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China Huaihua International TCM Health Tourism

          (fifteen days)

1. Introduction

You will visit the birthplace of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to learn its origin and learn some practical TCM knowledge on health care.

Further, you may have opportunity to get health advice from our TCM experts through differentiation of your physical condition, and above all, you may experience TCM treatment including herbal tea, acupuncture, massage and cupping, etc. The trip also involves visiting the world-famous places of interest, such as Zhangjiajie, Guilin, Phoenix Old Town, Former Residence of Mao Zedong, Longsheng hot spring and the Longevity Village, etc.

2. Travel Arrangements

1). On the first day, youˇŻll reach Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital, which is located in Zhongfang County, Huaihua City Hunan Province, China. Here our tour guide-interpreter will introduce the whole arrangements of this TCM health tour. After dinner, you will check in at the 4-star Quanshuiwan Hotel.

2). You will learn TCM history, basic knowledge, characteristics, and treatment methods including acupuncture, herbal prescription, massage and cupping.  (about three days)

3). Travel to Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie, in the northwest of Hunan Province, is the first National Forest Park in China. It was listed in the World Natural Heritage Sites by the UNESCO in 1992 and listed as the first group of the World Geological Park in China in 2004. In 2007, it was included as the first group of 5A level scenic area in China. With a pleasant subtropical highland monsoon humid climate and an average annual temperature of 16.8ˇăC, Zhangjiajie is an ideal destination for tourism and recuperation. The forest coverage rate amounts to 98% which gives it a name of natural oxygen bar. One of the key scenic spots ˇ°Southern Pillarˇ± in Yuanjiajie was chosen as the prototype of Hallelujah Mountain in the film ˇ°Avatarˇ±. Major tourist attractions include Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Wulingyuan, Grand Canyon, Jinbian Stream, Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Tianmen Mountain, Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Lake, Yangjiajie, Ten-Mile Gallery, Garden in the Air, the Best Bridge in the World, Pipa Stream, Suoxi Valley, and Yellow Stone Village.  (about three days)

4). We will transfer you back to Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital by bus. Here you may relax yourself and experience TCM massage for one day.

5). Leave for Guilin by high-speed bus for 4 hours. As a major scenic and historic city, Guilin is endowed with the unique national level scenery and known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which gains its reputation of mountains and waters in Guilin are the best under heaven. Located in the northeast of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin has dozens of ethnic groups including Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao and Dong. It seldom snows and is spring-like all the year round in Guilin. With an average annual temperature of 19ˇăC, above 66.5% of the forest coverage rate, ample rainfall, beautiful environment and fresh air, Guilin is regarded as the best place for relaxation, tourism and living. Major scenic areas here include Li River, Yangshuo, Elephant Trunk Hill, Longji Rice Terrace, Butterfly Spring, Seven Star Park, Diecai Hill, Guanyan Cave, Xingping Town, Ten-Mile Gallery, Moon Hill, Tianmen Mountain, and Two-Rivers and Four-Lakes. The famous Longsheng Hot Spring, in the midway to Guilin, is gushed from the 1200 meters deep underground rock stratum. You will enjoy it. Its temperature is between 45-58ˇăC with plenty of trace elements beneficial to human body.  (about two days)

6). Leave for Phoenix Old Town by high-speed bus. Phoenix Old Town, situated in the southwest of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan Province, which is a gathering place of ethnic minorities, especially Miao and Tujia Minority. It is an ancient town decorated with beautiful scenery, long history and numerous places of interest. In Phoenix Town, you will see the towers made of purple sand stones, stilt house along the Tuojiang River, ancient courtyards of Ming and Qing Dynasties as well as the quiet green Tuojiang River. Outside the town there are some scenic areas including Nanhua Mountain National Forest Park, the artistic palace Qiliang Cave, Huangsiqiao Castle built in Tang Dynasty and the world-famous South Great Wall. Phoenix Town was awarded National Historic and Cultural City in 2001. It was listed in the National 4A level scenic spots and one of the Top Ten Cultural Heritage Sites in Hunan. Here the climate is warm in general, fairly mild in winter and cool in summer. With adequate sunlight and four distinctive seasons, Guilin is regarded as an ideal place for tourism. The major scenic sites here include Tuojiang River, Former Residence of Shen Congwen, Former Residence of Xiong Xiling, Ancestral Temple of Yang Family, South Great Wall, Huangsiqiao Castle, East Gate Tower and Qiliang Cave.  (about two days)

7). You will take high-speed bus for 40 minutes back to Huaihua and then take one hour of high-speed train to Shaoshan, the hometown of Mao Zedong. The Former Residence of Mao Zedong, in Shangwuchang Tudichong Village Shaoshan country Shaoshan City of Hunan, is a remarkable revolutionary memorial place and patriotism education base. It was listed as one of the National Key Cultural Relic Protection Units by the State Council in March 1961 and declared as the first group of National Patriotism Education Base by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee in July 1997. The major scenic spots include Former Residence of Mao Zedong, Bronze Statue Square, and Dripping Water Cave.  (about one and a half days)

8). YouˇŻll take high-speed train back to Huaihua. Here our TCM experts will differentiate your individual condition through TCM diagnosis: observation, listening, inquiry and pulse-taking. After that our experts will give you specific health advice and you may bring our herbal remedy back home.  (about one day)

9). YouˇŻll take one hour of high-speed bus to the famous Longevity Village under Xuefeng Mountain. You will stay there and experience the Chinese longevity culture.  (about two days)

10). After finishing the above trips we will arrange you back home.