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 Wholesale Herbal Products List 5, N-Q





N-14.  Herbal Products for Trauma-Healing, Blood-Quickening and Pains-Stopping (click for details)

N12  Chinese Knocks-Falls Pills   new

N11  Trauma-Healing Efficacy Capsule

N10: Corydalis Pain-Stopping Capsule

N09  Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule  

N08  Corydalis Pain-Stopping Capsule

N07  Crouching Dragon Tablet  

N06  Minor Gold Pill  

N05  Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule 

N04  Yun Nan Notoginseng Powder 

N03  Yun Nan Notoginseng Capsule  

N02  Dragon's Blood Capsule  

N01  Trauma Fall Sprain Tablet 


O-15.  Herbal Products for Rheumatism (click for details) 

O21  Rheumatalgia Tablet   new

O20  Wind-Expelling Bones-Outthrusting Pill   new

O19  Bolt-Dispersing Vessels-Freeing Tablet   new

O18  Campo Peach Twig Tablet  new

O17  Pain-Wind Stabilizing Capsule   new

O16  Juanbi antibiotic pill   

O15  Rheumatism Plaster   

O14  Effective Plaster For Neck, Shoulder, Waist And Leg  

O13  Nerve-Stretching and Network Vessels-Quickening Pill   

O12  Wind Headache Capsule   

O11  Wind-Dissipating Network-Quickening Pill  

O10  Sacred Rheumatism Capsule  

O09  Musk Wind-Eliminating Plaster  

O08  Hot Pepper Rheumatism Plaster   

O07  Rheumatism Calming Tablet 

O06  Wind -Expelling Pain-Stopping Capsule  

O05  Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule

O04: Juren Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule  

O02  Rhening Tablet 

O01  Ten Thousands Tendons And Bones Opening Tablet 


P-16Herbal Products for Apoplectic Sequelae (click for details)

P09: Longsheng Leech Capsule  new

P08: Brian Treasure Pill   new

P07  Hemiplegia-Restoring Pill  

P06  Major Network-Channel-Quickening Pill 

P05  Apoplexy Spring-Returning Pill

P04  Life-Regaining of Brain Tablet 

P03  Powerful Strength Gastrodia Eucommia Capsule  

P02  Major Network-Channel-Quickening Bolus 

P01  Hua Tuo Re-Creating Pill  


Q-17Herbal Products for Urinary Inflammation, Kidney Stones and Prostatitis (click for details)

Q28: Prostatitis Pleasure Capsule  new

Q27  Stones-Expelling Granule  new

Q26  Prostate-Freeing Tablet   new

Q25  Stone-Dispelling Capsules   

Q24  Multiple-Ingredients Snow Ginseng Capsule 

Q23  Uremic Clearance Granule 

Q22: Prostate Recovery And Comfort Capsule  

Q21  Strangury Conquering Capsule  

Q20  Stone-Expelling Granule  

Q18  Prostate Urine-Blockade-Opening Capsule  

Q17  Stone-Expelling Tablet

Q16  Prostatitis Disappearing Capsule 

Q15  Strangury Clearing Granule 

Q14  Stone Expelling Capsule  

Q13  Five Types Strangury Pill 

Q12  Nephritis Recovery Tablet  

Q11  Kidney Stones Opening Soluble Preparation 

Q09  Excretion-Calming Peace Capsule  

Q07  Heat-Clearing Strangury-Opening Tablet 

Q06  Prostate Spring-Returning Capsule 

Q05  Stone And Strangury Opening Soluble 

Q04  Four Ingredients Tablet For Nephritis  

Q03  Major Toxicity-Defeating Capsule 

Q02  Prostate Recovery Tablet  

Q01  Three Gold Tablet


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