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Pros are in the hospital:

1. We found a wonderful reception at the train station with our hospital facilities

2.  Strict commitment to the dates of going shopping

3. Dr. Peng¡¯s continuous follow-up to our sick condition and his visit to check on us and talk with us

4. Deliver medication at specified times without delay, as well as attend physiotherapist at the specified time

5. Beautiful trips coordinated with Dr. Ming which give joy and pleasure to patients

6. There is a very special thanks to the active employee. Miss Fiona for her keen intents and meeting all their daily needs, also she provide some recreational time for patients

Ali and Younis from Kuwait

Room No.401

10 August 2017

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It has been an honor to study at the TCM Red Cross Hospital. During the 5 weeks of study, I met and talked with a patient from Georgia who has ALS.

She told me that her ALS was diagnosed a year ago (about July 2016), however she has had the symptoms of ¡°trembling finger, muscle twitching and loss of voice¡± for 2 years. She believes that her¡¯s is a genetic condition, as her father¡¯s family have several relatives with the same symptoms. She found that there is no successful western medical treatment for her type of sclerosis.

After only 3 weeks of receiving the hospital treatment of Acupuncture, Herbal tea and Massage, her condition has improved. She tells me that she can now ¡°walk better, faster and for a long time,¡± that there is movement in the finger of her left hand where there was no movement before and that her speech is ¡°a little better¡± with a ¡°louder voice¡±.

Asked about any difference to her mental and emotional state, she replied ¡°I feel now positive, have a chance to stop it (the ALS) and we have hope.¡± She plans to stay another 2 months for the treatment schedule.

The hospital specializes in the treatment of ALS under Dr. Ming and a number of other patients with similar symptoms to the patient from Georgia, have been treated successfully here.

I find it incredibly sad that this TCM treatment is not more widely known.

With so many suffers of this type of motor neuron disease, I can only hope that Dr. Ming ¡®s treatment is better recognized worldwide and that many others can improve their condition and have the chance to extend their lives under his care.

Isabella Osborne

London, UK. 

20 July 2017

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My name is Nina, 30 years old, from Georgia, diagnosed ALS one year ago. But everything started a bit earlier, in 2015, when I suddenly mentioned my left thumb and eyelid began twitching. This initial symptoms made me shocked as my ALS is genetic and it destroyed 7 members of my family, starting from my grandma, including my father, his sister and brother and all of their children. They all died before the age 38. I was always afraid of ALS, especially when my elder sister also got diagnosed in 2009. So, it was very obvious, why my muscles began jumping. I got very afraid and confused. I knew there was no cure, so I even didn¡¯t want to visit any doctor. They could not help me... Finally I was officially diagnosed in Turkey in last summer. That time all my muscles were jumping, speech was nasal, left hand paralysis and difficulty of swallowing. Visiting several doctors I was only suggested Rilutek and stem cells. I never heard Rilutek helped anyone. I tried stem cells. After two surgeries I stopped it, as I did not find any results, no improvement, no slowly progress, no good signals, only waste of several thousands of dollars. This was my latest hope died so soon. After this moment I started to search online any natural treatment that could help me, as western medicine suggested nothing more.

Thanks god, suddenly by chance I found information about TCM clinic in Hunan, Zhongfang City. The website of this clinic had very good and detailed analyze of ALS patterns and letter from Dr. Ming, that made me very interested in this treatment. It was absolutely different from the western approach of ALS. Dr. Ming¡¯s group answered all my questions online and I traveled in China in June. Doctors met me very friendly and professionally and asked lots of questions to collect information and plan strategy of the treatment.

Now it¡¯s 3 weeks of treatment in Zhongfang hospital and I already feel some improvements in myself. First of all, my feelings are positive again, after so many failures and stressful days I feel positive and hopeful again. Now I encourage myself to go on fighting against ALS and don¡¯t stop positive thinking. What made me feel so hopeful? It is improvement I found in TCM very soon. I mean my fingers began moving, I can open and close them now. Herbal tea and acupuncture increased my hand power, I walk longer, have less cough.

Dr. Ming and his group visit me everyday and observe my condition carefully. I think its only way now that worth trying. I advice ALS patients not to get depressed. There are several cases, where western medicine is useless and natural treatments, cheaper and without side effects promise better results. Here, in Zhongfang, doctors do their best to learn each patient individually and suggest best strategy of TCM treatment.

I will continue my treatment next months too and hope we can win ALS.

Thanks to Dr. Ming who is really motivated to help his patients and give them a new hope. I could not believe when I see my fingers moving again. That¡¯s amazing!!!


Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital

19 July, 2017

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----------  is a treasure for this region, as it represents a model of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that has a potential to attract medical tourism; it could repeat itself (e.g. thru franchising) with some adjustments, in other parts of China and abroad, as a standard specializing in complex sicknesses, like ALS.

July 1st, 2017

Servais Lutz,  Switzerland.

