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Introduction To Sulphur (liu huang)










Sulphur (liu huang)


Properties: Sour in flavour, warm in nature, it is toxic and tropistic to the kidney and large intestine channels. When used externally, it has a good effect in destroying parasites and relieving itching and is rather effective for scabies; when taken orally, it functions in strengthening Yang and relaxing the bowels, serving to treat constipation due to Yang-deficiency.

Effects: Strengthening yang and relaxing the bowels when taken orally; dystroying parasites and relieving itching when used externally.


1. For intractable tinea and scabies, this drug is grinded into powder, mixed with sesame oil and applied to the affected area. The smoke of burning sulphur can be used for pruritus vulvae and eczema.

2. For insufficiency of kidney-yang with constipation of the deficiency-cold type, it is often used with Rhizoma Pinelliae to invigorate yang and ease bowel movement.

In addition, it can also be used for kidney-yang deficiency with impotence and premature ejaculation as swell as asthma or cough due to kidney deficiency.

Dosage and Administration: 1-3g for oral dose, used in pills or powder; appropriate amount for external use.


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