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Patient With MS Talked About The Improvement By TCM



My name is Abdulla Bucheeri, I am an engineer from Bahrain.

 I was affected with MS for over 30 years. I tried all western medicine, they approved medicines and the other western medicine.

But never of them solve my problem. Because my problem is a chronic disease and then for there is a limitation in curing of my problem. Just like diabetes, blood pressure and cancer.

A month before I came here. Totally disabled, I could not move my body. I could not turn over my body in the bed. I could not speak properly. I could not move any part of my body.

 Although I was very active before I reached this stage. I was in very bad shape. Only trust in God and one of my friends advise me to try TCM treatment in China.

 In the first three days, I was able to walk 3 meters and one month I manage to walk 60 meters, then 90 meters. My hands power has increased and my speech back to normal and my life style has improved a lot. 

Western Medicine was inable to bring me back to my normal life. But TCM help me to enjoy my life and restore my life back to normal.

 Because TCM is very helpful and brought the smile back to my face. 

As you see now, I m back to normal. And I will continue using TCM medicine, even when I go back home. I advise all patients with chronic problem such as my problem, not to give up and try TCM medicine. And have a strong faith in God and trust yourself and TCM medicine. 

Wishing everybody good health. 

Abdulla Bucheeri


Ming: Hello, Mr. Abdulla, how are you? Mr. Abdulla

Mr. Abdulla: Im very well thank you, my name is Abdullah Bucheeri? I came from the Middle East, Bahrain in the Gulf.  

And I was suffering for 30 years from Multiple Sclerosis, my state has deteriorated in the last few years, before I came here, one month before I came here, I was totally disabled, I could not stand up, I could not move from the bed, I could not speak well, I could not swallow well, after undergoing TCM treatment for 50 days, I had dramatic changes in my life, my voice came back to normal, and I started moving my body parts, I was able to turn in the bed, and I was able to walk step by step starting with 3 meters, and ending up with 90 meters, I think that was marvelous, Ive been through all the western medicine, advanced treatment, but it couldnt work out my problem, as a matter of fact, the problem was deteriorating and deteriorating, only the Chinese medicine has stopped deterioration and also brought me back to my normal life style, and I think if I continue with this method of treatment, everything is going to work just fine.

Dr. Ming: Thank you, Abdulla. Congratulations to you. Abdulla

Mr. Abdulla: Special thanks to all TCM hospital members, starting from Dr. Ming, and other therapists, and the nurses, everybody, theyve been extremely cooperative, and I encourage everybody, especially with a chronic problem, to come to TCM hospital, because this is the right place as far as I know, and dont waste your time and go anywhere else, I think this is the right place.

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