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I have sent you the fund through a money transfer order from my bank account to your bank account. I expect it will take 4 days of processing. I started take three pills each time and three times a day. Best regards and please let me know when you receive the funds. Thanks.

--Manley (USA)


I just received my order . Inform me if it is OK that I received a small bottle of hair tonic and two packages of the capsules. Thank you and regards!

--Stella (Poland)


Thank you for your reply. I would like to pay by check if that is OK. My address is Andrew Moore, 25 MoorcroftClose, Cheadle, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Best regards!

--Andrew (UK)


The package has arrived! Thank you! The products are extremely well-packed. What are the instructions for taking the medications? Should I perform any exercises? What things should I do and what I things should I not do? Thank you.

--Kathy (USA)


I would like to report to you the following concerns regards my condition after 4 days of using the pills. I have noticed the thirstiness has stopped. I have used to wake up several times to drink water, but this has gone now! I feel a good improvement in my general body health. With best regards!

Satcey Yount (New Zealand)


Thank you for your kindness and promptitude in answering to my previous email. As you have suggested I used your online-credit-card web-page and it worked. I have paid US$104 for my herbal order that I have ordered this morning. Please let me know if everything is OK and when I can expect to receive the order. Yours faithfully.

--Wright (Slovenia)




F-06.  Herbal Products for Diabetes and Fat-Reducing (click for details)

F12: Sugar-Lowering Pill   new

F11  Fetid Cassia Fat-Reducing Tablet   new

F10  Fat-Reducing Slimming Tablet   new

F08  Sugar Vessel Comfort Granule  

F07  Jingzhu Fat-Lowering Toxin-Expelling Capsule  

F06  Fat-Reducing Effective Tablet 

F05  Sugar-Reducing Capsule  

F04  Sugar-Reducing Effecacious Capsule 

F03  Diabetes Disappearing Efficacious Capsule  

F02  Sugar Urine Pleasure Capsule 

F01  Ginseng Astragalus Sugar-Lowering Capsule  


G-07.  Herbal Products  for Gastritis, Gastro-Duodenal Ulcers and Poor Appetite (click for details)

G21Harmony-Preserving Pill    new

G20: Stomach-Calming Tablet   new

G19   Stomach Recovery Capsule 

G18  Stomach Peace Capsule  

G17  Sausurean Amomum Stomach Nourishing Pill  

G16  Stomach Efficacious Granule 

G15  Appetite-Promoting Food-Digesting Tablet

G14  Stomach Benefiting Capsule  

G13  Stomach Peace Calmness Granule 

G12  Stomach-Nourishing Comfortability Capsules 

G11  Stomach-Warming Comfortability Granule 

G10  Stomach Recovery Capsule  

G09  Stomach-Fortifying Ulcer-Healing Tablet 

G08  Original Harmony Stomach-Adjusting Tablet  

G07  Stomachache Calmness Tablet  

G06  Six Ingredients Sausurean Capsule

G05  Ulcer Formula Capsule 

G04  Wei-Tai "999" Capsule

G03  Mo Luo Elixir 

G02  Sausurean Oi-Smoothing Pill 

G01  Stomach-Fortifying Food-Digesting Tablet  


H-08.  Herbal Products for the Liver, Gall-Bladder Diseases (click for details)

H16: Liver-Recovering Capsule

H15 Liver-Soothing Stomach-Pacifying Pill  

H14  Liver-Protecting Tablet    

H13  Hepatitis-B Toxin-Resolving Capsule   

H12  Liver Calmness Comfortability Capsule    

H11  Hepatitis B Toxin-Resolving Capsule   

H10  Multiple Formula Gall-Opening Capsule   

H09  Gall-Smoothening Stone-Expelling Tablet   

H08  Gall-Bladder Comfortability Capsule  

H07  Inflammation-Resolving Gall-Bladder-Excreting Tablet 

H06  Gentian Liver-Discharging Granule 

H05: Gentian Liver-Discharging Capsule

H04  Hepatitis-B Calmness Granule  

H03  Gallstone Opening Capsule  

H02  Leisurely Carefree Pill 

H01  Hepatitis-B Rightness-Supporting Capsule 


I-09.  Herbal Products for Intestine Disorders, Diarrhea and Constipation (click for details)

I15  Intestines-Moistening Pill   new

I14  Multi-Ingredients Bitter Wood Anti-Inflammation Capsule   new

I13  Multiple-Ingredients Coptis Tablet   new

I12  Six Ingredients Saussurea and Coptis Capsule 

I11  Abdomen-Calming Tablet 

I10  Root-Securing Intestine-Boosting Tablet 

I09  Sterculia Sucking Tablet 

I08  Diarrhea Stopping Capsule

I07  Intestines Clearance Tea

I06  Hemp Seed Pill  

I05  Colitis Pills  

I04  Bowel Loosening Capsule  

I02  Intestine-Stomach Tranquilizing Capsule  new


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