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Introduction To Omphalia (lei wan) 










Omphalia (lei wan)  


Properties: The herb is bitter in flavour, cold in nature, slightly toxic, and acts on the stomach and large intestine channels. It is mainly used to expel tapeworms. Because of its mild and slow potency, the herb should be used conseutively or in combination with other herb for expelling tapeworms. In addition, the herb also has the effects of expelling and killing roundworms and hookworms.

Effects: Killing parasites and resolving food retention.


To treat cestodiasis, 60 grams of the herb powder alone can be orally taken for two consecutive days. To treat ascariasis and ancylostomiasis, the herb can be used in combination with areca seed, quisqualis fruit and other anthelmintics.

Dosage and Administration: 6-15g. Used in pill or powder.

Precautions: The active ingredients contained in the herb are destroyed when heated or mixed with acid. Therefore, the herb should not be decocted and mixed with acid.   

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