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Difficulties of the Modern Western Medicine





Difficulties of the Modern Western Medicine

---Chinese Article is written by western medical doctorLiu Weimin

Translated by Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital

All the viewpoints in this article are only for reference.


I am a doctor of western medicine spending my early study in Germany and I’ve been engaged in clinical medicine over 30 years. I have also won many National Science and Technology Progress Awards in medical research. However, because of the contradiction between its theory and clinical practice, as well as the limitations of itself I gradually put forward many questions that why have we paid such a heavy cost and pain for good health and illness treatment? Doesn’t our human civilization have more safe and scientific methods of treatment?

Suggestions on canceling western medicine:

1. Western medicine theory is established on the basis of mechanical materialism and metaphysics. Although the research on human body’s organic tissues has reached molecular and cellular level, western medicine has greatly deviated from the organic connection of human body due to its world view. For example, human body is an organic combination, yet, for the sake of research convenience western medicine concentrates on individual study of every single tissue and organ at first. Just like the earth, seen as a whole, borders are divided artificially, but actually we cannot consider the borders when we study the earth.

2. The toxic and side effects of western medicine are too much and often exceed its curative effect, which contradicts with our green and environment-protective concept.

(1) Slight illness leads to serious one. For instance, after gallstone operation, there is no fundamental solution to the causes of the formation of stones so they can only re-generate in the hepatic duct. Therefore, patients get another illness of hepatolithiasis from the primary disease, gallstone.

(2) The damage caused by side effects of western medicine often exceeds its curative effects. As a result, during the treatment of many chronic diseases, primary disease is not cured, but more diseases appear and they are even more serious than primary ones, such as chronic nephritis, anemia. Due to the long-term application of hormone medicine, original disease cannot be cured and even more diseases are produced, eg: osteoporosis, high blood viscosity, masculine, reduction of immunity, obesity, moon face, sexual dysfunction, etc.

(3) Further, the side effects of some western medicine have an incubation period of more than ten years, and even break out in next generation. For example, tetracycline tooth event which happened in 1960’s caused people of that time facing with black teeth a dozen years later. For another instance, painless childbirth became popular for a period in 1970’s and 1980’s, resulting in 4-5 times higher risk of uterine cancer for the next generation girls.

(4) Observe carefully and you will find none of a disease can be really cured by western medicine in clinical practice especially in internal medicine system. Patients are under treatment repeatedly throughout the year, hospitalized and discharged repeatedly, over and over again are in hospital and eventually end up their lives. Apart from making money, what else does hospital bring for patients’ health? Actually, in order to satisfy the rules of "Eight Great Rate", most patients’ conditions are not much different when admitted and discharged from hospital, some of them become even worse.

(5) Western medicine has developed into 21st century today, giving a false impression of being well-developed and very modern. But people with some medical knowledge will know none of these diseases can be really solved by western medicine, such as viral diseases, genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disease, neurological diseases and multiple organ diseases, etc. So is this medical theory scientific? It is very likely that western medicine has misled people in the struggle with diseases.

3. Clinical use of medicine lacks scientific basis. Due to deviated theoretical world view, clinical use of medicine is just like workers operating the machine, making treatment mechanical. As long as it is the same kind of illness, treatment plan is pretty much similar from the professor to rural doctors, regardless of different stages, different physical conditions, and different geographical and climatic conditions. Can it be scientific?

4. Therefore the existence of western medicine has reached the end of its historical mission! Learning from western longitudinal knowledge on the basis of criticizing and inheriting, ultimately to complete human health career and realize organic integration of "vertical" and "horizontal", human civilization surely will produce a kind of new medical science. In fact, many people in western countries already have a doubt on its scientificity. Most of them prefer natural therapy when they get sick, but our Chinese people are still regarding the abandoned dregs as treasure.

All science must be based on respecting the facts! Although the following report sounds extreme, this is the conclusion investigated by a scholar and we have to respect the facts! Swiss scholar Hans Ruesel made an investigation in Colombia, United Kingdom, the United States and Israel, and made a conclusion that if there is no western medical doctor working there, the mortality rate would get reduced 50%.

