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China's New Achievements In Orthopedic Surgery







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218 pages, 1993. 



                                                          Author, Chen Baoxing Li Gan.

                                                  Published by New World Press, Beijing.




The Surgical Treatment of Severe Scoliosis Above 100 Degrees (Analysis of 65 Cases)

Anterior Decompression for the Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis and Fracture dislocations

Fluorosis Associated wit Compression of Spinal Cord and Cauda Equina

Fork Instrumentation for the Treatment of Severe Cases of Scoliosis

Spinal Osteotomy Through the Lamina and the Vertebral Body for the Treatment of Kyphosis and Kyphoscoliosis

A Discussion of the Pathogenesis and Management of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

School Children Screening for Scoliosis in Beijing

Experience on Successful Replantation in Ten-digit Complete Amputations 

Treatment of Congenital Clubfoot by Early Operation for Correcting the Deformity and Achieving Dynamic Balance

Biomechanics and Biology of Internal Fixation in the Treatment of Fractures 

Percalcar Four-Steinmann's Pin Fixation of Intertrochanteric Fracture-Biomechanical and Clinical Evaluation

A Trapezoid Compression Plate for treatment of Fractures of Femoral Shaft

The Effect of an Implanted Pulsing Micro-current Stimulator on Bone Growth-Experimental Study and Clinical Observation

Experimental Basis of Clinical Management of Meniscal Injuries of the Knee

Injuries of the Meniscus and Discoid Meniscus of the Knee Joint

The Place and Mechanism of Intrafascicular Decompression in the Treatment of Causalgia

Bridging Repair of Peripheral Nerve Defect with Skeletal Muscle Bundle

Dendrolimus Arthritis

Note on the Progress of Hand surgery in China

A Note on the Theories and Applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Orthopedics

The Management of Heel pain

The Treatment of Hallux Valgus-Present Status in China

Progress in Research on Giant Cell Tumor of Bone

Cell Multiplication in Fracture Healing-An Electron and Light Microscopic Radio autographic Study

Experimental Studies on Inductive Osteogenetic Bio-materials and Clinical Use of Human Bone Matrix Gelatin

Immunohistochemial location of Type II Collagen in Cartilage Forming Tumors

Oxygen Free Radicals in Osteoarthritis

The Use of External Fixator Following U-shaped Osteotomy for the Treatment of Genu Varum and Genu Valgum






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