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For helping international patients with coronavirus pneumonia, our hospital offers free advice.




China and TCM are fighting against coronavirus very successfully.

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Community Defence against Coronavirus--The successful Experience of Chinese People

Pls check the video on youtube or check the video on youku



Dear President Mr. Gilles,

I am very grateful that you sent me your email yesterday. I asked my assistant to send my best regards to you with some of my major ideas. Yet I feel that it is necessary for me to write an other email to introduce more information here responding to your concerns.

Our county Zhongfang is a lucky place that it remains clean all the time without any cases of coronavirus. Our hospital offered much herbal tea to protect the policemen, doctors, nurses and cardres who worked on the front line. Our Huaihua city (Zhongfang county is one of the counties in Huaihua city) had 40 patients of coronavirus infection and all of them were cured totally and dispersed from the hospital on 27th, Feb, 2020. Huaihua administration put much attention to herbs and will continue to a 100-days action of ^herbal flavor and healthy people ̄ . Our Hunan province is connecting with Hubei province (provincial capital is Wuhan city where disaster is happening). Our province collected 1018 patients of coronavirus infection and only 4 people passed away since TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) entered the treatment in the early manner. The recovery rate is about 82% till today and ranks one of the best rates in all provinces of China.

Today, the confirmed cases in Hubei province are 66336. Among them, 28895 patients have been cured and 2727 people passed away. The passed-away patients are relatively so much since many cases happened suddenly and no enough doctors were there. The another major reason is TCM was not able to enter the treatment in the earliest time.

Chinese central government organized an all-people campaign against the epidemic disease very successfully. About 42000 medical staff (including about 5000 TCM doctors and nurses) were sent to Wuhan city and Hubei province to help the patients. More than 90% of the confirmed patients took Chinese herbal medicines and the treatment result is wonderful. Now the situation in Hubei province has been well controlled. Today there are no new cases in more than 25 provinces in China.

We are sure that the viruses in Wuhan city and Hubei province will be completely defeated on the end of April this year and the campaign will be ended successfully.

Generally speaking, the great achievement of this accident is closer connection between Chinese people and central government, the first. The second one is that whatever it is prevention or treatment, TCM should enter the first time. This is the valuable experience of Chinese people. Wuhan accident let all Chinese people realize the importance of TCM. We believe that world people will see the powerful role of TCM since the disease is spreading over the world. China is becoming the safest place in the world.

On 26th, Feb., the high level consultant of the general director of WHO Mr. Bruce Aylward said to the media after visiting China and seeing the great efforts of Chinese people and government, ^We must see the great contribution of Wuhan people to the world. World owes them a lot. After this crisis passes away, I would like to thank all Wuhan people again on the behalf of world people. ̄ Further, he said ^If I catch coronavirus, I would like to be treated in China. ̄ Recently, WHO puts TCM into the newest NO. 11 edition of the Global Medical Compendium which means that TCM is considered as the major medical therapy rather than a supplementary one in the world.

After the observation and treatment on the coronavirus patients, our national TCM experts and other TCM experts over the country regard that this disease is an epidemic disease like other 321 major epidemic diseases in the history of China. This virus could produce different results on different people from the viewpoints of TCM. But most of them could be revealed as syndrome of cold dampness or syndrome of damp heat. Also there are few cases like cold dryness or yin fluid deficiency. Therefore, it is better to make syndrome identification case to case. The early stage could show symptoms like dry cough, slight aversion to cold, aching pains over the body, fever. When cold enters the body, it could transform into heat, thus high fever could appear. 80% cases are belong to slight one like common cold. But there are about 10% of the cases which will become very serious cases. Chinese medicine could prevent these slight cases from becoming very serious cases.

In the Dahuashan Cabin Hospital in Wuhan city where TCM takes the lead, no slight patients become serious ones. Herbal tea, herbal granules, prepared herbal products, acupuncture, massage, bean acupressure on the ears, eight brocade physical exercise are being used in this cabin hospital. Also moxa sticks are used to clear air and prevent viruses. Everything is really successful.

