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Speech Made by Shao Xiangning, Director of the state

 Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hunan Province,

 on the Opening of the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum


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Now,please welcome Communist Party member of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Health, Director of Provincial Chinese Medicine Administrative Bureau, Comrade Shao Xiangning.

Respected leaders, professors, comrades,

Today, I am very pleased to be invited to attend the opening of the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum. Please allow me, on behalf of the Provincial Health Department, and Provincial Chinese Medicine Administrative Bureau, to express my sincere congratulations on these two events. Meanwhile, taking advantage of this opportunity, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Huaihua Municipal government, Zhongfang County government as well as all levels of the health system and administrative branches in Huai Hua city, who have been concerned about the development of TCM for a long time. I also want to express my sincere greetings to all staffs who work hard in the medical front line.

Traditional Chinese Medicine as a great creation of the Chinese nation is a treasure of excellent traditional Chinese culture. It has a history of thousands years and is the wisdom crystallization of the Chinese nation. Our Party and Country have always attached great importance to the development of Traditional Chinese medicine, and wrote the development of TCM into the National Constitution, also enacted the administrative regulations and a series of policies. Especially in recent years, our party and the country have paid more and more attention to and put more support on the development of TCM. Opinions on Deepening Reform of Medicine and Health made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council particularly emphasizes the role of the national Chinese medicine during the health care reform. The State Council issued a special file called Several Opinions about Supporting and Promoting the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was the first matching file of health care reform. The legislative program of Traditional Chinese Medicine has entered the final stage, it will come out soon.

Last year, our province issued the document The Five-Year Action Plan about Hunan Province to Speed up the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine; it also put forward a series of important measures to accelerate the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the Country will spare no efforts to promote the integration of the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine including health care, research, education, industry, culture. Large number of Traditional Chinese Medicine projects will be fulfilled. There will be a lot of money invested in the field of TCM. Chinese medicine career is facing a new spring.

Although Zhongfang County as the youngest county in Hunan Province, your TCM team has been concentrating on studying and carrying forward TCM, and has provided satisfactory Chinese medicine treatment and teaching services for more than one thousand patients with chronic difficult diseases as well as TCM enthusiasts from dozens of countries in the world. It has made important contributions to safeguarding people's health and inheriting cultural heritage of TCM.

With the rapid development of TCM, TCM exchanges are more and more frequent in the world. The world medical field highly admires the following features of TCM, such as personal syndrome identification and treatment determination, balancing principle of treatment and prevention, human-friendly therapeutic methods, multiple ways of solution, natural medications, etc. More and more people tend to love TCM. The TCM upsurge is coming into being internationally.

This international TCM Forum held in Zhongfang County is building a good platform for the international exchange and cooperation of TCM in Hunan province. I believe under the support of this platform, more foreign friends will experience and feel the exact efficacy and the unique charm of TCM. The TCM road to go abroad, to the world must be better and smoother.

Sincerely hope that Zhongfang County adheres to an open, inclusive philosophy, and focus on its own characteristics to hold a high-standard, unique, and influential Zhongfang International TCM Forum. I also hope Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital take today¨s opening as an opportunity, insist on the direction of pure TCM concept and focus on the connotation construction of TCM so as to enhance the service level of the hospital and serve people in a better way.

Finally, I wish all the leaders, ladies and gentlemen and comrades, good health, success in work, good luck.

Thank you!




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