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159 pages, 1999.



Author, Wang Zhaopu.

Published by Beijing Foreign Languages Press.



Chapter One General Introduction

Section ¢ñ Origin of Acupressure Therapy and Its Current Status

Section ¢ What Is Acupressure?

Section ¢ General and Local Effects of Acupressure Therapy

A. General Effects

B. Local Effects

Section ¢ô Indications and Contraindications of Acupressure Therapy

A. Regulation of Yin and Yang

B. Dredging the Meridians

C. Co-ordinating the Flow of Qi

D. Lysis of Adhesion

E. Relieving Muscle Spasm and Increasing Muscle Strength

F. Strengthening Resistance and Dispelling and Attacking Pathogenic Factors

Section ¢õ

A. Indications

B. Contraindications

Section ¢ö Preparations Prior to Treatment

Section ¢ Points of Attention in Clinical Practice

Section ¢ø Learning the Acupressure Technique

Section ¢ Acupressure Techniques

A. The Five Basic Manipulations

B. Supplementary Manipulations

1. Orthopaedic manipulations

2. Orthotherapy through external fixation

3. Orthotherapy by surgery

Section ¢ Common Postures of the Patient During Treatment

Section ¢û Acupoints and Stimulation-Lines

A. Three Ways to Locate the Acupressure Points

B. List of Acupoints Commonly Used in Acupressure Therapy

1. Points on the head and neck

2. Points on the thoracic and abdominal regions

3. Points on the shoulder, back and lumbar region

4. Points on the upper extremities

5. Points on the lower extremities

C. Stimulation-lines

1. Stimulation-lines on the upper extremities

2. Stimulation-lines on the back and lumbar regions

3. Stimulation-lines on the lower extremities

Chapter Two Clinical Study

Section ¢ñ Diseases of the Nervous System

A. Sequelae of Cerebral Birth Injury

B. Sequelae of Cerebral Trauma

C. Sequelae of Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

D. Injury of the Thoracic Spinal Cord

E. Injury of Lumbar Spinal Cord

F. Injuries of Conus Medullaris and Cauda Equina

G. Sequelae of Encephalitis

H. Polyneuritis

I. Sequelae of Infantile Paralysis

J. Injury of Brachial Plexus

K. Injury of Radial Nerve

L. Injury of Median Nerve

M. Injury of Ulnar Nerve

N. Injury of the Sciatic Nerve

O. Sciatica

Section ¢ Diseases of the Spinal Column

A. Stiff Neck

B. Cervical Vertebral Syndrome

C. Herniation of the Lumbar Intervertebral Disk

D. Derangement of Apophyseal Joints

Section ¢ Diseases of Bones and Joints

A. Inflammation of Soft Tissues Around the Shoulder Joint

B. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Section ¢ô Congenital Diseases

A. Congenital Torticollis

B. Congenital Equinovarus

Section ¢õ Other Diseases

A. Headache

B. Toothache

C. Abdominal Pain

D. Hiccup

E. Nocturnal Enuresis

F. Common Cold

G. Sunstroke

H. Drowning and Its Sequelae

I. Shock

J. Dizziness

Chapter Three Scientific Research on Acupressure Therapy

Section ¢ñ Clinical and Experimental Research on the Effect of 


Therapy in Treating Sequelae of Cerebral Trauma, Cerebral Birth Injury 

and Incomplete Injury of the Cervical Segment of the Spinal Cord

A. Clinical Data

B. Clinical Examination and Experimental Study

1. Changes in somatosensory evoked potential (SEP)

2. Study on the changes in cardiovascular functions

3. Study on microcirculation in fingernail fold

4. Study on immunology

Section ¢ Research on the Effect of Acupressure and Its Mechanism as the

 Main Therapy in Treating Sequelae of Cerebral Birth Injury

A. Clinical Data

B. Experimental Research

1. Observation of the changes in the somatosensory evoked potential (SEP) 

of patients suffering from sequelae of cerebral birth injury after 

treatment with acupressure therapy

2. Impact of acupressure therapy on the microcirculation of the pia mater of 

the cerebral cortex in dogs

3. Research on the homodynamic of sequelae of cerebral brith injury before

 and after acupressure treatment

4. Changes in microcirculation of the fingernail-fold before and after 

acupressure therapy in cases suffering form sequelae of cerebral birth injury

5. Effect of acupressure therapy on the hemorrheology of dogs

6. Effect of acupressure manipulation on the neurotransmitter in dog's blood

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