As to the treatment, The National TCM Administration Bureau listed a few TCM formulas. These formulas are relatively easy to use for Chinese TCM practitioners. However, they are not easy to use for foreign practitioners. So I introduce the ^Lung-clearing Toxin-dispersing Formula ̄ to you which is suitable for all slight cases, common cases, serious cases not for very serious cases). Our hospital did offer an advice of formula to Beijing which is quite similar to this ^Lung-clearing Toxin-dispersing Formula ̄ . The principle of this formula is joint use of both cold and hot ingredients. The ingredients are as follows:

ephedra 9g   licorice root 6g  apricot kernel 9g   fresh gypsum 15-30gdecocted in advance  cinammon twig 9g   alisma tuber 9g    polyporus 9g    atractylodes rhizome 9g     poria 15g 

bupleurum 16g  scutellaria root 6g    prepared pinellia tuber 9g  fresh ginger 9g     aster 9g  tussilago 9g   belamcanda 9g    asarum 6g    dioscorea 12g    bitter orange 6g  orange peel 6g   agastache 9g

Formula principle: Dispersing wind and expelling cold, dissipating lungs and calming asthma, dredging dampness and resolving toxin, stopping coughing and reducing phlegm, fortifying spleen and pacifying stomach. All ingredients should be decocted for 40 minutes and 200 milliliters should be taken in the morning and another 200 milliliters should be taken in the afternoon for adults. Based upon the degrees of cold and heat on the body, the doctor should balance the hot herbs like ephedra, cinnammon twig, fresh ginger, asarum and the cold ingredient fresh gypsum.

As to the prevention of this disease, let me introduce our hospital formula ^Qi-enriching Cold-dispersing Toxin-resolving Formula ̄ which could enrich the qi, supporting the rightness, dissipating cold, resolving exterior, clearing heat, resolving toxin, stopping cough, reducing phlegm. The ingredients are as follows:

glehnia root 2g  schizonepeta root 2g    perilla leaf 2g   aster 2g  tussilago 2g   dandelion 2g  wild chrysanthemum 2g   forthysia 2g   scutellaria root 2g   astragalus root 2g

 This formula could be used as daily common tea. Ten days could be a period. 100 milliliters could be taken in the morning and another 100 milliliters could be taken in the afternoon for adults. We are so thankful to this formula since our Zhongfang county keeps zero record all the time.

Please tell me the situation on your side anytime. I could contact the  Sub-Society of International Exchanges and Cooperation Of China Society Of Ethnic Medicines (SECEM) which is administrated by The National TCM Administration Bureau. This organization could help to donate some herbal products and facemasks to improve the immune ability and protect the body for your friends around you.

I wish you to get through this special difficulty and let your friends get help from TCM which is very helpful for treatment and prevention. Also, please forward my best wishes to all friends and TCM doctors who have been here for study.

Warmest regards.

                                                                                      Dr. Ming

                                                                                    March 1, 2020.


From: Gilles
Date: 2020-02-26 17:52
To: student
Subject: Re: Greetings from Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital!
Dear Dr. Ming,
Nice to have some news, even if the situation is tough! 
From here in France, we don't really believe on China information and we imagined that the situation was really worst in China ... If finally you, your family and you colleagues are ok, this is nice!!!
The virus propagation is growing here in France and in Italy, day by day, so people are becoming nervous & frightened ...
So, as I am leaving really near Italy, could you help me?

- Following MTC, what are the symptoms of the disease?
- What are the herbes for precaution? (name, quantity & posology)
- Do you know some herbs for treatment if the disease happen? (name, quantity & posology)
We already have some information about herbs and so on, but nothing really clear, and also many different propositions  ... Thus your experience can really help!
Many thanks for your answers.
Moreover, if you agree, we will be able to share your answers on our community site on Facebook.
Thanks in advance.




Genxinhao Herbal Protection Tea

20 packets/box, 10 grams/packet.

This product could stop coughing, reduce phlegm, resolve toxin. The right qi exists inside, evils couldn't disturb. The tea is suitable for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

This food is produced by Zhongfang Pure TCM Hospital and Hunan Zhongliao Science CO. LTD.

It is very easy for anybody to import this tea into your own country because it's food tea.




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Medical face mask for adults and kids.





                                                                                                                                      Moxa stick could clear air and prevent virus.



Hanging herbal odour packing to prevent virus




Nucleic acid detection box for coronavirus



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Convenient herbal granules which could make prevention or treatment formula



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Make good preparation  to save more lives.

All products we offer are based upon Chinese standard.


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