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Speech on the Opening Ceremony

Of Zhongfang County TCM Hospital

By President Dr. Zhu Ming

August 28, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, our distinguished guests, good morning!

Today, on this very special occasion, we gather together to celebrate this memorable moment, wherever we are from China or overseas. I still remember twenty years ago when I started to translate the Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, I felt I was alone to pray for TCM. However, today I have such an excellent TCM team and brilliant friends like you here, I am strongly convinced that where there is a dream, there is a hope.

Zhijiang city of Huaihua, where the Japanese invaders surrendered during the Second World War, is known as the International Peace City throughout the world. Hopefully, Zhongfang will grow up to be a prospective International TCM City soon. Because, peace and health have always been the lifelong pursuit of human beings. Today is the 12th anniversary of Dr. Ming International TCM Team and the second anniversary of the Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital; we are pleased to witness the establishment of the Zhongfang County TCM Hospital, which will provide a significant platform for the wide communication of TCM throughout the globe. We are so glad to see the health statuses of our patients improved under our professional care. Every staff is full of pride for the magic TCM.

I sincerely hope more people in the world recognize TCM, use TCM, and benefit from TCM.

Thank you very much.                                                                                           

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