This is not a small number, which means if there is no western medicine diagnosis and treatment, 50% of patients could avoid death (perhaps they had no disease, but according to diagnostic methods of western medicine, they were "sick" and eventually they end up their lives in the course of treatment by western medicine). Being treated by western medicine in the name of science the 50% patients spent their hard-earned money to meet the interest of western medicine but finally died! Is this "scientific"? Is this so-called "science" making patients die earlier? !

Western medicine simply does not exist and it is just device-oriented. The major progress of western medicine in 20th century was the diagnostic methods. However, strictly speaking, that progress was based on optical, mechanical and electrical technology rather than medical advances.

For example, enteroscopy is something like a small grain of capsule, actually a micro-camera with light source, able to shoot the internal situation of the small intestine and pass it to the receiver through the radio waves, then the received signal is transferred to the computer for processing. Is this a medical progress or advancement of optical, mechanical, electrical technology? The most advanced diagnostic equipment in large hospitals, such as CT, color ultrasound, MRI, etc., are the progress of optical, mechanical, electrical technology. Of course this kind of technology is not only used in the diagnosis, but also in the treatment. I have a friend specializing in computer, invented an electrochemical instrument for cancer. I was very surprised a person does not understand medical theory, how could he invent an electrochemical instrument for cancer? I now recognize as long as you can find some technique to kill cancer cells, you do not need to know the etiology of cancer or medical theory. Those who invented CT, colonoscopy and gastroscopy all neglect the complexity of human body, they just regard human body as a machine consisted of numerous parts. "(Quoted from Han Deqiang, Beijing University)

1. Western medicine is experimental just like crossing a river by feeling its way over stones.

Western medicine always changes its theories from time to time. For example:

(1) Western medical experts have announced a scientific research that "taking vitamin can prevent aging." But according to last year’s research they suddenly claimed that long-term use of vitamin would lead to cancer, which made those who following medical authority and using vitamin for a long time in a great panic.

(2)Western medical authorities warned that menopausal women should take hormones in order to prevent coronary heart disease and improve the menopausal syndrome. Therefore, many American women take hormones as they told, but according to the latest research, taking hormone cannot prevent coronary heart disease, on the contrary will lead to a significant increase in incidence of ovarian cancer. This makes many women filled with horror.

(3) Cholesterol was regarded as a major cause of cardiovascular disease, yet this claim was later overturned by medical researchers that cholesterol could prevent cancer.

2. The typical characteristic of western medicine is random and always keeping on trying.

The knowledge which is regarded as truth by western medicine will be denied by itself. Just like a monkey trying to touch the high voltage wire, consequently die at once. Western medicine is on the basis of experiments, perhaps it will bring irreparable disastrous consequences at any time. For instance:

(1) In September 1999, Geissinger, from Philadelphia America, a patient of 18 years old suffering from a genetic disease was treated with an experimental gene therapy at the institute for human gene treatment of Pennsylvania University.

Before treatment the doctor encouraged Geissinger and said that treatment wouldn’t have problems, once it was successful the therapy could help other genetic diseases patients like himself. So he agreed to do the experimental therapy with great dedication. However, he and his family were not told about the side effects and dangerous consequence that might occur in the course of treatment.

The doctor injected a cold virus of exogenous gene into his lungs, soon he died of multiple organ failures on September 17.

(2) In 1982, many agranulocytosis patients were found in European and American countries. They lost defense capabilities in a variety of infections and were easy to have inflammation and fever.

After following 11 years medical efforts, doctors eventually found out it was due to antipyretic analgesics amidopyrine, while this medicine had been used for 40 years.

(3) In 1995, a large number of blind cataract patients appeared in the European and American countries, the majority of those patients were obese women. It's proved that the reason was application of diet pills dinitrophenol.

(4) In 1999, the hypolipidemic medicine triparanol was launched in the US. Although the curative effect is better, some side effects such as hair loss was brought to the patients. In addition, it also caused many patients suffering from cataract.

