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Herbal Treatment Of  0176





Dear Dr.Ming,

I'm Said Taani from Jordan. Lately I suffered from painful cramps on my legs, and hands. I encounter difficulties when swallowing water or eating. I feel that Sometimes water or any juice is suffocating me. Moreover my voice is gradually disappearing with harmful noise in my ears.

After I undergo diverse test, a Japanese neurologist think that I have ALS and he advise me to contact your centre in order to find the right treatment.
Please I need to know the duration of the treatment and the cost.

I really appreciate your help. If you need any further information please feel free to call me on my mobile 00962777956767 .


First I must thank you for your prompt action to my lovely wife Atika which she sent you an email on my behalf concerning my disease case.
In order to accelerate this subject, I will tell you the whole story of what happened to me for the last eight months.

In 2008, I had a cancer case in my stomach and due to my wife's studies in the Internet , she told me that Japan is number one in the world as the success almost 98% in Japan ,72 % in USA and 70% in Europe.

So, I went to National Cancer Center in Tokyo in December 2008 and I did the operation and according to their orders , every six months I have to do a general check up including endoscopy for the stomach and all the examinations I did in King Hussein Cancer center in Amman -Jordan and all the time I sent them to Prof.Takeo Fukagawa , the Chief Surgeon in National Cancer Center in Tokyo.

In November 24th 2011, I did the usual general check up in The Cancer Center in Jordan as usual and amazingly ,after three days I started to have pain in in my Throat and stiffness in my mussels in my legs and fingers in my feats and in my hands.

Then , the whole story began as I visited several Doctors in the private clinics ,starting with Neurologists and ENT and for six months I did the whole examinations such as :

-CT Scan for the Brain.
-MRI for the Brain.
- Several endoscopes for the the nose and throat including vocal cords.
-Chest CT SCAN.
-Spin Scan.
-Blood tests.
-Nerves tests.

And all the above tests were clean except the Spin scan as they discovered that I have one Neck disc and another two in my back.

Of course , all the Doctors gave me several Medicines and no improvement to my speeches and voice.

Then, I decide to go to Tokyo to find a solution .

I went on 20th of June and started all the examinations concerning endoscopes of my stomach and colon and they found them clean from Cancer and Dr Fukagawa told me that you are clean from Cancer and you don't to do any further exams from now on ,and then I started with ENT Dr. Nakajima in the Tokyo Dental College Ichikawa General Hospital and he did the endoscopy of my throat and vocal cords and he said it is clean and he asked me to see the Neurologist , but Dr Fukagawa asked me to go the another hospital which is called National and International Hospital and they did all the examination through ENT Dr.Tayama and asked me to do the Neurologist exams by Dr Takeuchi and on 11th of July Dr Tayama told me that you have a problem either through the Neck Disc or you have ALS disease and he said Chinese Hospital which is yours is more accurate and better than Japanese Hospitals .

Now,Attached all the exams I did either in Amman or in Tokyo and the medicines they gave me .

Tomorrow, I will fill the form you send me for further details.
Kindly send me an official invitation letter as it is requested by the Chinese Embassy in Jordan to arrange the Visa.

Also, after studying all the attached documents , you can tell me the following:
- Estimation of the cost for medications.
-Estimated of how many days I should be in China , is it inpatient or out patient ? as I am planning to bring my wife and my two babies for tourist trip to enjoy the time in China.

I am very sorry to disturb you with my sickness and personal strategy for picnic to China.

Thanking your cooperation .