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Attn: To all TCM staff

(Traditional Chinese Medicine) Red Star Road, Huaihua Red Cross Hospital, Huaihua City, Hunan Providence

My mother and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Professors, Doctors, Nurses, Translators, Security, Cleaners and all office staff for making our stay at the TCM Hospital a comfortable, secure and pleasant one. We believe that is all due to the great staff of TCM Hospital and the friendly people of Huaihua City.

We have never met such a genuine and welcoming group of people, like the ones at the TCM Hospital. You should all be very proud of your city and all the people which make it so welcoming.

Dr.Ming you should be very proud and thankful to all your staff at the TCM Hospital. This makes the recovery for all patients a pleasant one.

We wish you all the best in the future; keep up the great work TCM Hospital.

Best wishes,

Natasa and Aneta Stanic



Professor A/Salam Gerais

MD Frcog Flcs

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecoclogy

Faculty of Medicine- University of Khartoum

P.O. Box 102 Khartoum

Tel: 778977(office) -272600(Res)  Fax: 782786

At the airport we were met by the representative of TCM and brought us in the middle of the night to the centre when we found comfortable room. In the morning, the medical team discussed with us the program of treatment. For the whole period, it was started immediately and continued regularly for 46 days. There was about 20% improvement mainly in the limbs. The improvement would have been more if another disease was not discovered during my stay. We received good attention from all who were very kind-administrative, medical nursing, translators and other auxiliary staff.

The rooms were comfortable and cool, other facilities were very good, especially the internet. My four daughters and two grandchildren who came by turn enjoyed their stay.

It is my plan to continue treatment and come back for follow up.

Thanks for all

Prof. A/Salam Gerais



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We are from Afghanistan and we came to your hospital for my father treatment, and we are very happy from you all, from your doctors, guards, cleaners, translators and all staff in your hospital. We are happy from all and we hope your hospital will be a good and very special hospital in the treatment for every one.

Thanks. Masir Ahmad

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Comment to the hospital and the staff

All the doctors and the nurses here in the Red Cross Hospital for chronic and difficult diseases are very sympathetic and friendly. Their cordiality and the encouraging smile during the Doctor¡¯s round was very motivating always.

I feel that the doctors here take the complaints of the patients seriously and they try to give their best to help them.

The translators are very friendly and helpful. They translated my sometimes difficult explanations very good and they showed a lot of patience.

Thanks to the security guard group and the cleaner group. They give their best to make the stay in the hospital a secure and comfortable one.

I¡¯m surprised about the success of the treatment here and it is a pity that I can¡¯t stay longer here. But I¡¯m sure that I will come back as soon as possible.

Thanks to all of you!

Fabienne Weiss from Switzerland

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I¡¯m from Romania, and I¡¯m a MS patient. I came here with a lot of hope, and did it right.

I was satisfied with the way I was treated here, and it¡¯s not only about the welcoming, but also I was impressed about those nice people. The treatment received from Dr. Ming, Dr. Li and Dr. Cristal (and the others), had good results (even from the first week), and my body responded very well & first at this has natural treatment with no side effects. I am very grateful to the doctors.

I¡¯m going back to my home,( much better that I was before) with an improved condition.

Thank you very much!

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After a month of treatment, I feel confident and hopeful, like I never felt before, because I see now signs of improvement, little signs but visible ones. Tomorrow I will be going back to my country, Brazil, carrying with me enough herbs for six months, where I will continue the treatment. I hope signs of improvement will show magic and stronger, and I will recover somehow. My wife and I, wish to thank you all, doctors, nurses, translators and staff for your help and kindness.

Michel Sallouti

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Ms. Rahma from Yemen suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis and not able to walk for seven years due to weak and stiff knees. After 15 days TCM treatment in our hospital, she could walk now herself with the stick. This is the miracle made by TCM and our hospital.

Attach a file about the patient

To whom it may concern,

Mrs. Rahma Said Aweis, 46 years, a Somali refugee in Yemen complains of ¡°Rheumatoid Arthritis¡± for 9 years. It is aggressive and lead to destruction of both knees, left elbow, and cervical spine. There are fixed flexion deformities of both knees and elbow and unstable cervical spine. In addition, she suffered severe chronic pain because of the active disease.


Control disease process, inflammation, pain, and chronic depression using Steroids, antidepressants, analgesics, and DMARDs.


Toilet chair.

Training for ADLs.

Mild ROM and strengthening exercises.


Consider bilateral knee transplant.

The problem is in the rarity and very high expenses to access and good quality rehabilitation and surgical services locally in Yemen.

The clinic is supporting them for now in the treatment because of their very limited financial resources.

Best regards,

Dr. Youssef Fahim Guirguis

M.Sc. Rheumatology and Rehabilitation

Medical Director, Ras Morbat clinics, Ade, Yemen

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It¡¯s not a long time that we have been here but during these 27 days, we have seen lots of little and important improvements in my father¡¯s condition. That is incredible that you can stop the process of this disease, we really appreciate your help. We are so happy with TCM treatment and we are so sad that we have to leave here soon but we will continue this treatment in our country for 4 months and will be in contact with Dr. Ming and others. We will really miss every one here.

