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Mankind Needs TCM in the Era of Chronic Diseases

!!Academic Report on the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum

Peng Jian, Professor of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine


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Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon!

This is my first time to attend an international forum on TCM organized by a county-level hospital. The reason that I am pleased to participate in this forum is that the inviter is my student, Doctor Zhu Ming. Four years ago, he sent me a letter, hoping to translate my book I Am a Loyal TCM Doctor into English. Searching on the internet, I found that on the basis of his solid English foundation and extensive TCM knowledge, he has translated the TCM Classic The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor into English in the year of 2000. His English edition, published by Beijing Foreign Languages Press has made special contribution for the spreading of TCM around the whole world. It is a marvelous achievement. A great job that so many famous TCM masters dream to accomplish, while being difficult to finish, in the end was conquered by a younger TCM doctor. Even though he did not fulfill his promise to me, but I know that during the past few years, he put all his efforts into the research and treatment of chronic and difficult diseases and the foundation of Red Cross Hospital concerning internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine. This is a career deserving our life-long sacrifice. No matter to translate the TCM Classic The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor or to establish a hospital serving foreigners for the treatment of chronic and difficult diseases, not only unimaginable difficulties need to be tackled, but great love and persistent pursuit for the TCM career are also needed. We could see that Doctor Zhu Ming is an ambitious and brave young man, who is surpassing himself and fighting against difficulties all the time. He is the chief cornerstone of TCM career.

There is something that pleased me. A student of mine, named Henry, an American acupuncturist, he has signed a preliminary contract with Eastland Press of the United State. They will sort out and adapt some parts of the content in my book. The English edition will be published in America next year. The title of the English edition will be Compilation on Peng Jian¨s Clinical Experience on the Treatment of Chronic Diseases. It is a common aspiration of me, Doctor Zhu Ming and his team to take the method of TCM to help patients reduce pains, and to make new breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic and difficult diseases, making necessary contributions to the health care service of mankind.

Most of us live in two centuries. Diseases threatening our health in the 20th century were acute diseases, such as fulminant infectious diseases, epidemic diseases, neonatal pneumonia, infections of postpartum women, etc. With high fatality rate, these diseases are ranking at the front part of all the diseases. With the invention of immunomodulators, antibiotics, hormones and vitamins, acute diseases have been effectively controlled. With the improvement of surgical operation and first-aid skills, some emergent and severe diseases that could not be treated in the past have been effectively helped. Therefore, general lifespan of mankind has been prolonged for 20 years in the 20th century, which was the most glorious achievement of modern medical science in the last century. Feature of medical science in the 20th century was disease-oriented, taking the treatment as its core.

Since entering into the 21st century, human being has been in the era of chronic diseases. The diseases we are facing are not those acute communicable diseases and infectious diseases any more but various chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, cancers, chronic obstructive respiratory diseases, liver diseases, nephrosis, nerve system diseases and osteoarthrosis, etc. I think we all remember clearly in our minds with SARS happened in the year of 2003. All together only 919 people all around the world died from SARS, while in China, only 349 people died. Only 10,000 people lost their lives during the outbreak of swine flu several years ago. According to the survey of WHO and the Ministry of Public Health of China, the average annual death toll is 10.30 million in recent three years in China, among that number, about 8 million people died from chronic diseases. 64% of China¨s medical resources are being used for treatment of chronic diseases. It is a huge number. Other countries around the world almost have the same situation.

The formation of all the chronic diseases needs long time, and most have no clear causes. During the process of quantitative change to qualitative changes of chronic diseases, patients often feel pains and discomforts, while with the detection of equipments, we cannot get positive index or find pathogenic changes, so the problems lack of surgical indications. However, when the disease comes in the end, not only the treatment cost is high, but the curative effect is also not satisfied. Modern medical science, with the characters of surgical operation, allopathy, targeted therapy, lesions-elimination and quick curative effect, often lacks of effective treatment methods for most chronic diseases, including functional diseases, sub-health diseases and senile diseases, etc. Meanwhile, western drugs for these diseases have strong side effects to our health. With the comprehensive treatment thought of adjusting balance and strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic factors, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy, acupuncture, massage and other external treatment are becoming the main treatment approaches. Also, combining the traditional health-preserving with the treatment of diseases, Chinese medicine (TCM) benefits the treatment result of chronic diseases. Features of medical science in 21st century are people-oriented, with health as its core, which is an advantage that traditional Chinese medicine science has for a long time. Therefore, someone predicted that 21st century belongs to TCM, and traditional Chinese medicine will play a key role in the future.

In the past 12 years, Doctor Zhu Ming and his team did not care too much about wealth or fame, and took their hometown Zhongfang County as a base. Based upon the clinical treatment for chronic diseases, they have introduced TCM to the whole world. Since 2004, during the process of the establishment of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital, with the approach of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Zhu Ming and his team have provided good services for more than a thousand patients with chronic diseases, who come from the USA, Germany, England, Bahrain, Canada, France, etc. Meanwhile, they provide International TCM training programs with pure English teaching style. Such chronic diseases as ALS, scleroderma, deafness, and post encephalitis pertain to world unconquered medical problems, but Doctor Zhu Ming and his team have achieved preliminary curative effects in these fields. These positive results are not easy and very precious.

On the occasion of the opening of the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum, a famous poem of Li Bai, one of China¨s greatest poets comes to my mind. It goes like this, ^A time is coming to ride the wind and waves, and I will set my cloudlike sail to cross the sea. ̄ Congratulations on Doctor Zhu Ming and his team members! Congratulations on Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital. Through years of your hard work, you have walked out your first step and the cloudlike sail has been set up. Wish you drive the boat of TCM, ride the wind and wave of traditional Chinese culture, start from Zhongfang County to the whole world, and bring health and happiness to patients of the world!A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves, I'll set my cloudlike sail to cross the sea which raves.

Thank you!


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