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Introduction To Muskmelo Pedicel (gua di)









Muskmelo Pedicel (gua di)

Pediculus Melo

Properties: Bitter in flavour, cold in nature, it is toxic and tropistic to the liver and stomach channels. When taken, it is an emetic, can cause phlegm and fluid, retained food and toxic substances out from stomach. When grinded into powder for smelling, it can clear damp-heat and jaundice and is used for jaundice of damp heat. Owing to its strong toxicity, its dosage should be controlled strictly if taken orally.

Effects: Inducing vomitting when taken orally; clearing jaundice when used externally.


1. For mania caused by invasion of phlegm-heat to the heart, or persistent retention of food or toxic substances in the stomach, it is decocted alone in water, taken to induce vomitting to get rid of evils.

2. For jaundice due to damp-heat, this herb is grinded into fine powder for smelling, to clear jaundice.

Dosage and Administration: 2.5-5g for oral dose; 0.3-0.1g used in bolus or powder; proper amount for external use. 


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