Herbal Treatment Of 0141, IBS, India

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Herbal Treatment Of  0141, IBS,  India





Dear 0141,

Thanks very much for your kind email and trust to let us know your condition. According to your current condition, we can see you get some improvement. In order to consolidate the treating result, our experts suggest you take another 20 days herbal tea. The another 20 days herbal tea is mainly to improve your intestinal canal's function and make your stool be normal. Is that ok? Thanks a lot.

Waiting for your kind reply soon and best wishes.

Dr. Ming

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Sent: Saturday, June 16, 2007 4:49 PM
Hello Dr Ming,

Sleep, spirit & mood is better also there is little or no belching and no
sour taste in mouth but lot of farting is still continuing.
Stool is not normal as yet, have to go three four times with loose some what
watery and mucus.
There is no pain in the stomach but there is pain on the back side and neck

Now there is only 2 days herbal tea is left.
 Please advice for future.
Thanks & Regards


Dear 0141,

Thanks so much for your very kind email and trust to let us know your condition.

Please go on taking the medication for thyroid, ayurvedic herbal medications and mild ayurvedic herbal stool softener and laxative combined. You can reduce the dosage of the ayurvedic herbal medications and mild ayurvedic herbal stool softener and laxative gradually.

Dear 0141, if you do not mind, please go on letting us know your progress. Thanks.

Have a nice day!

Dr. Ming

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Dr Ming,

Thanks for your kind email and the details.

There is sometimes very little (negligible) stomach pain.
Mixed type (sometimes a little formed some times diarrhea type with mucus )
Bowl movement is still continuing about four times a day.

Some day there is too much pressure on the stomach and discomfort & ache and
some day there is no pressure and I feel normal. Food is normal and some
times I feel very hungry sometimes not so hungry.

Sleep, spirit & mood is much better also there is not much belching and no
sour taste in mouth but a lot of passing Gas (farting) some days and some
day only less farting. I am taking thyroid & nerve relaxing medications, but
I am stopping the nerve relaxing medication from today.

I am also stopping many more ALOPETHIC medications FOR IBS from today. Still
I will be continuing some AYURVEDIC HERBAL MEDICATIONS for IBS. I am also
taking one tea spoon at bed time some mild Ayurvedic Herbal stool softener &
laxative combined. Please advice if need to reduce or stop this dose or this
is OK.

Kind Regards


Dear 0141,

Thanks so much for your very kind email and funds transfer. We send the herbal tea to you today by air shipping. It will take two weeks to your country in common condition, please notice it. Once you receive the package, please let us know. Thanks! (Since this is international shipping, so in very special conditions, there is a possible delay of the post-office delivery, thanks for your understanding and kindness.)

We have made 20 even dosages for you. A piece (dosage) a day. Please decoct a dosage once per day. The concrete steps are that first, put the herbal powders in a jar or a mug with about 1000ml to 1200ml water. Soak the powders for 30 minutes. Heat the water to the boiling point with strong fire, then make the fire to be mild and decoct (i.e., simmer) the herbal powders for about 30 minutes. When the herbal powders are being decocted, please frequently stir the powders and water with a stick or a scoop so that the powders will not stick to the edges of the jar and the powders will not be burned. This is very important. When the decoction is lukewarm, please filter the decoction with the cloth we offer you. Wrap the powders with the cloth and use the power of your hands to press the cloth bag till all the decoction is filtered out and the herbal powders become dry. In this way, about 400ml to 500ml pure decoction will be got. Please take 200ml in the morning. Take another 200ml in the afternoon after making it lukewarm.

During the period of using medicine, please take care the following things. Have more nutritious foods; have a due consideration to good rest; take less pungent or fatty foods; relax the mind. If you feel the tea is too much bitter, you could put a little bit sugar into the tea.

We sincerely hope your order will help you well. If the products work well for you, it is very much good, please let us know the good news. In special conditions, if they do not work well for you, do please come back to us, since anyway we could find another effective solution for you.

By the way, we reported it as Chinese herbal tea, please notice it. Thanks.

Your health is very important to us. If you like, our honor to be your permanent health advisor to you, your family and friends for free.

Best wishes to you!

