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378 pages, 2002. 



Published by Beijing Foreign Languages Press.





Chapter One Seasonal Methods

1. Spring

2. Summer

3. Autumn

4. Winter

5. Morning, evening, day and night methods

Chapter Two Methods of Purging One's mind of Ambitions and Desires

1. Cultivate moral character

2. Do not be greedy

3. Free oneself of worries

4. harmonious family

5. Interpersonal relations

Chapter Three Eating and Drinking Moderately

1. eating and drinking moderately

2. Quality of food and drink

3. Balance of the three meals

4. Taste in food

5. Alcoholic beverages, tea and health reservation

6. Nutritional food

7. Nourishment through medicines

8. Medicated diet

9. Diet for patients in the late stages of febrile diseases

10. Diet for the elderly

Chapter Four Regular Life

1. Cultivate good living habits

2. Sleeping hygiene

3. Housing hygiene

4. Cleansing hygiene

Chapter Five Sports and Leisure

1. A rich and colorful life

2. Walking and running

3. Kite- flying

chapter Six Proper Balance between Work and Rest

1. Work is good for health

2. Overwork is bad for health

3. Rest is good for health

4. Excessive rest can be harmful

Chapter Seven Health and Sex

1. Sex and health

2. Sex for middle-aged ad older people

3. Sex hygiene

Chapter Eight Learn to Do Exercises

1.  "Sixteen should's for health preservation"

2. Lao Zi's brain exercises

3. Hair-combing exercises

4. Exercises for the sense organs

5. Finger exercises

6. Finger- bending exercises

7. Waist - massaging exercises

8. "Hungry Tiger Straightens Its Back"- A simple dynamic Qigong exercise

9. Patting exercises

10. Massaging exercises for preventing colds

11. "Rock-the-Sea" exercises

12. Iron crotch exercises

Chapter Nine Self-Massage

1. Forty self-massage exercises for health protection

2. Head massage for hypertension sufferers

3. Rub the Soles and massage the head and neck to reduce blood pressure

4.Point-massage for insomnia

5. Self-massage for insomnia

6. Six-part exercise for head massage

7. Massotherapy for head massage

8. Ten-minute massage before sleep for treating chronic diseases

chapter Ten ways to Improve Health Without Taking Drugs

1. Finger-pressing therapy for treating common and frequently occurring diseases among older people

2. Treatment for white hair

3. Cure for stiff neck

4. Exercise therapy for sudden chest pain

5. Write the Chinese character for "pheonix" with the head to prevent and treat cervical vertebra diseases

6. Rapping method to cure insomnia

7. Exercise for treating pain in shoulder joints

8. Walking backward exercise for Lumbago

9. Patting Method for treating pain in the shoulder and waist

10. Rubbing abdomen to treat gastric and intestinal diseases

11. "Sleep-sit-stand" exercises for sciatica

12. Point- pressing for fainting, lumbago and seminal emission

13. "Anus -raising" exercise for treating hemorrhoids

14. Waist- turning exercise-a good cure for constipation

15. Qigong therapy for emission, hemorrhoids and urinary incontinence

16. Knee-bending exercises for sore knees

17. Exercises for spasms of the gastrocnemius muscles

Chapter Eleven Traditional Health Protection Exercises

1. Taiji Quan

2. Yijin Jin (muscle-transforming exercise)

3. Eight-section brocade exercises

4. Five animal -mimic exercises

Chapter Twelve qigong Exercises

1. What is Qigong?

2. The Qigong exercises you can do

(1) Inner health cultivation exercise

(2) Health promotion exercise

(3) Health exercise

(4) Walking exercise

(5) Ten-minute qigong

(6) Sixteen- character exercise

(7) Sight-improving exercise

(8) Static Qigong exercise for the prevention and treatment of myopia

(9) Mental training exercise

(10) Kidney-lifting exercise

(11) Eight-section brocade qigong exercise

(12)Twelve-section brocade internal exercise

(13) Six- character formula

(14)Mawangdui Daoyin physical and breathing exercise

(15)Weight-reducing exercise

Appendix: Diagram of Acupoints of the Humman Body


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