(5) In 2000, some western countries found the new medicine "jin ying ting" for relieving pregnant vomiting reaction but it caused 1200 fetuses similar to seals, lacking of limbs. In Japan, due to long-term use of nitrogen iodine quinoline many people suffered from blindness and lower limbs paralysis.

(6) In 2002, more than 300 young girls with vaginal adenocarcinoma were found in the USA. Later it was proved to be associated with fetus protection medicine during pregnancy period of their mothers.

Another example: radiotherapy and chemotherapy are strongly suggested for cancers. But years later western medicine claims it is wrong and we can't do that. Western medicine keeps updating itself constantly. But who is responsible for those were treated to death by the advanced high-technology? ---In accordance with the constant self-updating logic, all patients are lab rats. Western medicine will never find a stable method of treatment---even there is a stable one, it should be abandoned soon. Only with self-updating can western medicine prove the stupid philosophy “keeping self-renewing is scientific”.

3. Western medicine only sees the minor issues but misses the major root.

Without overall views, western medicine only sees the minor issues but misses the major root. The harmful effect is beyond control until problem is very serious.

Some immune suppressant and hormone medications such as aminopterin and bimolane surely can relieve patients rapidly by inhibiting the synthesis of DNA and the increased proliferation of epithelial cells. But at the same time it caused a great damage on white blood cells. Patients will soon have hair loss, vomiting, mouth ulcers, etc. Some will suffer from liver and kidney function damage in a short time. The worst thing is that, leukemia caused by western medicine has been reported more and more in recent years. In this situation, patients couldn’t yet stop these medications, because the disease will recur when stopping them. What could be done if it recurs? Patients have to take hormone medicine again. Long-term and large application of hormone medicine violated the evolutionary principle of “use and disuse” and inhibited the endocrine function. Although western medications can bring temporary effect, once you stop them, body's endocrine function is damaged and couldn’t be self-sustainable to ensure supplies, which leading to rebound phenomenon and making the primary disease worse further. This quick solution for treatment almost results in loss outweighing the gain.

4. Western medicine provides treatment by “treating the head when the head aches”.

Western medicine is experience-based on diagnosis and treatment. It pays too much attention to the phenomenon but ignores the essence, emphasizes the parts but neglects the whole. As a result, partial symptoms seem to be effectively alleviated, but the overall physical condition isn’t changed substantively. Therefore, the condition of a patient appears to be improved, but actually there is a huge risk around it. Ultimately, a small disease turns to a serious one, and a single disease accumulates to multiple troubles.

With the improvement of living quality over the past decades, the number of patients also increased. More and more patients suffered from multiple diseases as well as died suddenly from acute or serious diseases. Some so-called experts put blame on the changes of living environmental conditions, but hardly realize the change of medical condition is the root cause! The more people become dependent on western medicine, the more serious this situation would be! Strictly speaking, western medicine is trying to control diseases rather than cure them.

5. Western medicine provides treatment through “one scalpel for all diseases”

Whether a treatment could work and whether some difficult diseases can be cured will depend on the internal cause, on whether the normal control system in human body could be activated to function properly.

For example, western medicine is too much dependent on external factors. The most extreme approach is "one scalpel for all diseases". As long as there is a scalpel, there will be “an operation” on the affected part – “greater, faster, better and more economical”. If so, everyone can be a doctor in the future.

Theoretically, if the root cause is removed, the disease should disappear. So if the malignant tumor is removed, there should be no cancer in patient’s body. However, the reality always gives an opposite answer to that. Why don’t people think of it over again? The root cause of a disease does not definitely exist where the symptom occurs. It merely equals to a temporary warehouse or transforming place. Only with the appropriate approach and an opportune moment, diseases is possible to disappear through internal factors, however, if you remove it with the scalpel, leaving no room for virus to go, no wonder cancer will spread.

For another example: surgery for stones

Removing partial organ with stones will surely guarantee no stones anymore. Because this organ has already been sent to hell and cannot be regenerated. Gall bladder having been removed, there won’t be gall-stone regenerating anymore. The right kidney removed, there will be no more right kidney-stone. If everyone is sent to the hell, then the whole human race will have no more stone illness.

