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Introduction To Purple Perilla Leaf (zi su----su geng) 









zi su


su geng


Purple Perilla Leaf (zi su----su geng)

Folium Perillae

Properties: The herb is pungent in flavour, warm in the nature and acts on the lung, spleen and stomach channels. Pungent and warm for dispersion and aromatic for enlivening the spleen, it can disperse pathogenic wind-cold from the lung channel, disperse the lung to arrest cough, and promote the Qi flow in the spleen and stomach to regulate the function of the middle Jiao and arrest vomiting. It is often used to treat wind-cold type of common cold. It is particularly suitable to treat common cold accompanied by cough or stagnation of Qi.

Effects: Inducing sweat to dispel exopathogens, promoting the Qi flow to alleviate stagnation in the middle Jiao, and detoxifying fish and crab.


1. The herb is used in combination with apricot kernel and peucedanum root, such as Xiang Su Powder, for dispelling exopathogens, dispersing cold, resolving phlegm, arresting cough, to treat wind-cold due to  exopathogens, aversion to cold and fever, or accompanied by cough; and  with cyperus tuber and tangerine peel, such as Xiang Su Power, for promoting the circulation of Qi, relieving exterior syndromes, to treat exterior syndromes of  wind-cold affected by exopathogens accompanied by Qi stagnation, distention and fullness in the interior.

2.   It can be used in combination with pinellia tuber, tangerine peel and other herbs for promoting the circulation of Qi, to treat abdominal distention, anorexia, vomiting and other symptoms caused by Qi stagnation in the spleen and stomach; and with amomum fruit and other herbs for promoting Qi circulation and preventing miscarriage, to treat upward flow of fetus-Qi, pernicious vomiting, oppressed feeling in the chest and vomiting.

3. To treat abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea caused by stale fish and crab, the herb can be used in combination with fresh ginger, pinellia tuber and other herbs.

Dosage and Administration: 3-10g. The herb should not be decocted long.

Appendix: Purple Perilla Stem [Caulis Perillae]

This herb is the stem of purple perilla. Pungent in flavour and warm in nature, it can promote Qi cirulation and regulate the stomach and is particularly good at preventing miscarriage. It is indicated for Qi stagnation, distention and fullness in the chest and abdomen, threatened abortion and other syndromes. Its dosage is 5-10g.

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