Service Introduction for Our International Patients

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Service Introduction for Our International Patients





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Note: The following pictures are some parts of our city Huaihua.

Free-of-charge advice. Help to regain your health in an effective, safe and
economic way!

(1) Doctors in our TCM hospital maintain a high standard of professional ethics, being as considerate as possible of every patient's concerns. Our doctors make every patient feel well-respected, content and confident in our services.

(2) We interview our patients about their illness with meticulous care in order to ensure accurate syndrome-identification, treatment plan and herbal prescriptions.

Reasonable and affordable fees and charges. Compared to the expense of Western medicine, TCM is always affordable for patients. More importantly, the therapeutic result of Chinese medicine is usually unexpectedly wonderful. You are welcome to come to our city for treatment in our hospital.

Payment here is often in US dollars; other currencies are also accepted, like Euros, Canadian dollar, English pounds sterling, Australian dollar, Japanese Yen, Singapore dollar, etc. You could pay us either by bank transfer, or Western Union, or credit card, or cashing through our local ATM machine by your credit card, or cash directly. Payment by traveler's check is not accepted.




(4) If you would like to come to China to seek our treatment right now, Zhongfang is located in Huaihua City, West Hunan province, mid-south China, close to the internationally famous and beautiful tourist sites, Guilin and Zhangjiajie. To come here, please fly from your country to Guangzhou or Beijing or Shanghai. You could continue flying directly to Huaihua from Guangzhou or Beijing or Shanghai. Our local airport is called Huaihua Zhijiang Airport. The code of this airport is HJJ. Most of our international patients come here by air. As to the way to come here, you may check more details here.

In order to guarantee your smooth arrival here, we also offer the following services, such as tickets booking for air flights and trains, picking up with you in the airport and train station by our working staff, one night hotel booking during the mid-way to our hospital, etc. Please contact us in advance so that we could make the above arrangement for you. Thanks.

Our hospital also offers daily shopping assistance, services of international calling, Internet, laundry, as well as sightseeing projects in the city and in the countryside.

Note: If you would like to come to our hospital, please contact us in advance so that we could offer you and your accompanying persons an official invitation letter so that you could get a three months or six months visa. Thanks for your cooperation.


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