Although surgery that removes cholecyst will ensure no further gall-stone, visceral organs and tubes leading to the gall and closely associated with it remain, and the factors to generate stones have not been removed. Therefore, patients receiving gall-stone removal treatment would have re-generated stones inside their bile duct, common bile duct, and extrahepatic bile duct as soon as in one to five years and as late as ten years later, the pains are more unbearable, and the physical condition is feebler. Helplessly, the patient would have to choose to be cut by another operation. Please try to think about how many people have no recurrence of stones after taking surgery? Some doctors suffering from gall-stone also believe they have no other choices but practice surgery. One doctor at his thirties had seven surgeries to remove stones in one year! Who knows when this could come to its end?

Many surgeons repeated four or five times, even ten times to give their patients operations. Patients allow themselves to be treated by doctors without thinking. Why does the stones recur after being removed? Why don’t people think about the root cause of the disease? The director of one provincial hospital told me in our conversation that “Nowadays the ability of a surgeon is not valued by whether he can cure the patients, but whether he can cut that piece of muscle.”

This therapy is called "chive-cutting treatment". Without eliminating the pathogenesis, it is still going to grow. Then a doctor continues to cut, the patient is getting weaker and weaker. Eventually, patient may not be killed by disease, but consumed life little by little!

Another example of treatment for uterine fibroid, it can be cut this year, the next year, and even the year after next. If there’s nothing more to be cut, the entire uterus will be removed – what will happen to a poor woman who lost her womb?

Meanwhile, it is also an example to prove from another angle that the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is focusing on seeking internal factors is truly scientific and accurate. Its philosophy to solve problems by seeking internal factors provides advanced theoretical guidance.

Some medical specialist, please do not deceive yourself as well as others, it’s time to wake up.

1. Everything in science must be based on respect for objective facts! In today’s world where western medicine becomes rampant, western medicine-induced diseases have become one of the major diseases in America, such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and stroke. Harvard academic research shows that the annual number of deaths due to wrong treatment has reached 157,000, more than the total number caused by car accident, arson and homicide. No wonder medicine trading is forbidden in America. This shows the American people have realized the true effects of western medicine. There is a saying very popular in America that “to buy antibiotics is harder than to buy guns”. It means antibiotic is regulated strictly that it can only be sold with doctor’s signature. Even though medicine is strictly controlled and patients are only allowed to take medicine under doctor’s advice, there are still countless patients died from western medicine treatment and were poisoned to death! So many people are poisoned by western medicine in a country that free medicine trading is forbidden. There would be more people are poisoned in other countries where free drug trading is allowed!

2. Everything in science must be based on respect for facts! World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out that "One-third patients in the world did not die of disease itself, but from unreasonable use of western medicine." The figure in cancer treatment is probably far larger than this rate. (Transferred from "Marketing Newspaper of People's Daily" July 4, 2001.)

3. Everything in science must be based on respect for facts! According to statistics, about 192,000 people in China died from adverse reactions to western medicine every year, which close to the annual number of deaths caused by smoking diseases. Meanwhile, it is shocking that the annual number of patients admitted to hospital due to adverse reactions to western medicine has reached 2.5 million.

4. Everything in science must be based on respect for objective facts! In Japan, a pathologist found at autopsy that about 50% death is related to side effect of western medicine. Most traditional Chinese medicines have been tested for thousands of years! But how many western medicine have been used for more than one century? Clowns who are against Chinese medicine, why don’t you dare to answer that?! Clowns against Chinese medicine, can you make sure the western medicine you take today won’t be banned tomorrow?!

Everything in science must be based on respect for facts! More seriously, some western medicine can also cause cancer, namely "medicine-induced cancer", which has become common knowledge in medical circle. For example, taking compound aspirin and pain-killer tablets can cause kidney and bladder cancer. The incidence rate reaches 9.5% among long-term users of these drugs. Commonly used hypotensive medicine reserpine can cause breast cancer, especially for menopausal women. Commonly used chloramphenicol can lead to acute leukemia. Furthermore, it is known to all that chemotherapy medicine for cancer will lead to new cancer. For another instance, commonly used cyclophosphamide can lead to lymphoma and leukemia; azathioprine can lead to cervical cancer, squamous carcinoma, etc. According to statistics, millions of people with leukemia and cancers are caused by western medicine in nearly 10 years. Most of them have died.

