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Speech made by Jiang Yaowen, County Magistrate of Zhongfang

 County on the opening of the First Zhongfang International TCM



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Respected Director-general Shao Xiangning, Mayor Wang Hui, and all the leaders, guests and friends,

At the moment of the opening ceremony of the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum, on behalf of the Party committee, NPC, Government and County CPPCC of Zhongfang County, we would like to express our warm congratulations to the opening of he First Zhongfang International TCM Forum, to warmly welcome all the presenting leaders and guests, and to extend thanks for all the leaders and people for all fields, who care about the service development of public health of Zhongfang County. We also like to express greetings to all the cadres, staffs of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital and to all colleagues in the field of Zhongfang TCM.

Medical Treatment and Public Health are core issues of livelihood and needs of citizens. Since the setting-up of our county, especially in the recent years, the County Party Committee and County Government concentrated on improving the periodic blueprint of "county without city, city without market", painstakingly implement the strategy of flourishing city. We firmly aim to improve the service of Medical Treatment and Public Health as the prior project of protecting the people's livelihood. We concentrate on building County People's Hospital, County Red Cross Hospital, Health Clinics in towns as the main body, while community medical service branches, village clinics as auxiliary public health service system in urban and rural areas. We will speed up the building of specialized subject hospital, like the County women and children health care centers. The medical system covering urban and rural areas has been almost established so as to continuously improve the medical services. In the meanwhile, the problems of difficulty in getting medical service, and high cost for urban and rural residents have been solved step by step.

the opening ceremony of the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum is a great event and a milestone in TCM history of our county, which marks the development of our TCM career stepping into a new stage. We will improve the medical environment; perfect the medical service function further. Meanwhile, we will promote the development of TCM and health career rapidly and scientifically. Hope all friends and leaders still care medical development in Zhongfang County as before. Wish Zhongfang Red Cross international Hospital adhere to the principle of people-orientation, stick firmly to the theory of development first, carry forward the culture of TCM, play the advantage of TCM, and reveal the features of TCM to explore a scientific, standard, perfect and efficient management system, to settle the quality as brand, to create the brand as characteristics, to support the hospital by characteristics, to try your best to make Zhongfang Red Cross international Hospital better, bigger and stronger. Hope you could build it into a first-class TCM hospital in Huaihua city, further in Hunan province and our country, even in the world.

In the end, I wish Zhongfang County be more prosperous and flourishing; wish all the cadres and staffs of the hospital achieve success in their work and own happy family; wish all the presenting leaders, guests and friends healthy and lucky.




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