Pruritus And Traditional Chinese Medicine In China

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Pruritus And Traditional Chinese Medicine In China



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Pruritus is the term term used when itching is the primary complaint unaccompanied by visible skin lesions or systemic diseases predisposing t itch. It is usually due to dryness and desiccation of the stratum corneum. Use of antihistamines is often limited because of their sedative effect. Acupuncture may provide satisfactory relief.

Etiology and Pathogenesis

Pruritus often occurs before sleeping, precipitated by stress, weather changes, alcoholic drinks or spicy hot food. according to Chinese medicine, this is due to constitutional anomaly with heat in blood and further attack by wind-heat which halts in the sin, or due to blood deficiency with exuberant Liver qi which turns to wind and causes dryness, impairing the cutaneous nutrition.

Syndrome Differentiation

1. Wind-dryness and blood-heat: Pruritus of short duration, often occurring in young adults, dry skin with desquamation.

2. Blood deficiency with liver exuberance: Pruritus of long duration, often occurring in the elderly, precipitated by emotional stress or weather changes, reddened skin with rhagades.

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