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L-12 Herbal Products for Ears, Nose, Throat, Teeth and Eyes (click for details)

L33: Twenty Four Ingredients Voice-Moistening Sucking Tablet  US$15.35  new

L32: Kidney-Supplementing and Tooth-Securing Pill  US$32.12  new

L31: Toothache And Inflammation-Reducing Tablet   US$19.23  new

L30  Deafness Pill   $37.00

L29  Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet  $18.89

L28  Teethache One Pill  $8.00

L27  Golden-Throat Voice-Restoring Pill   $14.10

L26  Golden Throat Throat-Moistening Pill   $14.20

L25  Pungent Aromatic Rhinitis Capsule  $14.50

L24  Six Ingredients Pill   $9.21

L23  Throat Condition Pill   $8.80 

L22  Throat Pain Inflammation-Reducing Pill  $12.48

L21  Rhinitis Efficacy Tablet  $13.11

L20  Teeth-Strengthening Teethache-Stopping Powder  $16.24

L19  Throat-Inflammation Tablet  $14.61

L18  Loud Voice Throat-Clearing Candy  $14.34

L17  Xiong Dan Capsule   $18.76

L16  Eye-Brightening Rehmannia Pill  $17.53

L15  Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet  $19.58

L14  Eyesight-Increasing Tablet $18.76

L13  Sterculia Throat Treasure Sucking Tablet $15.84

L12  Screened Eyes Brightening Tablet  $17.60

L11  Nose Larynx Toxin-Clearing Granule   $21.49

L10  Dendrobium Night Light Pill  $16.43

L08  Watermelon Frost Lozenges   $12.63

L07  Ledebouriella Angelica Rhinitis Tablet   $14.67

L06  Rhinitis Pill   $21.48

L05  Laggren Granule   $21.48

L04  Dr. Huang Loud Voice Pill   $18.06

L03  Golden Throat Herbal Candy  $14.34

L02  People-Strengthening Throat Tablet   $14.08

L01  Blue Swan Rhinitis Tablet  $17.97



M-13 Herbal Products for Diseases of the Heart, Brain, Blood Vessels, Hypertension and Dizziness(click for details)

M36: Hypertension-Reducing Tablet  new

M35: Vessel Freeing Granule  US$19.12  new

M34  Gold-Supplementing Capsule US$19.85  new

M33  Ligusticum Root and MuskVessels-Freeing Pill  US$16.50   

M32  Compound Ligusticum Root Capsule   $19.50

M31  Coronary Heart Quietness Tablet  $18.00

M30  Musk Anti-Embolism Pill   $23.41

M29  Heart-Calming Granule  $22.00

M28  Blood-Nourishing Brain-Clearing Granule   $16.32

M27  Heart Brain Clearing Soft Capsule   $16.40

M26  Corydalis Salvia Heart-Benefiting Capsule  $17.80

M25  Double Redness Blood-Quickening Capsule   $14.66

M24  Gastrodia Headache Efficacy Capsule   $10.17

M23  Dizziness-Stopping Spirit-Calming   $18.76

M22  Enriching Calming Pill   $62.80

M21  Embolism-Eliminating Meridian-Opening Tablet   $18.76

M20  Brain-Clearing Hypertension-Reducing Tablet   $16.68

M19  Healthy Heart Brain Capsule  $14.26

M18  Eucommia Hypertension-Reducing Tablet  $17.75

M17  Bezoar Hypertension-Reducing Capsule  $18.76

M16  Blood-Quickening Vessel-Opening Capsule $17.70

M15  Yin-Nourishing Hypertension-Reducing Capsule  $14.93

M14  Head-Fortifying Qi-Enriching Tablet  $17.60

M13  Gastrodia Headache Tablet  $18.24

M12  Vessel Pleasing Granule  $25.93

M11  Healthy Heart Tablet   $18.69

M10  Dizziness Controlling Capsule   $16.50

M09  Powerful Strength Brain Heart Recovering Capsule  $17.60

M08  Compound Danshen Dripping Pill  $14.80

M06  Brain-Enriching Capsule  $19.80

M05  Brain-Conquering Calmness Capsule   $18.79

M04  Speedy Heart-Rescuing Pill  $16.80

M03  Boita Seed Heart-Nourishing Pill  $13.05

M02  Heart Treasure  $14.71

M01  Recovering Your Heart Capsule  $18.60


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