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Betsy from USA talked about her 8 months TCM treatment experience for ALS in Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital.

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Report Made by ALS Patient After 8 Months TCM Treatment

By Betsy, USA

August 1, 2012

My name is Betsy Milicevic. A year and a half ago I went to see a doctor in Los Angeles, California believing I was having a bad reaction to a medication I was taking. My entire world suddenly crumbled when I heard this neurologist tell me that, far from being just an adverse reaction to medication, it was a fatal disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which gave me less than two years left to live. Just like that. And, to make it even worse, if that is possible, he said that there is absolutely nothing he or anyone else could do to help me, other than giving me a pill, Rilutek, which might slow down the onset of symptoms and extend my life by 2-3 months.

I tried to get into one of the clinical trials of new, more effective medications being tested around the United States to no avail. After visiting a healer in Serbia a number of times, I investigated other avenues of alternative healing. Traditional Chinese Medicine seemed the best option to me.  I had been receiving acupuncture on and off for many years, and I strongly believe in it, and at one point I was drinking herbal teas prepared by an old Taoist TCM master. So I decided to give myself fully to TCM. I was impressed by the website Dr. Ming's team has online and decided to come here based solely on that. While in Beijing on my way here, I met a woman whose friend, also suffering from ALS, had been here and seen improvements in his condition that were holding, which further bolstered my resolve that I was doing the right thing.

My husband and I arrived late one cold and windy night, in early January, and were met at the airport by one of the translators, who brought us to the hospital and showed us to our room. The following morning it all started...I met with my doctors to discuss my case and hear about their approach to my healing. I was struck by how warm and friendly everyone was, how caring and concerned.

Within a very short time, I began to see little improvements then more.  But, most importantly, I felt secure knowing that I was in the good hands of competent and dedicated professionals. The elimination of my fears was a very important factor in my healing. Slowly I saw more and more improvements in my condition, and therefore became more positive, and happier, which further helped the healing process.

Every morning my doctor visits me to access my condition, and based on his observations, he makes alterations to the prescription for my tea.  Then my acupuncturist arrives for an acupuncture session followed by a traditional medical massage.  These sessions tend to my physical discomforts and keep my muscles toned.  Both of these doctors are very dedicated and I feel that they are as motivated as I am to heal me, utilizing all their TCM knowledge to try new approaches and ways to solving my problems.

We arrived, as I said, in early January, with the intention of staying 3-4 months, or whatever was necessary for my healing. I never imagined I would still be here in August! But here I am, and I feel that staying longer and giving the TCM the time necessary to work has been the most intelligent decision I've ever made.

In the beginning of my stay here, I met a young woman from Jordan, here with her father, a doctor. She had been suffering from a very painful and disfiguring case of scleroderma. I saw her leave here cured. There was also a young man from Nigeria who, when he arrived, had the intellectual capacity of a 12 year old. He wouldn't talk, had bed wetting issues and other problems. I watched him improve daily. It was amazing to go on outings with him, talkative and outgoing after his not being able to even nod hello just a month earlier. I could go on and on to marvel at the successes I've witnessed here. And simply to be in the company of people from all far reaches of the globe has been an enlightening and enriching experience. I've sat at dinner, talked and laughed, with people from countries who have been at war with my own. Broken barriers set by not knowing individual people. I've learned of their customs and traditions, tasted their foods, and heard about their stories. This has been a great gift.

The surrounding area of Zhongfang County, with its lush foliage is a soothing environment in which to heal. On the many excursions we have been taken, we were able to appreciate the exquisite beauty of the surrounding countryside. We were also given the opportunity to see authentic villages of some of the ethnic minorities and national monuments which gave us an appreciation of the cultural heritage of the area. And, of course being so close to Huaihua City is ideal, whether for shopping, a meal in a restaurant or just people watching...or, more accurately, being looked at. I've found the people I've encountered to be very friendly and open.

I have seen the rise in the popularity of TCM in the United States.  More and more people are becoming wary, if not completely disappointed in the success of Western medicine to treat certain illnesses and are searching for alternative methods of healing. It is my hope that TCM becomes more and more widely used. Certainly I will do my share of spreading the good world!



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