Miasghar Nayier

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My relation with Huaihua Red Cross hospital when I was searching the internet looking for a place that I can TCM treatment. I found this website is very indicative, informative and . This encouraged me to come to the hospital. I¡¯ve been here 24 days. I found Dr. Ming is a wonderful personality and very supportive. Dr. Li, the doctor-in-charge of me is a very charming person. The hospital is very good, and the treatment regimen that is given to me is. The entire and administrative staff and are very  and extended all the way when needed. The hospital is clean and the patent are good furnished.

Taher Aboulnaga

5 May 2009

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18th Jun.09

Dear Dr.Ming,

This is Faisal from Saudi Arabia. I came here complaining from IBS, unfortunately my staying here was very short but I can feel improvement. Because i can't stay here long, so i am taking herbal tea with me home and i will be in touch with medical staff. 

The whole team here were very friendly(doctor, nurses and translators)  

I wish a good luck for every body here and patients get well soon.



Saudi Arabia

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Dear Dr. Ming,


Thank you for saving my soul and life!

Rhoda Mckinwey

ALS patient

August 25, 2009   11:30 a.m.

From Winnipegj Canada

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From: Rhoda Jasah Mckumicy 1173 Cosydon A


September 1, 2009

My doctor¡¯s hands are the eyes of God.

My daughter Sasah and I are away from Canada

I know I had ALS

The only treatment I was offered was with the highly toxic Lithium, I thought the best thing I could was leave insurance to them. I had no hope, no spirit, and no smile. My daughters were desperate. I had given up.

I was angry when I arrived. I wanted to leave the next day - I wanted to die in peace. But miracles can happen overnight. Dr. Ming talked to me about the value of my life, the professor told me to smile! My doctor eased my tortured body, and the herbalist made my medicine. After one treatment I could smile! My mouth had been frozen for four months, and worked of crying all the time. I started to laugh.

How wonderful it feels to feel my mouth turn up and my belly jiggle.

Huai Hua is an ocean of hope and love, a little island of joy where: we flew, we happily flew. We land of peaks and we are on a pilgrimage of hope. The mythic country of China has delighted and surprised us. The indomitable spirit of the beautiful people of China has welcomed us with open arms.

Their dignity, their beautiful country, their smiling and cherished children are medicines for the spirit.

Thank you Dr. Ming for your vision. Thank you to your entire delightful crew. It has been an honor to be here.

By saving T. C. M. you are keeping one our planet¡¯s treasuries alive.

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Room 4002

September 24, 2009

I arrived at the hospital on the 9th, with a lot of pain on my body, especially on my elbows and knee. The inflammation and pain is caused by my condition ¡°Rheumatoid Arthritis¡±, that I have for the last 10 years. The first two days were hand, I was in pain and could not adapt to the condition. I¡¯m sure all this painfulness are going to be improved in the new hospital. After two weeks of treatment, I feel it had a bit of improvement, but I realize that for this acute period of my illness I need more time and patience to get the condition stabilized. I¡¯ll continue to take the herbs.

Many thanks to all the doctors, nurses and staff that looked after me during my stay. I sincerely wish Dr. Ming all best for his new hospital opening soon.

Thanking you all again.




Room 408       Elena Dyakonova (Russia)

I have spent almost three months here with the case of infertility. And now I know. I am sure that my case can be cured. Because I have met wonderful doctors as professor Zhang and Dr. Lini. Now I understand that TCM is totally different way of treating. First of all TCM is trying to treat patients¡¯ mind. And we have to remember that nothing can be done without changing of thinking. Thank you Dr. Liu Youhui as well.

And once again thank you my doctors for your patience and kind hearts.


10. 02. 2010

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My name is Manana. I am from Georgia. I have diagnosed with ALS in June 2009. I had weakness in my neck (mainly flexor muscles); dumbness in my nose and upper lip, with difficulty to pronounce certain sounds. Since August 2010 new problems occurred: weakness in my lower jaw (I had to support it by my hand), chewing problems, not clear speech. Since October added: loosing of weight, weakness in whole body, bad appetite, low energy, some cramps in my right hand.

In 5 weeks since coming to the Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital and beginning TCM treatmnt my condition improved:

I can walk and speak without supporting my jaw;

Dumbness of face reduced almost on 75%;

I began to rise up my lower jaw and touch upper without any help;

I have no more cramps in my hand;

I have good appetite and put up 2.5 kilo;

I feel much better and my sleep improves.

I hope that my other problems also will be solved or reduced by TCM treatment.


85% Recovery of my 14 Years' Scleroderma, the Letter from Dr.Walid



Speech made by Mackey from Zimbabwe on the 11th anniversary celebration of our TCM group


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