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The Reason I Chose Zhongfang And My Learning Experience Here

By Cecilia, Indonesia

August 2, 2012 

Good afternoondear friends, dr. Ming, doctors, nurses, teachers of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital, our honored guests, our beloved patients, and my fellow students. How are you?

I hope you are as excited as I am. Its very happy to be here as today we are celebrating the 12th anniversary of Zhu Ming International TCM Team, and also the second anniversary of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital, and most of all, the first meeting of Zhongfang International TCM Forum.

First, I would like to thank my Lord Jesus for He has prepared the best place for me to study TCM which is here at Zhongfang Hospital. I love it here because I met many new friends from different countries, the doctors and nurses are very friendly, the crews and translators are very helpful, and especially the teachers, they are not only rich of knowledge, but also expert in transferring their knowledge - make it chewable, understandable for an amateur like me.

My name is Cecilia. I am from Indonesia C the country of thousand islands. I came here with my husband, Jimmy. I think not all of us here know Indonesia, but I believe some do know or heard about Bali. Bali Island is the most favorite tourism spot in Indonesia. Actually Indonesia has five big islands C Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya, others are small islands. I am from Sumatra. Indonesia has 33 provinces with population about 240 millions. Chinese Medicine is growing positively in my country. People are turning to natural option for treatment, and Chinese acupuncture and TCM are their best solutions. But this is not the reason I study TCM. I have my own very personal reason to study TCM. Frankly, I wasnt interested in health issues. Indeed, I was very ignorant. I didnt have any medical background and I didnt like to study medicine. In other words, I dont care! Until the day I lost my grandpa that my world was upside down. My grandpa had hypertension which led to swollen heart. His condition wasnt serious, but the doctors who took care of him were reckless, so unprofessional that we lost him. My grandpa died in 2010 and his death had totally changed the way I think about medical issues. Well, life changes as we lose our beloved ones. So I started to learn about ways of treating diseases and I chose acupuncture. I know I cannot bring back my grandpa, but at least I can help others to not losing their grandpas and their beloved ones. So, this study is really personal for me, since I make it personal! However, it is a strong drive from inside of me and it has apparently brought me here.

Why I chose Zhongfang? China has many great TCM schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, well you name it! But why HuaiHua? Why Zhongfang? I actually have a very personal reason for that also, but let me tell you first what my fellow students said about their decision of choosing Zhongfang. They preferred Zhongfang because Zhongfang provides flexible learning schedule and private teaching. I agree with them. Other schools, you need to follow their seasonal learning schedule and if you want your own schedule, you need to find some friends to come along since they will only open a class for a group of people (at least five people), very inconvenient! So now, whats my personal reason of choosing Zhongfang? Simple, its because of their powerful follow-up system. I rate it as a WOW. They have followed up me since January 2012, and I was finally here in July. And because of this Wow follow-up, I was willing to take a 13-hour train from Guangzhou to HuaiHua. That was an absurd idea for me! I could actually find a school in Guangzhou or Beijing which have direct flight from Kuala Lumpur, and yet I chose a struggling journey to come here. You know, when I got here, both of my feet were swollen badly due to 13-hour sitting and less movement. My shoes became smaller, very difficult to walk, and it took me three days to have my normal feet back. But now I can say, it worth the struggle! J

This is the best school Ive ever attended so far. People here are very devoted to their job. I mean everybody is always trying their best to deliver wonderful services. I believe that is why this hospital is full of love atmosphere. I remembered Uncle Xiang who took care of our meals, we could always hear him ask : Have you had your meal? or Its eating time! He is so full of energy and his cooking is delicious. Miss Nancy and Candy have been great travelling guiders. Angela, beside a great translator, she was actually willing to come to my room to manage a SIM card for me. I was in need to call back to Indonesia. Then, the lovely and energetic dr. Lily, who has taught me Tai Ci and Tuina massage. And finally, my dearest teacher Yu, who is younger than me yet wiser of course, has done a great job to help me understand the lessons. This is what I can share for being a student here.

I also would like to thank Dr. Ming, not only for being a friendly and supporting headmaster, but also for translating Huang Ti Nei Cing in English. Its a big thing for me. You know, I studied acupuncture back then in Indonesia before I came here. All acupuncture students must have known what Huang Ti Nei Cing is; its the father of TCM and acupuncture. We dont have Huang Ti Nei Cing in Indonesia, and I doubted that this book still exists. But I found it here, and in the language I can read and understand. You dont know how excited I was! Its like I found water in the middle of a desert. Sincerely thank you Dr. Ming for such a magnificent work. You have shared this most precious knowledge to the international world. Now we can taste the benefits of the legendary knowledge. Oh, I also love the conversations between the Emperor and Uncle Qi on some walls of the hospital. I really think its a brilliant idea to put them there.

Being a Chinese is a great privilege for me, though I wasnt born here. I love Chinese historical series, for example: The Story of Zang Wuji, I watched many versions of it. Acupuncture and TCM also have great stories. The ancient Chinese doctors who we used to call Tai Fu were like gods, whatever they said to the patients, would actually happen. Only by checking pulse, they could tell whether the baby inside was boy or girl, and was alive or dead. We actually have such great ancestors! How lucky we are. And their blood is now flowing in our vein. This means we can do what they have done, and even greater things we can achieve. We just need to maintain that spirit, that confidence in TCM and acupuncture. 

Seasons come and go. New era always brings new lifestyle. But only the past can tell who we truly are. Chinese people have two most noble characteristics. First, we are very respectful and devoted to our parents. Second, we have our unique way of treatment which is TCM and acupuncture. So, lets not forget our identity, and lets do the best to maintain and develop everything that our ancestors have left for us. May TCM and acupuncture have their gloriest era in our hands and we will make a good history for our children. Thank you Zhongfang, you are such a precious treasure. May God bless you and Zhongfang will always be a great blessing for this country and the whole world.


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