Previously, "Baili Maidou" for pregnant vomiting was declared scientific after research in western medicine laboratory. Subsequently, the side effect produced thousands of deformed infants! Today, "Baili Maidou" is listed as banned medicine, finally leading to bankruptcy for this Japanese pharmaceutical factory.

Previously, the first generation of contraceptives produced from western medicine laboratory was claimed that it was “scientific” to be consumed by more than one hundred times of present doses. However, today, it is corrected that only one percent of that dose is “scientific”. So it turns out that “scientific” is just a clown randomly dressed up by western medicine.

Previously, according to the "scientific" argument western medicine considered that steroid could cure American singer Michael Jackson’s leukoderma, while today western medicine declares in a “scientific” way that consuming steroid severely weakened his judgment and led to his behavior out of control. Michael Jackson was thus tortured to hell by the “scientific” treatment of western medicine.

Previously, according to the "scientific" argument western medicine considered that mitoxantrone can be used for neurological disorders and multiple sclerosis, but today FDA has approved cardiac function will be impaired by mitoxantrone.

Previously, according to the "scientific" argument western medicine considered that oxcarbazepine can be used as monotherapy or adjuvant therapy for adults or children aged between 4 and 16 years old with epilepsy, but today, "Pharmacovigilance Express" has announced malignant skin reactions have some connection with this medicine, such as toxic epidermal necrolysis.

Previously, according to the "scientific" argument western medicine considered that bisphosphonates was mainly used for treatment of hypercalcemia, osteoporosis and ostealgia, however, today, FDA announces necrosis of the palatine bone cases can be found among cancer patients that have received intravenous bisphosphonate treatment. Those who are against Chinese medicine but compliment western medicine, can you assert the western medicine you are using won’t be banned tomorrow?!

How does western medicine come into being? In fact, all western medications are developed through experiments on laboratory rats.

The method for developing western medicine has no difference between the living environment for a million patients and only one rat in laboratory! One million patients -- whether living in the equator, temperate, frigid, or tropical zones, their bodies will have health problem as they cannot adapt to the six external factors of wind, heat, cold, dampness, dryness and internal heat, but will that be the same with what may happen to a rat in laboratory? If not, why does western medicine let people take the drug that is effective on rats in experiments? Is western medicine for human or rat? Our Chinese medicine considers it in a different way! We will offer a patient 100 different diagnoses in 100 kinds of environment! TCM always considers pathogenic environmental factors!

The method for developing western medicine has revealed that psychological emotion of a million patients is the same with that of one rat in the laboratory! One million patients -- no matter their diseases are caused by the seven emotions (joy, anger, worry, thought, sorrowness, fear, panic) their emotional changes won’t be the same with a laboratory rat. If not, why does western medicine let people take the medicine that is effective on rats? Is western medicine for human or rat?

The method for developing western medicine has shown that the channel systems of a million patients are the same with that of one rat in the laboratory! Human body possesses “twelve main channels, eight extra channels, three yang channels of hand, and three yin channels of hand”, does the rat in laboratory also have these channels? Can human physiological structure and that of the rat be the same? If not, why does western medicine let people take the drug that have effect on rats in experiments? Is western medicine for human or rat?

The method for producing western medicine has meant that the therapeutic methods for a million patients are the same with that for one rat in the laboratory! Western medicine only notices the disease, but cannot see the cause of the disease. Is it because environmental factors, psychological and emotional problem, or diet disorder? Consequently in western medicine, the treatment method for a million patients will be the same with that for one rat in the laboratory!

TCM believes that there are different climates, different diseases, and different climates for each season in different areas, so the diseases will also vary from area to area. In different regions, eating habits are different, the environment is different, the diseases are different, and even the same disease occurring on different patients will have different treatments. Therefore, diagnosis and treatment in Chinese medicine adjust measures to individual difference, local conditions, different time and opportunities. TCM will treat the same patient differently in different time, environment, mood, and at different occasions as well!