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194 pages, 1998. 



                                                               Author, Yang Qiyuan.

                                                    Published by New World Press, Beijing.






Part One

An Overview of Qigong

Chapter I A concise History of Qigong

Chapter II The Development of Yuanbao Qigong

Chapter III The Concept of Qigong

Part two

The Theoretical Basis and Health Care Principle of Yuanbao Qigong

Chapter I The Health Care Principle of Yuanbao Qigong

1. Reinforcement of One's Psychological Health and Its Effect of The Physiological Condition

2. On Health Care in The Initial Stage of Qigong Exercises

Chapter II Essence, Qi, Vitality and The Theory of Yin-Yang

1. Essence, qi, Vitality and Qigong Exercises

2. The Theory of the yin-yang of Yuanbao Qigong

Chapter III the theory of Meridians and commonly-used

Chapter IV The Theory of Zang-fu Organs

1. Physiology of the five Zang Organs and Their Application to yuanbao Qigong

2. Physiology of the six fu organs and their application to yuanbao Qigong

Part Three

Yuanbao Qigong System

Chapter I Yuanbao Qigong  system for Health-Maintenance

1. Yuanbao Qigong for Fitness

(Yuanbao Qiang Zhuang Gong)

2. Yuanbao High-energy Cosmos Qigong

(Yuanbao Gao Neng Qian Kun Gong)

3. Yuanbao Qigong for Reinforcing the Kidney

(Yuanbao Shen Shui Zhuang Gong)

4. Moving Yuanbao Qigong

(Yuanbao Shen Xing Gong)

5. Yuanbao Qigong Causing Increased Beauty of the Skin

(Yuanbao Yu Jiao Gong)

6. Yuanbao Qigong for Good Vision

(Yuanbao Ming Mu Gong)

Chapter II Yuanbao Hard Qigong

1. Yuanbao Iron Somatic Training

(Yuanbao Jin Jia Tie Shen Gong)

2. Yin-Yang Hands

(Yin Yang Zhang)

Chapter III Yuanbao Qigong Forms for Intelligence Development

1. Twelve Daoyin Forms

(Dao Yin Shi Er Shi)

2. Meditation in Yuanbao Qigong

(Shen Jing Gong)

Chapter IV Rudimentary Knowledge of Yuanbao Qigong

1. Important Points in the Practice of Qigong

2. Methods to Correct the Deviational Aberrations in the Practice of Yuanbao Qigong

3. Question and Answers about the Training

Part Four

Yuanbao Qigong Rehabilitative System

Chapter I the medical scope of yuanbao Qigong

Chapter II Routine Treatment by yunabao Qigong

1. Introduction

2. Treating Methods of Yuanbao Qigong

Chapter III indications and applications of Yuanbao Qigong to Cases

Appendix I

Students' experiences in learning yuanbao Qigong

Appendix II

The repair of injured mouse memory by emitted qi






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