Dr. Ming


Dear 0141,

Thanks so much for your very kind email and trust to let us know your idea. We will prepare the 20 days herbal tea for you soon.

Dear 0141, as to the 20 days herbal tea, we could air ship the herbal tea to you. Is that OK? Thanks.

Dear 0141, once you transfer your kind funds, please let us know the information you use and confirm your shipping address, so that we could send the herbal tea to you directly and timely. Thanks.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon and best wishes!

Dr. Ming

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Subject: For Kind attention of Dr Ming

Dear Dr Ming,

Thanks for your such a prompt reply explaining the details of the treatment, it is highly appreciated.

I believe in TMC as I have tried it before during my stay of in Hong Kong  from  1956 to 1962. I really wish I could come to China for the treatment now but unfortunately I can not spare one month at this time hence request you to first start with the herbal tea for 20 days and dispatch to my address.

Please inform the cost & how & where to send the money.

Thanking you with warm regards



Dear 0141,

Thanks so much for your trust and precious time to let us know your health information in details which is very useful and helpful for us go through the correct diagnosis for you, We have checked your health information carefully, we are confident that we could help your IBS and other symptoms well.

Dear 0141, from the idea of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), your condition is due to deficiency of the live and kidneys, disharmony of the intestines and stomach. Our treatment strategy is to be tonifying the liver and kidneys, loosening the intestines and warming the stomach.

Dear 0141, if it is convenient to you, you are warmly welcome to our hospital for the comprehensive treatment for a month which includes herbal tea combined with massage as well as acupuncture; furthermore, we could adjust the formula daily according to your reaction, we are sure the treatment result will be very good.

Dear 0141, if you are not able to come now, we will prescribe a herbal formula and make it into 20 days herbal tea for your first. Is that OK? Thanks.

Hope to hear from you soon and best wishes!

Dr. Ming

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Name: 0141
Gender: Male
Marriage: married
Child-bearing: five children
Age: 65
Height: 1.66  tall
Weight: 71  in weight
Disease Period: five  long

hair loss with oily scalp
slightly whitish tongue body
thin tongue coating
painful neck
having slight heart problem
having middle degree problem of the blood pressure

stomach pains
stomachache likes pressure on it
belch with sour taste in the mouth
lower abdomen pains
painful back with inability or difficulty to stretch or bend the back
aching pains of the shoulders and back
like cold drinks
like hot drinks
frequent daytime urination
white urine
dribbling urine after urination
diarrhea with clear undigested foods
diarrhea worsened by emotional frustration or distress
reduced sexual ability
frequent masturbation more than four years
60 to 80 wrist beats per minute
string-like pulse (touching the wrist pulse like touching a tight string of a musical instrument)
dry living environment
always worrisome
overthinking often
easy to be angry always
depressed often
irritability often

Major Complaint:
Presently suffering from : 1. Irritable Bowl Syndrome with almost constant stomach pain, occasional dairreah & sometimes constipation, passing lots of gas, belching. (This is my major problem ) 2. Unable to have sound sleep. 3. Feeling weak, latharigc and lack of concentration & slight loss of memory. 4. Vasovagal 4.Blood pressure. 5. Diabetic medium. 6. Eczema (Lichan planus) 7. Thyroid since last few days only. Other Health Problems : 1. Heart Problem. Had Angioplasty four times with stents.
I have stopped doing active work since last two years. I am a vegiterian (no meat, fish or eggs but I take milk products)and like Indian Spicy food. I do not smoke. No hobbies. I Watch lot of TV & playing cards. Yes.
Laboratory Check:
Endoscopy, colonoscopy, Barium meal X-Ray, CT Scan, Ultrasound of the Abdomen Area all found normal. Blood test reports will be faxed.
Other Diseases:
Medications : will send by FAX. Hospitalization many times in the past :- Many times for heart problem and 4 times for Angioplasty. For surgery : Removal of Appendix, removal of piles, prostrate surgery, surgery of right eye.
I request you to advice best possible treatment for me and would like you to send medicine ( you feel best for me).I will pay by credit card or as your requirment. In case you suggest I should come to China for treatment, please advice & inform how many days would be required stay and the best time to come and approximate cost. Thanking you in advance. Best Regards