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November 19, 2005. Our international patients respectively from Sweden, Indonesia and Ecuador (South America) stay together with our working staff in our Huaihua Red Cross Hospital.



On November 15th, 2005, our patient from Ecuador, South America, comes to our hospital with the family members for TCM treatment.



The eight years old little boy Omar from Kuwait suffering from narcrosis of the head of the left femur (Perth's disease), came to our hospital for herbal treatment. His father Barrack and uncle Suoud take care of him here for about 70 days. Operation is avoided after herbal treatment and massage and acupuncture. Picture taken on November 1, 2005. His condition is improved quite well, and the weight is increased by 6 kilograms. The pains and limping of the leg disappear. The length distance between the two legs is shortened from one centimeter to 0.2 centimeter. He is  the first patient who is introduced to China by the government of Kuwait. Please check details here

If you speak Arabic language or English and would like to know more information and treatment about our hospital, please contact Mr. Suoud on his email   



September 19, 2005. Mr. Matongo from Zimbabwe of South Africa, who suffers from brain tumor has been in our hospital for 27 days. His wife Spiwe takes care of him here. After 36 days TCM comprehensive treatment, his brain tumor is reduced a lot and he could walk 5 meters without support. Please check details of his treatment here.




Our international friends  from USA, Saudi Arabia, Denmark are hospitalized here for TCM treatment. Some of them suffer from internationally difficult conditions such as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and MS (multiple sclerosis). Picture taken on July 8, 2005. Check Soren's ALS improvement after 20 days treatment here.

Also you could check the unbelievable good treatment result for the 4 years old baby Warda from Pakistan. Ten days treatment is making the hemoglobin increase rather than dropping dramatically. Please check details of her thalassemia and our treatment here.


More Pictures of Our International Patients


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