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The Essentials Of Chinese Massotherapy







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Part One Historical Survey

Part Two Fundamentals

Chapter one Basic Knowledge

Section I Definition of Massotherapy

Section II Classification of Massotherapy

Section III Characteristics of Massotherapy

Section IV Indications of Massotherapy

Section V General Precautions

Section VI Treatment of Abnormal Conditions

 Chapter Two Fundamental Theories

Section I Theories of Yin-Yang an the five Elements

Section II Theory of Visceral Symptomatology

Section IV Therapeutic Principles and Methods

 Chapter Three Modern Researches

Section I The Physical Foundation of Massotherapy

Section II The Principle of the Analgesic Action of Massage

Section III The Action of Massage on the Circulatory System

Section IV Action of Massage on the Digestive System

Section V Influence of Massage on Composition of Blood

Section VI Action of Massage on the Skin and Motor Organs

 Part Three Meridians And Acupuncture Points

 Chapter One Meridians

Section I Formation of the Meridian Theory

Section II Classification and contents of Meridians

Section III The Actions of Meridians

Section IV The 14 Meridians

1.      General Rule of Distribution and Circulation of the 14 Meridians

2.      The Course, Connection with Zang-Fu Organs ad Main Syndromes of the 14 Meridians

Section V the 12 Meridian Myofasciae

1.      Significance of the 12 Meridian Myofasciae

2.      Distribution and syndromes of the 12 Meridian Myofasciae

Section VI The 12 Cutaneous Zones of Meridians

Chapter Two Acupoints

Section I General Introduction

Section II Regular Points ad Extra Points

On the Head, Face and Neck

On the Uper Limbs

On the Chest and abdomen

On the Waist and Back

On the Lower Limbs

Chapter Three Specific Points

On the  Head, Face and Neck

Appendix: Other Acupoints

On the Upper Limbs

On the Chest and Abdomen

On the Waist and Back

On the Lower Limbs

Part Four Manipulations

Chapter one Nomenclature and Classification of Manipulations

Section I Nomenclature of Manipulations

Section II Classification of Manipulations

Chapter Two methods of Manipulative Training

Section I Requirements of Manipulation

Section II Methods of Practice

Chapter Three Massage Manipulations

1. Pressing Manipulations and the like

2. Grinding Manipulations and the Like

3. Pushsing Manipulations and the Like

4. Grasping Manipulations and the Like

5. Rolling Manipulations and the Like

6. Vibrating Manipulations and the Like

7. Beating Manipulations and the Like

8. Rotating Manipulations and the Like

9. Treading Manipulations and the Like

10. Forward-pushing Manipulations

11. Compound Manipulations

Chapter Four Manipulation Methods of Massotherapy

Section I Requirements for the Practice of Manipulation Methods

Section II Chinese Nomenclature and Demarcations of Various Parts of the Body

Section III Manipulation Methods for the Different Parts of the Body

Chapter Five Compound Manipulation Methods

Part Five Herbal Massotherapy

General Formulae for Various Diseases

Formulae for Traumatic Diseases

Formulae for External Ailments

Formulae for Eye Diseases

Formulae for Medical Diseases

Formulae for Gynecological and Obstetric Diseases

Formulae for Pediatric Diseases

Part Six Physical Exercises

Chapter One Introduction

Section I. The Relation Between Physical Exercises and Massotherapy

Section II. Hand Postures and Stance

Section III. Basic Principles of Physical Exercises

Section IV. General Rules of Physical Exercises

Chapter Two Muscle-Transforming Exercises

Chapter Three The Shaolin Internal Exercises

Single Practitioner Exercises

Exercises for two Practitioners

Chapter Four functional Exercises

Section I Functional Exercises for the Head, Face and Neck

Appendix 1 Muscles of the head, face and neck

Appendix 2 Range of movement of cervical joints

Section II Functional Exercises for Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists and Fingers

Appendix 1 Muscles of the shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers

Appendix 2 Range of movement of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and finger

Section III Functional Exercises for the Chest, Abdomen, Waist and Back

Appendix 1 Muscles of the chest, abdomen, waist and back

Appendix 2 Range of movement of the waist

Section IV Functional Exercises for the Hips, Knees, Ankles and Toes

Section V Moving the Toes

Appendix 1 Muscles of the hips, knees, and toes

Appendix 2 Range of movement of the hips, knees and ankle joints

Part Seven Massotherapy Treatment For Injuries and Diseases

Chapter one Traumas

Chapter Two External Diseases

Chapter Three Internal Diseases

Chapter Four Pediatric Diseases

Chapter Five Gynecological Diseases

Part Eight Health Preservation

Chapter One Massotherapy For Health Preservation On Different Parts of The Body

Chapter Two Self-Massotherapy for Common Diseases

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