening Soluble  $26.56

Q04  Four Ingredients Tablet For Nephritis   $21.33

Q03  Major Toxicity-Defeating Capsule  $18.00

Q02  Prostate Recovery Tablet   $16.43

Q01  Three Gold Tablet $14.00


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