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Introduction To Corydalis Tuber (yan hu suo)  









Round Cardamon Seed (bai dou kou)

Semen Amomi Cardmomi


Properties: Pungent in flavour, warm in nature, it acts on the spleen, stomach and lung channels. The pungent flavour of the herb can disperse the warm-dryness, and the fragrance can dispel dampness. The function of the herb includes eliminating the dampness in the middle-jiao, relieving the stagnation of Qi in the spleen and stomach, warming the stomach and arresting vomiting. It is therefore indicated for the syndromes of dampness retention in the middle-jiao, Qi stasis in the spleen and stomach, vomiting due to stomach-cold and the early stage of damp-warm syndrome.

Effects: Dispelling dampness, promoting Qi circulation, normalizing the functions of spleen and stomach and arresting vomiting.


1. For the syndromes of excessive dampness in the middle-jiao, Qi stagnation caused by pathogenic dampness, incoordination between the spleen and stomach, manifestes as poppressive chest, greasy tongue coating, poor appetite, it is used in combination with the drugs for dispelling dampness and promoting Qi circulation, such as tangerine peel, pinellia tuber, atractylodes rhizome and magnolia bark. In cases of the early stage of damp-warm syndrome, headache due to cold and heat, heaviness of the limbs, oppressive chest, and greasy tongue coating, it is used in combination with the drugs for clearing away dampheat and facilitating the flow of lung-qi, such as apricot kernel, coix seed, pinellia tuber and ricepaper pith, known as Sanren Tang (Decoction of Three Kernels).

2. For the syndromes of cold-dampness retention in the middle-jiao, failure of descending and rebellious rising of the stomach-qi, marked as vomiting, and regurgitation, it is used with tangerine peel, pinellia tuber, fresh ginger to dispel dampness and cold, lower the adverse flow of Qi and arrest vomiting.

Dosage and Administration: 3-6g. Break into pieces and then decoct.


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