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Introduction To Our TCM Red Cross Hospital









In early March, we went to the northern region of Huaihua for an outing. Spring is a season full of vigor and vitality.




On weekends of late February, these 6 friends from different countries coming for TCM study and practice in our hospital, enjoy themselves in Zhong Po mountain, Zhongfang industrial park, and god crane health care valley.





On February 1st, the fifth day of the new year, we celebrated the Chinese new year with our international friends. After dinner, ZhuWenjie, a senior in Central Academy of Drama, played 1 pop song with guitar. We all had a good time! Please check the video on Youtube or Please check the the video on Youku




The pictures above shows the scenes of the students from Algeria learning and traveling in our hospital at the early of   2017.



On the New Year's day, we welcomed the sixth Algerian TCM study group.


More Pictures of Our International Patients