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Our herbs are of the best quality and warmly welcomed by clients over 220 countries in the world. We are making our price the most favored and affordable to you. We classify our hundreds herbs into three different lists according English, Latin language and Chinese Pinyin. You could check these hundreds herbs according to the language that you are used to. Also the herbal names in Chinese language is included in every list. 

The herbs could be offered in original raw herb form, or fine powder form, or herbal capsule form. Please let us know your order, the weight of each herb, air shipping choice or common surface post. So we could report the herbal fee and shipping fee to you as soon as we get your order request. Thanks.

Our price report in the lists below is in US$ per kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) for original raw herbs.

Please check the export certificates of our company here.


                     Herbal List In Pinyin, English and Latin                (corresponding Chinese)