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Introduction To Scorpion (quan xie) 









Scorpion (quan xie) 


Properties: Pungent in flavour, neutral in nature, it acts on liver channel. It is indicated in acute infantile convulsion due to high fever an chronic convulsion due to deficiency of spleen, and tetanus; and also for relieving pain and obstrustion of channels, headache due to latent wind and rheumatic arthragia. It is a toxic remedy effective for expelling toxins and resolving mass, and scrofula, furuncles and carbuncles.

Effects: Checking endogenous wind to relieve convulsion, clearing obstruction in the channels to relieve pain and clearing away toxins and resolving masses.


1. For acute convulsion due to high fever, it is used in combination with cow-bezoare (Calculus Bovis), arisaema with bile (Arisaema cum Bile) an uncaria stem with hooks (Ramulus Uncariae cum uncis); for chronic infantile convulsion due to deficiency of spleen, it is used together with white atractylodes rhizome (Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae), poria (Poria) and gastrodia tuber (Rhizoma Gastrodiae); for tetanus, arisaema tuber (Rhizoma Arisaematis), ledebouriella root (Radix Ledebouriellae) and gastrodia tuber (Rhizoma Gastrodia) are used in combination.

2. For headache due to latent wind, it is used with chuanxiong rhizome (Rhizoma Ligustici chuanxiong), wild ginger (Herba Asari), earth worm (Lumbricus) and angelica root (Radix Angelicae pubescentis).

3. For scrofula, furuncles and carbuncles, it is used together with capejasmine fruit (Fructus Gardeniae), as in paste or cream for external use.

Dosage and Administration: 2-5g. Ground to powder for swallow, 0.5-1g each time, proper amount for external use. The effect of scorpion tail is stronger than that of the whole scorpion.

Precautions: It should be cautious in pregnancy.



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The dosage is for adults, one sachet each time, twice a day. Please put the granule into a cup, then put 50-100ml boiling water into the cup and stir it with spoon. You will get some tea, drink it when it is luke-warm. For children, the dosage should be reduced according to the weight.


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