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Dr. Ming and his Staff, Invited Guests, Fellow Patients and Caregivers

I am privileged and honored to participate on this special occasion celebrating the birth of eleven of the most unique medical institutions in the world, The Dr. Ming's TCM group.

From an international perspective, eleven years of the Dr. Ming's TCM group represents eleven years of service by a dedicated team of medical practitioners and their noble fight to minimise the suffering of mankind from difficult chronic diseases. It means eleven years of giving hope and comfort to thousands of people frightened out of their minds by diseases that another part of the world has already cynically declared 'incurable'. It means eleven years of combating complicated chronic diseases with genius application of time honored natural Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Having traveled halfway across the globe ourselves to this world-famous treatment centre for and having spoken to many other patients who have been through this hospital I am also glad to confirm that eleven years of the Dr. Ming's TCM group to us all means eleven years of winning the global war against despair, hopelessness and pessimism.

To sum it up Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital represents light and hope for troubled mankind. Its visionary founding is the only reason why we are here and smiling today. Ladies and gentlemen, the least we can do on this wonderful occasion is to thank and applaud the facilitating government of the Republic of China, Dr. Ming and his pioneering team of founding fathers, and his entire working team on the occasion marking the hospitals' 11th Anniversary.

Congratulations and thank you once again. We wish your centre more success and many more anniversaries.

Tendai and Mackey

ALS Patient from Zimbabwe

26 August 2011