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This page is not for the public, just for the patient in our hospital.

J-10 Herbal Products for Children (click for details)

J14  Baby's Food-Dispersing Sticker  US$22.34  new

J13  Infants' Spleen-fortifying Granule US$20.65  new

J12  A Twist Of Gold   $15.65  new

J11 Infants' Throat-Clearing Granule  $13.89  new

J10  Infants' Cough-Panting Granule   $14.28  new

J08  Children's Lung Coughing Granule   $16.04

J06  Baby's Weight-Increasing Treasure Granule $19.78

J05  Dragon Oyster Bone-Strengthening Granule  $14.87

J04  Spleen-Awakening Baby-Nourishing Granule $18.07

J03  Baby's One Plaster Efficacy  $14.61

J02  Children's Phlegm-Transforming $17.72

J01  Baby's Especially Effective Pill  $12.55



K-11 Herbal Products for Women's Conditions (click for details)

K39  Enrichment Angelica Pill US$12.65  new

K38  Bock¨s Greenbrier Root Capsule US$17.85  new

K37  Menopause-Quieting Tablet US$15.35  new

K36  Dispersing Mammary Aggregation Tablet US$15.75  new

K35  Erosion-Dispersing Vaginal Effervescent Tablet US$14.56  new

K34  Salvia Notoginseng Tablet US$12.62  new

K33  Hysteromyoma-Quieting Capsule US$17.95  new

K32  Multiple-Ingredients Apricot-Hare Ears¨ Wind Granule US$19.65  new

K31: Flavescent Sophora Suppository US$23.15 

K30: Stasis-Dispelling and Bind-Dissipating Capsule US$38.32 

K29  Cinnamom Twig Poria Capsule  $26.00

K28  Women's Treasure Capsule  $9.46

K27  Breast Recovering Tablet  $11.76

K26   Rhubarb Wingless Cockroach Pill   $12.15

K25  Breast Masses Clearing Capsule   $18.55

K24  Inflammation-Eliminating Suppository   $18.46

K23  Cervicitis-Recovering Suppository  $17.52

K22  Female Inflammation Recovery Tablet  $12.96

K21  Menopause Calmness Capsule  $16.40

K20  Uterine Masses Eliminating Capsules  $17.81

K19  Post-Delivery Recovery Granule  $16.59

K18  Leucorrhoea Tablet  $10.50

K17  Anti-Female-Infection Pills $16.24

K16  Inflammation Clearing Capsule  $10.72

K15  Fu-Ning Suppository   $26.78   new

K14  Baicao Female-Inflammation-Clearing Suppository  $11.98

K13  Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill (Mingji Brand)  $11.69

K12  Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill (Chang Chun)   $10.58

K11  Women Recovery And Calmness Tablet    $11.00

K10  Beauty-Berry Leaf Suppository  $18.56

K09  Uterine Blood Calmness Capsule   $16.59

K08  Tangkuei Peony Menstruation-Adjusting Tablet  $14.50

K07  Motherwort Granule   $17.08

K06  Golden Chicken Capsule   $15.26

K05  Uterine Inflammation Preventing capsule  $13.08

K04  Flower Redness Tablet  $16.82

K03  Notoginseng Dysmenorrhea Capsule   $14.65

K02  Golden Women Recovery Capsule  $17.56

K01  Women's Treasure Capsule  $10.18


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